The Tenth Doctor
LJ Userinfothatsortofaman
Fandom Doctor Who
Away Team
Player Aubrey


Species Time Lord
Height 6'1"
Hair Dark brown, defies gravity
Eyes Brown
Age 906. He says.
Place of Birth Gallifrey


Most of the time, when you catch him on a good day, the Doctor's cheerful and gregarious, very talkative and often rather affectionate, even with people he doesn't know. He has a sort of childish glee about seeing things he's never seen before, finding things he would have said before were impossible (which he says a lot, despite the fact that by now he should have known better). The universe is amazing - human beings, doubly so. He's charismatic, dragging people along with him by sheer force of his personality, and though he's occasionally blunt and tactless it's (generally) not out of a desire to be rude, just that he doesn't much think about other people's feelings unless someone forces him to. He's just a little bit self-absorbed, a little reckless, prone to running off into danger without a second thought, occasionally a little bit childish... alright, more than a little bit, on all counts... but endearing all the same.

However, his mood can turn at the drop of a hat, and he is not always the carefree, roguish figure he'd like everyone to believe. In the Doctor's world, he determines the standards of what is and is not acceptable, and when someone goes too far over that line, he is the one to mete out punishment. When someone truly angers him - usually by hurting an innocent, especially by causing harm to someone he cares about personally - he's prone to overreaction, spitefulness, and sometimes downright cruelty. He believes he's ruthless ("no second chances - I'm that sort of a man"), but in reality, he gives chance after chance to people who don't necessarily deserve it; because he can't be perfectly merciful, he believes himself merciless. He feels guilty about everything that happens around him, even (perhaps especially) the things he had no real control over; at the same time, he'll deny or ignore responsibility for the things he really should feel guilty for, the people he hurts because he just doesn't pay attention to how his actions affect them. Hypocrisy: the Doctor has it.

Despite his tendency to surround himself with people, the Doctor is deeply lonely, and especially lately tends to consider things a matter of him against the rest of the universe, rather than him and his companions against the rest of the universe. For a long while, he avoided travelling with anyone, because "in the end, they break my heart", and the last thing he wanted to do was suffer another loss like that. He's recently realized that that decision was the wrong one, and that he really does need people - a hand to hold, someone to stop him - but he's still more than a little wary of getting too close. He's convinced that whatever happens, at the end of it all, it's just going to be him, alone, and deep down, that terrifies him.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Time Lords have an innate sense for time, can tell what points in time are fixed and which are mutable, can sense anomalies in time and space, probabilities and potential realities. For the most part, the Doctor ignores this particular sense - it's distracting to have all that in your head - but he can focus and call upon it at any time. He is psychic, with the ability to step into others' minds, see their thoughts and memories and change them if he wishes. As Time Lords go, though, he is not a particularly strong psychic, and he does require physical contact and quite a bit of concentration.

He appears to be somewhat hardier than your average human, able to recover fairly quickly from things like significant blood loss, one of his hearts stopping, or falling out of a spaceship. If seriously injured, he can go into a healing coma to recover much more quickly than usual, and if about to die, can regenerate, changing every cell of his body to heal the injuries and become a different person.

The Doctor is smarter than you. At least, that's what he'll happily tell you if you give him half a reason to. Being a Time Lord, he's considerably more intelligent than any human, and he's particularly good at finding patterns, fitting a number of seemingly unconnected facts together into something that lets him see the bigger picture.

He speaks a ton of languages (safe to assume any Earth language, and a lot of alien languages extant in his universe too), and he knows a lot of ridiculous facts about just about any subject - physics, history, chemistry, biology, you name it. He's especially good with technology, and can work magic (not literally) with a few random bits of tech and the contents of his pockets at any given point in time. He has a very good memory, but even if he doesn't tend to actually forget things, he still sometimes takes a while to recall the relevant facts, what with all the information he has to sort through.

Physically, his abilities are somewhat more limited. He has uncanny aim with projectiles, and has some ability with swordfighting. Mostly, though, he's just very, very good at running.


The Doctor's over a thousand years old - to tell his entire history would require a lot of time, and a lot more information than he's willing to give to anyone. To cut a long story, very, very short, once upon a time, a young Time Lord was looking for a way to escape a stagnant planet and society, and found a TARDIS in a scrapyard. Old, all sorts of broken, and he never could fix that chameleon circuit, but she could fly, and that's all he needed.

And he's spent his life ever since then travelling from one place to another, often completely at random (again, broken time machine - you can't always exactly work out where it ends up), picking up a variety of companions along the way, and leaving them all behind eventually, always moving, always running. He set new records for the speed at which he burned through his regenerations, although considering the number of life-threatening situations he's been in, he doesn't consider his current rate of going through regenerations half bad.

Then came the last great Time War, a war across time and space between the Time Lords and the Daleks, and the Doctor returned home to help. He saw entire planets and systems destroyed, timelines shattered, and at the end, when it became clear that there was no way to win the Time War, he was the only one who could end it - he destroyed Gallifrey and Skaro, and watched as they burned. And while at the time he was convinced it would kill him as well, he survived. He regenerated. And he carried on, the last of the Time Lords.

His life since the Time War has been... chaotic. He's gotten very close to several people, and had them ripped away from him more often than not. He's fought the remnants of the Dalek army time after time, never able to destroy them completely. He's fought and won - and lost - countless battles he never meant to be fighting in the first place, and he's shaped the people around him into weapons without even meaning to.

And then he ran into a prophecy of his death. The Time Lords found a way to break out of the time lock around the War, and attempted to tear apart reality in order to become beings of pure consciousness. The Doctor stopped them, saved reality once again... and just when he thought he'd won, he was forced to sacrifice himself to save a friend. He stepped into a chamber flooded with radiation not even a Time Lord could survive, and was in the process of beginning his regeneration when he was kidnapped from his universe - and then, some time later, he woke up on the ship.

After all that work he did to keep his reality from being destroyed, he is really annoyed some jerk had to go and tear it apart. That's just not fair.

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