Tycho headshot
Tycho in his X-Wing flightsuit
Tycho Celchu
LJ Userinfosonofalderaan
Fandom star wars
Away Team
Department(s) Rogue Squadron
Player Fiver
Tag Tycho Celchu

Species human
Height 5'7"
Hair blond
Eyes blue
Age 34
Birthday 21 BBY
Place of Birth Alderaan

Colonel Tycho Celchu is a member of and the current commander of the most famous X-Wing squadron in the galaxy, Rogue Squadron. A native of Alderaan, Tycho attended the Imperial Naval Academy, hoping he could work to make the Empire more peaceful from the inside. On his 21st birthday, Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. Once he learned the Empire was responsible for the destruction of his homeworld, Tycho defected, joining the Rebellion. Luke Skywalker, recognizing Tycho's superior flying skills, invited him to join Rogue Squadron. Tycho served in many notable battles including the Battle of Hoth, and the Battle of Endor, where he flew an A-Wing against the second Death Star. After Luke left the squadron to pursue being a Jedi, Wedge Antilles was promoted to squadron leader and Tycho was made his second in command. Close friends, Tycho remained Wedge's XO the whole time Wedge was in command of the squadron, and after Wedge was promoted to larger duties, Tycho became commander himself. In 13 ABY, Wedge and Tycho had just finished a diplomatic mission to Adumar when Tycho found himself waking up in Stacy's pod caverns covered in slime. His universe has been destroyed, but Tycho still has his best friend Wedge, and his X-Wing, and together they're going to re-form Rogue Squadron to fight the Ohm.

Personality and Physical DescriptionEdit

Typical for a pilot, Tycho isn't super tall. He's about 5'7"-5'8". He has blue eyes and blond hair which is already starting to gray at the temples- a sign of all the stress he's been through in his life.

Game HistoryEdit

Tycho hasn't been on the meat ship very long. He arrived at the end of the fight with the Nightmare King.

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