Vivio Takamachi
LJ Userinfonotsaintkaiser
Fandom Nanoha
Away Team
Player Ash Blaze


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In-Game HistoryEdit

Upon being released from her pod sleep, Vivio was encountered by Reinforce Zwei, much to her enjoyment. However, she come to learn that Reinforce had came from her past. Neither the less, Vivio kept her head up, even after learning of the fate of her world. Soon after, Reinforce had told her, much to her joy, that the zombie attack that occured months prior didn't affect anyone they knew, meaning that it was possible her friends and family were still alive.

A day or so later, Vivio was granted another joyful surprise - her mothers, Nanoha and Fate. Through the tearful reunion, Vivio also learned that Nanoha and Fate were from her past; this was something that worried the two women - how much did they miss of her future; and did Mid-Childa survive after their pickup? Nanoha and Fate were given a surprise of their own: their adorable daughter was from their future, complete with her own Intellegence Device, Sacred Heart. As people tried to get settled in and set on dealing with the Nightmare King, Vivio attempted to join Nanoha's Magical Department, only to be shot down. After having met Matt Olsen, the young man set out to train Vivio a bit with his own fighting skills.

Soon after, Vivio would have a chance to meet the children on-board the ship, including the demon Alessa, Sherry and Vega. She'd also confront and get angry with Damian Wayne. When an incident concerning Nanoha and Fate seperated the two, Vivio tried to get others to talk to them, but it seemed that they wouldn't. Even spending time, seperately, with Matt Olsen and Will Vandom didn't seem to cheer her up much. After a nightmarish dream, Vivio would fix things herself, arrainging the two women to meet and finally talk it out.

Soon after, Vivio would finally spend some one on one time with both Fletcher Trinningham and her mother. Her time with Nanoha helped hone in her skills a bit, especially with an attack she developed, while Vivio ended up becoming close to the young Fletcher. As the dreams intensed, Vivio ended up wandering into Fate's, confronting Precia Testarossa. Fate was able to break the dream and rescue Vivio. When information about the Nightmare King was revealed, Vivio was one of those who participated in discovering the creature's origins.

When the Nightmare King broke free, Vivio was one of its victims, only to be rescued by Aeneas and a number of others. Reuniting with Nanoha, she aided the others in getting a special team in to reseal the creature once and for all. With the threat of the Nightmare King over, Vivio reunited with her parents... and promptly passed out.

Over the next few weeks, Vivio would end up taking over as the librarian of the Media Library, helping it stay in order. As well, Vivio would meet someone else from her world: the Wolkenritter known as Signum. Sadly, she, too, was from Vivio's past.