Static (Virgil Ovid Hawkins)
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Fandom DC Comics
Away Team Outsiders
Player Mike


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Ignore everything after Red Devil's death; that would be when Static was pulled to the ship.

Game History Edit

Game History

Static first showed up aboard the meatship in a podpop not long after the Yeerk Trial incident. From the beginning, he'd been overly friendly, often not knowing what he should and should not say to a person, as everyone he met was someone he knew about from his world, but at a different point in the time line. One of the first things he did aboard the ship, in fact, was tell Superboy that, following his death, he and Bart came back.

He quickly bonded with Slobo, and after training together, the duo volunteered for Team GTFO and joined in the anti-pirate efforts. Along with Slobo and Katara, he was singled out during the encounter with Lex Luthor as not trustworthy due to their defending him and opposing his treatment (as this was not the Lex they knew).

Following the pirate incident, Static immediately began efforts to repair the ship, gaining insider knowledge of the ship's structure from Stacy, including a map and detailed instructions on how to repair the bridge damage and sensors all over the ship. Due to this, he has taken the position as head repair-boy for the ship, coordinating the crew's efforts.

Static was one of the co-founders of the Outsiders as well as the team's leader, and thanks to his involvement with this team, began to date Rose Wilson (The Ravager). He remained a 'floater', not assigned to any specific away team, and is part of the engineering team. He barely found time to sleep.

However, that was all changed when both Rose and Slobo decided it was in their best interests to re-pod themselves shortly following the incident with the Nightmare King. Unable to deal with the loss of his love and his best friend, Static walked away from the crew, spending some time wandering the ship, needing time to figure himself out before he was pulled into anything else.

Over a year later, he returned, unwilling to tell anyone where he had been, if it was within a pod or not.

Notable Crew-mates Edit

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  • Rose Wilson Worth / Ravager IV - Static's much-suffering girlfriend. He cares for her. Deeply. One of three people that can reign him in when he goes on his tangents. Rose tends to make Static fear for his life, but in a good way. He often has trouble keeping up with her.
  • Slobo - Static's best friend and compadre on the meatship, they formed the Outsiders together. Admittedly, it was Slobo's idea, but Static took it and ran. Static has a bad habit of giving Slobo advice that almost always ends badly.
  • Terry McGinnis / Batman - A member of the Outsiders, Terry has a special place in Static's heart as one of two people who actually knew who he was when he got aboard the ship. Plus, Terry has the same problem where he recognizes people and knows their futures, but they don't know him.
  • Katara - Member of the Outsiders, Katara is like the sister Static already has. When he needs moral advice, this is who he goes to.
  • Hunter Blackthorne - Member of the Outsiders, and quickly becoming one of Static's good friends. Static is convinced that he's an extrovert in disguise and seeks to prove it by dragging him into more social situations.
  • Kohaku - Member of the Outsiders, Static feels he is doing a service in slowly teaching Haku to socialize and what it means to have friends.
  • Nanoha Takamachi - A member of the Outsiders, Nanoha is Static's go-to person for all matters magical and educational. They bonded over flying.
  • Sheik - Member of the Outsiders and Static's friend. Someone who can always be relied on and a person that Static feels he can truly trust.
  • Cissie King-Jones - Member of the Outsiders, Static feels like there's something deeply troubling her and he is determined to root it out.
  • Mai - Member of the Outsiders. She makes Static fear for his life, and not in a good way.
  • Richard Grayson / Nightwing - The Outsiders Crew Liason, Nightwing is someone Static looks up to both as a hero and as a man. Some people ask themselves WWJD?, Static asks himself WWNWD?
  • Sheeana Brugh - Likes to hang out at the Outsiders Plaza, and is deeply involved in a prank war with Static ever since he pushed her into the pool. Not to be trusted.