William Shane Barlow
LJ Userinfobilly-blin
Fandom None (OC)
Away Team
Player Mike

Age 25
Birthday May, 1917
Arrival date JAN 01, 2010
OOC Information
Portrayed by Andrew Lee Potts (Edits done by Mike & Kit)
In The Meatship, At a Glance
Powers Energy manipulation, absorption, and transmogrification, slight immortality (does not age), non-ocular vision
Family None
Friends Kala Alexis Fierro, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Gwendolyn Shilo MacKenzie, Jamie McCrimmon
Residence Crew Quarters (Roommates: Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Kala Fierro)
Occupation Busker, Street Magician, Former Divine power instructor

William Shane Barlow was born to parents he doesn’t know in some part of a city he doesn’t know. What he does know is that they dumped him on the step of a Belfast orphanage, one assumes because he was born blind. He grew up spending as much time in alleys as in foster homes, learning the hard way just how the underside of society works. This childhood, only marginally broken by new foster families, taught Will how to be a hard person, something he’s spent a number of years trying to unlearn, partially by force.

He has met a variety of unique individuals (many of them police officers) during his journeys, learning just a bit more of how to get by with a society that looks at you like you’re a freak, as well as learning how to control his powers. It was during these wanderings that Shane decided to set himself up with an apartment, government funding, and a guitar.

Will could be seen on many days simply lounging in parks or on street corners with his dog, Toun, and playing his old six string guitar he named Ria. If he isn’t there, well, chances are he’s off somewhere playing with and manipulating energy or just performing street magic under a name his once foster father Jason had given him as a joke, “Blind-eyed Billy Blin”, a faerie from Scottish ballads.

There's a lot more to Will's story than this, of course, but if you want to know it, you'll have to ask him yourself. Like his time as a mercenary. Or his time in prison. And his death (and subsequent resurrection with the lovely gift that keeps on giving, not being able to age). Just don't be surprised if what he tells you and what he tells someone else don't line up. He's a storyteller and a liar, after all.

Game History Edit

Since arriving on the Meatship, Blin has actually managed to accomplish absolutely nothing. So far, all he's done is meet a few people, play some music, and get drunk. Mostly, he's just gotten drunk.

Oh, and he's also dealt some advice on emotional issues and how to fight the Nightmare King in people's dreams, but that's it.

What a lout.

UPDATE [Nightmare King Plot]

As a result of the reality-bending nightmares given to the crew, Will had a short period where he had regained his vision and life shortly before he died on his earth. Being forced to give up this dream 'for the good of the crew' has caused a slight...well, let's call it a slip in his sanity. Mostly, he hates you and wants you to suffer for costing him paradise.

Chances are good he'll drink himself out of it eventually.

Powers Edit

Will's powers are a gift given to him by God, supposedly to assist in a 'divine confrontation the likes of which you cannot comprehend'. The only reason he knows this is because God told him after he died.


This is you. Are you blue?

Blin’s powers stem from the use of energy in its varied forms. His first foray was the gradual gaining of the ability to ‘see’ people and objects based on the energies they produce and distort. His powers have since evolved (and continue to evolve) to include the manipulation of energies from one form to another, usually contained within and extending from his palm, but occasionally extending out and beyond his personal area. For example, given a live power line, a beam of concentrated light energy can be created and projected. This has been trained to allow the collection of ambient energy and transformation of it into ‘dark’ energy in the form of blades and beams. However, each use of this ability, especially from ambient energy (such as people’s body heat), creates a serious mental and physical drain. Used too often in a short time period, a drain great enough to cause the loss of consciousness can occur.

Training with this ability has shown no technical limit to the amount of power that can be drawn and projected, but has shown that as the level of energy is increased, control slackens and can be lost completely. Physical damage can (and does) occur, resulting in burns that begin across Will’s arms, extending over his body as dependent on the power level being converted (Initially discovered in the power-line-laser-beam incident, although his control has moved past that point now. Of course, he still refuses to play with electricity again, unless it’s a seriously mild wattage). It was the conversion of too much energy in too short a time from a person who was about to 'burn out' that actually killed Will.

Notable Crew-mates Edit

[Last Updated March 11, 2010]

  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood - Will and Wolfwood have bonded over the act of smoking, creating a sharp friendship tempered by the fact that they share similar religious views. Even though Blin still calls him a pansy. They currently room together in the crew quarters.
  • Kala Alexis Fierro - A young girl Blin has become recently attached to after meeting at a costume party. So far, in the course of teaching her to dance, he's caused her to have a mental breakdown. He's still trying to figure out exactly how one recovers from that. His efforts thus far have them now living together so he can keep an eye on her in the crew rooming area. Wolfwood did not exactly approve.
  • Gwendolyn Shilo MacKenzie - Bonded over Celtic music and a love of Ireland (even though she's never actually been). Will is determined to prove, somehow, that he's better than her. How he'll pull this off is anyone's guess.
  • Jamie McCrimmon - A good friend, they've bonded over the fact that...well, no one's really sure how they bonded, really. We just know they did...
  • Sheik - Will had bonded with himover music, but as a result of the Nightmare King's reality bending he now has a deep seated loathing of Sheik, as Will holds him directly responsible for his loss of paradise.
  • Mystical/Magical Department - Blin fully intends to join these guys, he just hasn't gotten around to it yet. It appears he wishes to test just how long they'll let him slide without taking any kind of responsibility.

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