Chopper in his Brain Point form holding a rumble ball
Tony Tony Chopper
LJ Userinfonot-to-be-eaten
Fandom One Piece
Away Team Romeo
Department(s) Medical Department
Player erii

Species Reindeer/Human (due to devil fruit)
Age 15
Birthday December 24
Place of Birth Drum Island

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Background Edit


Fifteen year old Tony Tony Chopper has much to earn about life and being human. Although to be fair, he was originally a reindeer. Before joing Luffy's crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper didn't know much of the world – actually, he still doesn't. His blue nose caused the reindeer herd he was originally part of to isolate him. After eating the Human-Human Fruit, he was further isolated by his herd which led to Chopper leaving and attempting to live with the humans on Drum Island. But, Chopper in his human form scared the nearby villagers, who tried to kill him. So Chopper has some deep trust issues, especially with humans. He'll need you to prove that you don't mean him any harm for him to trust you. But once he gets through the initial trust issue, you've got a friend for life. Luckily, he's been able to meet trustworthy people that have helped to heal a lot of the emotional scars so gaining his trust isn't as hard as it used to be.

All in all, Chopper is a very timid character with low self confidence. He does get scared very easily but he will put his fears behind him face things head on, especially if it's for his friends. Chopper tends to freak out and call for a doctor when he notices someone with need of medical assistance until he realises that he himself is a doctor. He's very forgiving of those he has respect for and will implicitly believe anything he is told. He once believed that an obvious girl (Nami) was a boy just because she told him so. He also looks up to everyone he trusts and will often try to imitate them. Chopper doesn't know how to handle compliments well and will harshly insult anyone who compliments him in any way... while beaming and slightly dancing out of happiness. He was ecstatic when he received his first bounty ever, but was quickly dismayed when the bounty for him was only 50 Beli because he was percieved to be the crew's “Pet”. Compliments go a long way with Chopper.

His most favourite food in the world is pink cotton candy and his most treasured item is the fluffy pink hat that he wears which was given to him by his surrogate father, Dr Hiriluk. Chopper's dream is to become a doctor that can cure any illness. Out of the Straw Hat Pirates, he's considered to be the baby of the group.<

History Edit

This wiki is the wiki with the most history and background info on Chopper. Unfortunately it's incomplete and littered with bad English.

Chopper will be taken from the point where Bartholomew Kuma separates the team and sends them flying to different islands. So the last thing Chopper will remember is sailing through the air for a couple of days.

*erii will edit this as she goes through canon revision. 570+ chapters of manga and 400+ eps of anime is a lot.


Tony Tony Chopper ate the hito-hito no mi (human-human fruit) which naturally grants him the ability to transform into a 'human' along with 2 other forms (his natural animal form and a hybrid form).

As a devil-fruit user, Chopper can't swim. Sea water or anything like it (i.e. standing bodies of water) will cause the devil fruit to lose it's effect on the user and render them powerless. If a user is in a deep pool, they'd drown unless otherwise rescued. Note that rain or waves don't have any negative effects on him. In the One Piece world, there is a special stone called seastone that emits the same substance as the sea and will cancel out the effect of the fruit. One last thing, as a result of the fruit, Chopper can understand human speech and animal speech.

When Chopper takes a Rumble Ball, a drug he designed, it allows him to transform into 3 other forms... and then some.

Natural formsEdit

Brain point
Brain Point is the the hybrid form Chopper is usually in. He has a big head and small body but instead of being on all fours, he walks on two legs and has arms. His hands are still hooves but that doesn't stop him from doing anything. When he takes a rumble ball in this form, he has an ability he calls "Scope" where he uses his increased intelligence and reindeer senses to 'scope' out the enemy's weak point.
Walk point
This is Chopper's natural reindeer form. This is the best form for him to do general traveling in. Also his sense of smell is at it's strongest in this form
Heavy point
This is Chopper's 'full human' form that has him looking like some kind of yeti with a blue nose, for which he is mistaken to be a monster. This form grants Chopper super-strength

Rumble Ball formsEdit

When Chopper takes a Rumble Ball, he can switch to any of these other forms for three minutes only. If he takes two in the span of 6 hours, he has no control over his transformations.

Jumping point
This is a hybrid form where Chopper is mostly in human form (two-legged) but with reindeer legs to boost his jump by a lot. He doesn't have antlers in this form but his face shape is still very rein-deer like
Arm point
Another hybrid form where Chopper has human feet and legs and his arms are built up, but he has hooves instead of hands. This is his second most powerful form. Chopper still retains his reindeer head and is also two-legged
Horn point
This hybrid form has Chopper on four legs but his front legs are human arms. His antlers grow into full sharp antlers and his body becomes a lot bulkier than in his Walk Point form
Guard point
In this form, Chopper's fur grows out and acts as a sort of shield around him. He looks like a fuzz ball reindeer.

...and then some. More like one


When Chopper takes 3 Rumble Balls in the space of 6 hours he turns into a powerful, berserk monster who will attack both friend or foe, unable to distinguish between both. He will grow to about 20 feet in height and his head will be that of a reindeer with very large and sharp antlers. It's similar to his Arm Point form but his fingers are dark and his fur is a lot shaggier. The only way to stop Chopper in this form is to dunk him into the sea so far. In this form he is unable to talk and it places great strain on Chopper's body. This form is lethal to Chopper himself if he continues in the Monster form for too long.

Non-superhuman special abilitiesEdit

Chopper is the doctor for the Straw Hat Pirates and a very reliable one at that. Although, there would be many things he could learn off the medical staff on board the meatship.

Game History Edit

  • Chopper pod-popped into a zombie infested pod caverns with some scary people. And then went into the med bay with said scary people after they were rescued.
  • He's been exploring the ship and frequenting the med bay. He also got stuck in one of GLaDOS's mistletoe traps and was forced to kiss Nanoha to get out. Then he immediately ran away.

Notable Crew-matesEdit

Chamber/Jono Starsmore
Chopper met Jono when he was stuck in GLaDOS's forcefield experiment and was ultra defensive at the time
Another scary, crazy one. Chopper's scared of him too
Kazuya Mishima
He was one scary mo-fo. Chopper doesn't really like to be around him
Dr McNinja
He's such a cool doctor! Or so Chopper thinks. Fortunately Chopper doesn't yet know of Dr McNinja's... dislike for pirates
Nanoha Takamachi
Chopper met her when he was stuck in GLaDOS's forcefield experiment where whoever was stuck had to kiss someone to get out of it. Chopper, never having kissed anyone before, kissed Nanoha on the cheek who in turn kissed him back to his surprise. It ended with Chopper running away
Peter Petrelli [now re-podded]
He was really nice to Chopper and Chopper started to warm up to him a little. Chopper was impressed by his professionalism. And the fact that he gave out a lollypop as a doctor.

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