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Yuri Otani
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Personality Edit

Yuri is, by all appearances, a sweet, somewhat shy twelwe/thirteen-year old girl, perhaps a bit immature for her age but definitely the kind of girl you'd want your kid playing with. And that is right in its way but doesn't encompass her experience.

And Yuri's been through a lot.

In her final year of elementary school, Yuri was elected to her school's "Alien Party". This is, essentially, a team of students who catch the alien animals that land on school grounds. Their equipment includes rollerblads, nets, pads, dart guns...and "borgs", alien symbionts whom they wear on their heads. These "borgs" are capable of extending dozens of prehensile drill-tentacles, for both attack and defense.

The next year of elementary school would be absolute hell for her. Having to repeatedly face down terrifying creatures every week, being hurt and scared and having basically noone in authority to turn to. In fact, it was the school authorities, themselves fully fused (that is, humans who have fused with their borgs) who encouraged this.

The end of the year would see Yuri's two other teammates become fused to. Tall, responsible Kumi with her borg, and enthusiastic, girlish genius Kasumi with a Yellow Knife symbiont which pretended to be the brother she missed. This granted Kasumi disorienting sonic powers and put her at odds with the school authorities.

Near the end of the year, the school was invaded by the Sunflower Clan of symbionts, a vicious type of borg that uses brainwashing and forced fusion with their host. Yuri was caught by their attack, and was almost brainwashed into killing her friends.

Yuri succesfully resisted the Sunflowers though. The year ended with Kumi and Kasumi vowing to protect Yuri, the last of them to remain human. Yuri's hair, however, had started to curl in a pattern like a drill...

Because of all this, Yuri is still somewhat skittish. She still hasn't quite gotten it into her head that the authority figures here are mostly here to protect her. She has, however, adopted the role of the ambassador of the meatship's kids, being the one who mediates with the adults and makes sure everyone is having fun.

Yuri's borg is pretty much her opposite in every way. He is sarcastic, foul mouthed and mean. But then with a host like Yuri you might be too.

Relationships Edit

Jaime Reyes
Put simply, Jaime is the big brother Yuri never had. She's never felt more happy and safe then when she's with him...which is less often than she'd like. He's always taking burdens on or going places to sulk.
Jamie McCrimmon
Yuri finds Jamie to be very fun to be around. She won't ever mention to anyone that his national dress looks like a high school girl's skirt.
Kon is the first babysitter the kidlets ran right over but he certainly won't be the last. She appreciates that he tries, even if he's not always up to the task of handling them and tries to make his job easier wherever possible. She accidentally called him 'mom' once and the nickname 'mama Kon' has stuck.
Yuri's relationship to Miku is much like her relationship to Nanoha: someone who takes care of her and comforts her during her frequent boughts of night-terrors. Yuri senses that Miku might be hiding some secret burden though and is determined to find out what's up. She finds her and Steve's relationship a great outlet for her matchmaking tendencies and is determined to move them along.
Nanoha Takimachi
Nanoha's motherly aura drove them instantly together and Yuri hesitantly accepted her caretaking. She was disappointed when her and Fate began fighting though.
Peter Parker
How does he get so good at Connect Four?
Roxie Schrieber
Yuri, unlike almost anyone, trusts Roxie unconditionally. She knows Roxie would never hurt her. She wants to get her to learn to relax and have a little fun.
Like Sherry, if anyone badmouths Roxie, she will chew them out like noone's business.
Sherry Redfield-Kennedy
Sherry is one of the best friends Yuri's ever had. She also understands her urge to run away and hide from things. She's also a tiny bit jealous of how smart and pretty she is.
Anyone who calls Sherry a brat is getting a chewing out from Yuri like nothing else.
Vega Obscura
Vega is another good friend. He's much a boy. He's rowdy, loud and fearless. But she likes him despite that.
Vivio Takimachi
A new friend, and awesome for being Nanoha's daughter. Yuri found comforting her a might strange, a reversal of her normal role, but not a terrible task.