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Slobo is the Top Fraggin' Teen. He's brash, quick-tempered, and knows he's better than you. Though he often likes to be reminded. Deep down, however, he's struggling with trying to reconcile who he wants to be and where he comes from, as well as dealing with the mass amount of personal issues that arise from being left for dead. He values friendship greatly, and will stick his neck out for just about anyone who doesn't give him a clear reason not to. In the end, as much as he tries, his attempts to live a good life are hampered and criticized due to his rather grey moral code.

Canon HistoryEdit

Slobo was "born"on Apokolips when a de-aged Lobo was killed, resulting in millions of clones of the Main Man all fighting to claim their rightful place as his successor. Slobo was weaker and slower than the rest, so instead relied on his brains, staying out of the fight and repairing the ship Young Justice had arrived on so they could all make their escape. After a bout of self-pity during which his teammate Secret accidentally gave him his name, he started aiding the team full time, helping them in the invasion of Zandia and more. He even began to make friends on the team, until Secret approached them all about helping her break her convicted father out of death row. Slobo, in an effort to remind people he wasn't really a good guy, immediately came to her aid, regardless of legal consequences, shattering his allegiances among the team almost immediately. When Secret returned shortly after, evil and seeking vengeance, he gave his life to protect her and his other friends, being turned into a statue and sent into the far future by Darkseid's Omega Effect.

Trans_9 HistoryEdit

Slobo woke up on Stacey, glad to be alive but upset to quickly find out all that had happened on his world since his "departure". As before in his life, the Czarnian quickly found himself on the outside of many arguments, not finding a place he fit in on the morally polarized crew. This was made especially apparent to him by the general reaction to an alternate universe copy of Lex Luthor. After this, joining with the other crewmate from his world who felt similarly to him, Static, he formed a support and training group he dubiously dubbed "The Outsiders".

Powers, Skills, and AbilitiesEdit

Character RelationsEdit

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