LJ Userinfostickyboots
Fandom Marvel Comics
Away Team Kilo
Department(s) Science
Player Matt

Game HistoryEdit

Incompetent Welcoming Committee member, lousy training mentor and half-baked science officer, Spider-Man can and has turned up anywhere and everywhere, no doubt just to annoy you. Convinced he's Uhura.

Notable Crew-matesEdit

Comics CanonEdit

Bobby Drake - Iceman and X-Men alumni. Officially a fellow bro, and one of the few heroes from the Marvel Universe that Peter always feels comfortable around.

Carol Danvers - Alias Ms. Marvel and long-standing Avengers member. One of Peter's oldest allies, Carol was for a long time the only recognisable member of the crew. The voice of reason to his voice of... well, unreason, she is one of the few people on the ship that he is likely to listen to without coercion. Carol and Peter nervously skirt their way around arguably the most dysfunctional courtship aboard Stacy.

Daimon Hellstrom - Son of Satan. Will throttle Spider-Man to death one day. He pees fire, right?

Danny Rand - Iron Fist. Total dude.

Robbie Baldwin - Speedball. Peter's biggest rival for the Cheeriest Marvel Hero Ever title; trying to get a word in edgeways when they're both in the room is a vain pursuit.

Wanda Maximoff - The Scarlet Witch, ex-Avenger and another friend from home. Her veteran status in the hero community and ethereal demeanour leave Peter more than a little intimidated at times, but she can count on his support implicitly.

The Young Avengers - Hard to believe as it is, one day the loveable oaf in red and blue becomes an Avenger and helps mentor a new generation of teenage heroes. Though they all know him rather well and are comfortable in his presence, their insight into Spider-Man's future confounds him immensely.

Ship CanonEdit

[Coming sooooooooooooooon]

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