Wyn Callahan
LJ Userinfomadeofwyn
Fandom OC
Away Team November
Department(s) Engineering, Science, Magical/Mystical
Player Kuroi

Wyn is adorable. And likes to blow things up.

Notable Crewmates Edit

Engineering Staff
Wyn only knows about half the Engineering staff, but she's glad of the job. She'd probably die of boredom without something to do, and she's good at building and fixing things. (Her designs probably lean a little bit more steampunk and magitech than the rest of the department would like, but she makes it work.)
Science Staff
She's sort of part-timing with the Science staff. If they need help, she'll pitch in as much as she can, but they aren't exactly her first priority.
Magical Staff
Wyn is also sort of part-timing with the Magical staff. She is slightly less helpful on this team than she is on the Science team, but she's got a fairly extensive knowledge of magical theory.
Team November
Wyn is on Team November, aka Team Werewolf. She doesn't really know any of the other members, though.
Chemistry Class
Despite her occasional exasperation with certain members of the class, Wyn genuinely likes teaching chemistry. (This might or might not be because of the explosion potential inherent in the course.)
Allen Gentry
Wyn's not as close to Allen as she is to Billy, but she likes him. He also gets bonus points for both singing 'Don't Stop Believing' and playing the guitar during her rendition of 'Caramelldansen' during karaoke night.
Billy Cranston
He still needs a little bit of help with work-life balance, but Billy has become one of Wyn's closest friends onboard Stacy. (Even if he does have an alarming tendency to wear spandex into a fight.)
Brainiac 5 (robot) [deceased]
They were friends. Emphasis on the 'were'.
Brainiac 5 (organic)
Wyn hasn't met Brainy much, but when she has it's been very awkward. It's probably going to be even more awkward when they meet next, because Wyn was much closer to B5 than she is to Brainy.
Caden Holloway
Her chief minion! He's her best-friend-from-the-future who's now six years older than Wyn is, but she's adjusting fairly well. Their friendship is pretty much based on snark, but there's a rock-solid core to it.
Capt. Picard
She got to help with the Kobayashi Maru! Even for a non-Trekkie such as Wyn, that was very exciting. He also punched a velociraptor in front of her, and she feels obligated to keep circulating that story. Because IT IS AWESOME.
Chamber (Jono Starsmore)
She made him go up and do karaoke once. (Oddly enough, she doesn't hate the nickname 'sunshine' as much as she hates the nickname 'honey'. Take notes, Julian.)
Hellion (Julian Keller)
Between the exploding-power-dampener-collar shenanigans and the mistletoe shenanigans, she's probably going to kill him someday. So why is she so attracted to him again?
Impulse (Bart Allen)
He talks faster than Wyn does. That probably deserves some kind of medal.
Jamie McCrimmon
For a friendship that pretty much started because they both wear plaid, Wyn's grown unexpectedly close to Jamie.
'Fearless Leader'. Fun to tease, because he has no sense of humor. He also taught her how to shoot a gun, which might not be a good thing.
John Connor
They met once, and had a brief conversation about the nature of the future (which neither of them really wanted to have) while Wyn borrowed his pen.
They only met briefly in the Kobayashi Maru, but Wyn likes Katara so far in that rather apathetic way that she likes pretty much everyone onboard.
They first met after they had both podpopped. Giant SPARTAN with a sense of humor. Wyn doesn't approve of the description of her robot as her child, though.
Luis Sera
Another one of her bosses. He tried to flirt with her, right after his podpop, but Wyn shot him down very politely. Other than that, they've had a perfectly amicable working relationship.
Mr. Wednesday
They met in the Kobayashi Maru.
Murphy and Connor MacManus
Hey, more Irish people. Wyn approves of you, possibly-twin Irish people.
Nanoha Takamachi
Yet another one of her bosses. They spoke briefly over the omnicoms, but haven't actually met yet. She seems nice, though.
Is her favorite person onboard. Really.
Robert Donovan
They have rather different standards of cleanliness, but they had a nice conversation in a Sensoriumed version of Wyn's residence hall.
Roxie Schreiber
They've only met a couple of times, but Wyn likes Roxie. She seems to know what she's doing, she's rather matter-of-fact about it, and if Wyn's slightly unnerved by the younger girl she does a good job of not showing it.
Irritatingly vague and unhelpful. If you want her to start preparing for the evil that lurks in the City, get more specific about what you want her to do.
He's one of the people onship she KNOWS is fictional, which is why it's weird and slightly unsettling for her to talk to him. She likes his sense of humor, though.

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