Welcome to the Transmigration 9 Wiki!Edit

The end-all, be-all comprehensive wiki for (you guessed it) Transmigration 9, where players and newbies alike can come if they're curious to learn more about the game...

...or if they're just really, really bored.

Currently under construction. If you're a player, sign up and help us out!


Okay, since a lot of people are having trouble figuring out how to use the page templates (especially for the character pages), here's how it works:

  1. Before you create the page, first decide what type of template you'll need (currently, there are templates for character and plot pages, but more may be added later)
  1. When you are creating the page, there will be a drop down menu for templates. Choose the appropriate template.
  1. When you click "Create", the page will be loaded with the template. Fill in the appropriate information in the different sections.

Hope this helps, people!

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