Transmigration 9 is a sci-fi/adventure/dark humor pan-fandom LJ roleplaying game (try to say that ten times fast). Originally created in 2006, Trans9 started out small, and died out fairly shortly due to real-life difficulties. However, one of the original mods (Saphie), one of the old players (Karl), and one of their friends (Kaylin) eventually set out to restart the game, revitalizing it with their own ideas and concepts.

And so it was, many many moons ago (Okay, it was only 2008), that they brought Trans9 back from the dead. Since then, it has grown far bigger than they could've ever hoped, and several other mods have joined the team. It's been a fun ride so far, folks, but we've got plenty more road to travel yet!

To find out more about the game, take a look at the links below.


Main/Log Comm: trans_9
Comminaction Channel Comm: trans_channel
OOC Comm: trans_pilgrims
Crack Comm / Newbies Lounge: insertmeathere
Sharing Comm: transtunes
Mod Planning Comm: puppetsonhooks


Rules | Apping | Drop Post | Cast List | Contact Post | Wanted Characters | FAQ
Character Beats Post | Plot Ideas Post | Concerns and Suggestions: Email or Comment


Setting Info | The Ship | Friends and Foes | AI Multi-Plex | Comm Systems | Plots: Past and Present | Command Staff | Shipwide Organizations

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