Tavros Nitram
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Fandom Homestuck
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Background Edit

In Homestuck Edit

Though he's currently unaware of it, Tavros wasn't actually hatched like normal troll larva. He will be created in a lab by a friend via genetic samples taken from a seemingly random point in his own timeline and then sent back in time as a self-fulfilling prophecy. His memories of very early larvalhood are shady at best, but he has no reason to question his origins.

Tavros is a troll kid, a member of the dominant species of the planet Alternia, which is located in another universe far from ours. Of the twelve zodiac trolls, he pretty obviously represents Taurus with his chest symbol and long orange horns. He is roughly six solar sweeps old, which makes him about 13 in Earth years. He's a paraplegic and relies on a wheelchair to get around. As nearly all adults are off world conquering the galaxies, his society is run rather violently by children, and his only caretaker/guardian is his lusus naturae, a tiny, delicate, winged bovine named Tinkerbull. No, really. No. Really.

He is considered very low in the troll social order. Trolls have different blood colors; it's apparently just an accident of birth. Or, in their case, an accident of hatching. Imagine the visible color spectrum turned 90 degrees so red is on the very bottom and violet is on top. Tavros has brown blood, which is apparently grouped in with orange. This is why even in his advanced society he is forced to get around in an old manual wheelchair. An offshoot of this cultural oddity is his clothing. Tavros is nearly always seen in a black shirt with a brown Taurus symbol on it. Basically this serves as identification among his own kind and instantly establishes a sort of pecking order. Though he'll adjust unwillingly to the plantsuit, he's going to want to affix a brown taurus symbol on the chest someplace.

Tavros' childhood was mostly unexceptional as far as canon has shown; he lived the typical daily life of a lowblood who's used to entertaining himself. His ability to psychically commune with creatures led to his interest in capturing, training, and battling with the various weird animals native to his home planet. It's probably also why he's so interested in Pokemon-like games like Fiduspawn.

He used to play a violent live-action game called FLARP as a member of Team Charge, though his peaceful outlook and unpopular choice of class worked against him for the most part. His luck finally ran out when he tried to play a solo campaign run by a psychotic blueblood named Vriska. She set him against enemies he couldn't possibly defeat, and when he tried to get out of making his move, she had the monsters back him against the edge of a cliff and used her own psychic powers to make him want to leap off. He followed her suggestion without question. He fell headfirst and survived somehow, but it left him paralyzed from the waist down. For some reason, this event has been described by the trolls as an accident. Even though it put and end to his FLARPing and led to a chain of revenge and backstabbing that left the other three players seriously wounded or dead, it didn’t do much to diminish his love of games or general cheery outlook. As a side note, he has no idea one of the other players was killed. Her spirit remained to set some important plot-related wheels in motion, and since she’s still able to chat online with a much more dull personality, he just thinks she’s gone a little crazy.

He was taken aboard Stacy the night the trolls were setting up to play a strange game spearheaded by Sollux and Aradia. Vriska IMed him to taunt him about being useless and brag that her team would soon leave his in the dust, then Gamzee IMed him to explain a bit about the game and send him the download.

And then they proceeded to have one of the worst rap-offs in the history of paradox space.

Before Tavros could get the game installed and connect to Gamzee, something went horribly wrong...

Aboard Stacy Edit

...and the next thing he remembers is being on board the meat ship. Nice job, toreadumbass!

Tavros Nitram is a lousy troll. While most of his kind are brutal and Darwinian in nature, he's mild-mannered, considerate of others, and a bit on the shy side. Most trolls have a healthy amount of hate, their primary emotion, but Tavros doesn't seem to have the ability to do much more than get briefly irritated. This baffles his friends, at least one of whom thinks he might be broken in the head. On top of this perceived weakness, he lacks confidence and is easily manipulated by the people around him. When a friend suggested he personify his self-esteemhing asked of him, Tavros has his limits. If what you want him to do is degrading or impossible, he'll get stubborn. He'll apologize profusely for being boring or uncooperative, but at the same time he's going to make it known he doesn't want to crawl up stairs or apologize for his disability. If you're wondering why anyone would ever do that, you don't know very much about troll culture.

Another thing of note is his optimism. Despite being paralyzed and openly mocked and generally treated as an inferior specimen, Tavros still smiles almost constantly. Even in the face of almost certain death, hope runs deep. He has his weird troll problems, but there’s a stubborn survivor streak in him and he intends to keep on living.

He has a big imagination and absolutely loves fantasy stories and fairy tales. His very favorite is Pupa Pan, his world's version of Peter Pan that seems to be similar enough to the story we know. Tavros firmly believes in fairies, even though they aren't real on his planet, and has had a fascination with flight since he was very young. He always dreamed of taking to the skies and had a tendency to leave a window open (well, okay, smashed in) in case Pupa ever decided to show up and take him on adventures. He's kind of immature for his age, fond of animals and an unsettling Pokemon-like card game called Fiduspawn. He took part in a live-action game called FLARP until a certain session went horribly wrong and put an end to that particular hobby.

And when it comes to the complicated mess known as troll romance, he's completely lost. He gets flustered, he balks, he just doesn't know what to do. In normal cases he would consult Karkat, however with no Karkat in game Tavros is likely to avoid the subject entirely.

He's also fond of Alternian slam poetry. Or, as we call it, rap. It's not obvious if his kind thinks he's any good at it, but by our standards he's pretty much godawful.

When chatting online or texting, Tavros is a true troll in that he has an obnoxious typing quirk. If possible he uses courier new font, brown text, and capitalizes everything but the first letter. Uses commas in place of periods and peppers his sentences with umms and uhhs. The overall effect is supposed to be him speaking in a hesitant, faltering tone. bASICALLY, wHEN HE TYPES, iT, lOOKS LIKE, uHHH, tHIS, and his actual speaking voice betrays his lack of confidence as well. He's soft-spoken, quick to stop talking when interrupted, and has a bad habit of "um"ing and "uh"ing his way through conversations.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Oddly enough, most trolls low on the hemospectrum have psychic abilities, and Tavros is no different. He has the power to commune with creatures, a skill that he likes and uses a lot but tends to undersell, since he's so used to being told that it's totally lame.

He’s been seen using the ability on animals, mindless game constructs, and once on another troll’s lusus. The last one was an extreme situation he had no control over; normally he would never do such a thing. He’s too nice to abuse his power under most circumstances, preferring instead to use the ability to pacify predators or make friends with beasts. He may ask the creature to do something for him, but by then the creature will like him and usually be willing to do what he wants, so nobody gets their free will overridden. Everybody wins!

He can't touch the minds of anything intelligent. He couldn't, for instance, control Beastboy in an animal form. Smarter animals that are still pretty much animals, like Toothless, can hear his psychic suggestions but have the will to override him if they like.

Character Relations Edit

Canon Edit

Aradia Megido
The other member of Team Charge and the only troll in the cast with blood lower than his (as far as he knows). He liked FLARPing with her and is sad and confused by her complete 180 in personality.
Sollux Captor
No contact in canon that we've seen, though he and Tavros are friends. Tavros is as impressed by Sollux's skills with computers as he is confused by Sollux's strange tendency to shift moods at the drop of a hat.
Karkat Vantas
Tavros is intimidated by Karkat's constant verbal abuse, and Karkat is frustrated by Tavros' timid nature. They mostly avoid each other, speaking only when one needs the others' help, which isn't often.
Nepeta Leijon
He may not fully understand her strange internet roleplay or choice of friends, but she's really a nice person and he likes talking to her when she has permission to associate with him (or is ignoring orders not to).
Kanaya Maryam
He's fine with her bugging and fussing and meddling, and he would never tell her to can it! He has a hard time telling her sincere advice from her deadpan snarking, and he tends to take all of it at face value.
Terezi Pyrope
They don't speak too much, even though they used to FLARP opposite each other. She's cheerful and kind of weird, and he likes her all right, but thanks to Vriska he's indirectly responsible for her blindness, so it's a little awkward.
Vriska Serket
Oh, god. If only he knew what compels her to troll him all the time so he could change it. He's never been able to make her stop, and the best solution he currently has is to be as passive and boring as possible so she loses interest.
Equius Zahhak
Not really friends at all. He's "the one who likes building robots" and that's about as far as it goes. Equius dislikes Tavros for being so revoltingly lowblooded and weak, and Tavros just... avoids Equius. He's weird and a little gross.
Gamzee Makara
Totally bros, probably mostly because nobody else wants to put up with either of them. Tavros doesn't fully understand Gamzee either, especially not the religious devotion to those weird clown things, but he thinks it's funny and just goes with it. They're all about the godawful rap.
Dave Strider
N/A as of his canon point. In the future he tries to bring the shitty fake bravado and troll Dave, who sees right through it and counter-trolls Tavros so beautifully that Tavros freaks out and blocks him. Later, after misunderstanding some sarcastic advice from Rose, he throws together a counter-counter-troll that's... well... typical Tavros. Dave doesn't even acknowledge it.
Rose Lalonde
N/A as of his canon point. But he does speak to her once in the future in an effort to figure out the best way to troll Dave. She gives him terrible advice that he takes seriously.
Jade Harley
N/A as of his canon point. Later on, he's the only one of the trolls who thinks to contact her while she's asleep. It turns out to be a pretty smart move, but unfortunately he falls for her dreamself. After the death of Dream Jade he confesses his feelings to Jade herself, who barely remembers that they've spoken. It goes badly, to say the least, and that's not even mentioning the part where he tells her that he sort of accidentally killed her grandpa.