Sheeana Brugh
LJ Userinfoworm-dancer
Fandom Dune
Away Team Romeo
Group(s) Bene Gessert
Player Hedge

Sheeana wiki

Appearance Edit

Sheeana is a slender, dark skinned Fremen girl. She is most often seen with the blank expression known as 'BG mask' or a devilish smirk on her face. Her hair is very dark brown with red sunstreaks, curly and wild, and has a tendency to fly out of any shape it's put into. She wears it in a coif as much as it obeys her. Her eyes are the total, pupilless blue of a Reverend Mother.

Personality Edit

Sheeana is a complex and strange young woman, a knife-edge balanced girl, pulled opposite ways by a wild nature and years of Bene Gesserit conditioning designed to center her.

What strikes most about Sheeana at first is how intense she is. She has a tendency towards extreme focus, concentration, fits of lust and anger. She can be quite vindictive but will move heaven and earth to pay a debt. Her resentments (of the destruction of her village, her confinement on Chapterhouse and then on Stacy) have never been entirely resolved. Quite a bit of her Bene Gesserit training is designed to make this intensity manageable, to smooth her out. And it has been partially successful. She is not the megalomaniacal girl she could have been, and she is supremely capable of hiding any of these emotions, as any Reverend Mother is. She can appear to have any emotion while keeping her true nature hidden.

And she very much is a Bene Gesserit, sharing the Sisterhood's dream of a mature humanity, free of prescience. Before coming to Stacy, her feelings for the Sisterhood were ambivalent. In the no-ship, she was unsure what she would do, start a new BG cell, teach something entirely other, or don't teach at all. On Stacy though, she saw what various universes looked like without the Order's guidance and became determined to ensure its survival.

Sometimes what she calls "The Wild Place", the uncontrollable aspects of her personality become too much for her and she must express it somehow. This can take the form of creating disturbing but fascinating works of art, outrageous sexual behavior or communing with the sandworms (not the same thing as previous).

Powers and Abilities Edit

Sheeana is a Reverend Mother, the youngest yet (aside from Preborns, those born that way). Although extensively trained in all Bene Gesserit skills, her specialties are with use of the Voice of Command and Imprinting. She has knowledge of some Honored Matre sexual imprinting techniques which are even more powerful than the Bene Gesserit standard.

She was born with the so far unique ability to command the great sandworms native to Arrakis, although they do not always obey her. She often calls them by dancing for them. The BG suspect this is a new kind of language, a physical language, and also suspect that it is teachable.

Her Fremen childhood gave her a complete desert survival skillset.

History Edit

Her history, semi-regularly updated is available on her profile here

Relationships Edit

Her relationships with others on the ship, semi-regularly update is here

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