Samus Aran
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Background Overview: Samus was born to Rodney and Virginia Aran, a nice couple who lived on Earth Colony K-2L. Samus lived here until the age of three when Space Pirates led by Ridley attacked the planet, killing each inhabitant except for the young Samus. A group of Chozo found her. Old Bird decided to rescue her by her back to the planet Zebes. There, she received DNA augmentation through Chozo blood. The Chozo that donated his DNA was Gray Voice.

Old Bird and Gray Voice raised Samus; they were her fathers of sort. She was to fulfill a Chozo prophecy, correcting a mistake the Chozo had unleashed on the galaxy: their creation, the Metroid. The training was intense, there was no room for error in the formation of the galaxy's eventual protector. She was given a gift, a piece of Chozo technology: her power suit. It would provide unmatchable help in her the task she was blessed (or cursed) with.

But she rose to the challenge and surpassed each expectation, going above and beyond what anyone before her had ever accomplished. She joined the Federation military, quickly gaining her spot in it's most elite troops. However, she did not favor the military. Rules and protocols slowed her down. She was forced to put others in danger, and she could not effectively fulfill the task the Chozo had given her.

She left in favor of the life of a bounty hunter, a freelancer. She favored this lifestyle. She was young, but she rightfully earned her reputation as the best. She had the freedom to take missions she wanted, although she had taken her fair share of shifty jobs when she began, and complete them as she pleased, without the rules and regulations that came with being in the military. She has not yet failed a mission, and she doesn't expect to. She expects to successfully carry out each of her undertakings all while avenging the death Space Pirates had brought upon her planet.

She still takes jobs from the Federation, though they are the ones that coincide with her own intentions. Her boss, however, does not stop her from doing what is right. The Federation had wronged her, lied to her, and purposely reversed the destruction of the Metroid, unforgivable in the eyes of Samus. She destroyed what they had created and was unafraid of the consequences, even if it may cost her more than just another job from them.

She is stubborn. Her lone wolf complex tends to take over. She knows that she and only she is responsible for herself which tends to lead to actions that are viewed as reckless to those who do not know her abilities. She is well aware, though, of what she can accomplish by herself.

All of this has left Samus as an outwardly cold, unfeeling individual. While her primary goal is to protect human life in the galaxy, she avoids forming personal relationships with them. She has lost enough close to her to know it ends badly. She is not immune to emotions, but she is a master of hiding them. She rarely openly cares for any single individual. It is hard to detach herself from connecting with those around her, but she has deemed it necessary to effectively do her job.

Appearance: Out of suit, Samus stands at 6'3" and 198 lbs. She's got a good bit of long flowing locks, but it's pulled out of her face and out of the way for the most part. She is athletic and no where near delicate. She's got her fair share of scars with a few burns on her cannon arm. Some scars are from training, some are from surgery, some are from battles. Most are hidden by her plantsuit, though.

Abilities: Due to augmentation and intensive training. Samus has her fair share of metahuman abilities. She pushes the limits of the most athletic humans, jumping higher, running faster, fighting harder than most could ever imagine. Though she prefers her own arm cannon, she's still a talented marksman with conventional weapons and could hold her own against many. She's not one you'd want to pick a fight with.

She can also survive in more caustic environments. Zebes is not the most favorable living environment for humans, but she has adapted to harsher living conditions. She's can survive through a lot of things.

Fun fact: Samus has three types of alien DNA! Chozo, Metroid, and X-Parasite.


The Suit Overview: Samus’ suit is much more than just a layer of armor. It’s in tune with her on a deeper level than almost anyone can imagine. It is as much a part of her as her own skin. It cannot think for her, and if she is not focused, it will no protect her. She doesn’t just use her suit; she works with it. Samus is more her true self in suit than out of it. When she is out of armor, she is missing a piece of her own being and will tend to be more standoffish and cold. In suit, her true instincts shine through much more easily as the guardian of galactic peace.

The Cannon: The arm cannon can unleash a virtually unstoppable bombardment on any enemy. It has a laundry list of different powerups, beams, and missiles at it’s disposal. These can also be combined into even more powerful attacks like the wavebuster. These powerful attacks, however, come at a cost. They quickly drain her limited supply of ballistic missiles and may even cause some minor physical exhaustion if maintained for too long.

Some beams are geared towards specific enemies, like being more useful against synthetics as opposed to organics. Some double as practical tools and can be used out of combat for things such as welding.

Samus fires her weapons using both physical and mental cues. She selects beams with slight movements of her right hand (which is contained within the cannon). It is assumed she can switch between energy based and ballistic based attacks the same way. Firing is prompted by a neural signal. Performing combination attacks requires a physical cue choosing the beam, and intense focus.

Needless to say, Samus picks the cannon over regular firearms any day. This is not to say that she isn’t good with conventional firearms, quite the opposite really. Time in the military combined with the natural instincts of a warrior has made her quite talented with conventional guns, but nothing beats a weapon that works with it’s user on a neural level.

The Morph Ball: "'Aran's Power Suit technology remains a mystery, especially the curious Morph Ball Function. All attempts at duplicating it have ended in disaster: four test subjects were horribly broken and twisted when they engaged in our Morph Ball prototypes. Science team wisely decided to move on afterward." -Space Pirate Log

The Morph Ball is a mechanism that allows Samus to contort herself into a sphere of about 1 meter in diameter. It is surprisingly convenient. How it works is a mystery to even Samus.

The HUD: Samus’ combat visor is pretty standard. Most important is her health meter which is shown prominently at the top of her view point. It states her current energy level, along with the amount of reserve energy tanks she has on hand. If her energy is reduced to zero without a reserve tank to take it’s place, Samus will die. She doesn’t always remember to keep an eye on this meter, though. She’s a bit lucky it hasn’t run out on her yet.

Weapon meters are next. She has two apparatuses to check on the status of her weaponry. The first being her missile meter. It gives her a count of how many missiles she has stocked as well as how many she can hold. Underneath, it shows which beam she has selected. Her auto-targeting systems and aiming crosshairs move across her field of view.

Information on the environment is given in three ways: a mini map, a radar, and a threat assessment gauge. The mini-map provides information on Samus’ current location if she has downloaded it from a map station. If she has not, the map will only give information on the current room and offers no insight into those surrounding. The radar detects both moving and stationary objects and states their current range, altitude, direction, or speed. The threat assessment gauge analyzes environmental threats and indicates their danger level.

Samus can switch her HUD between different visors. The default is the combat visor which is described above. She has a few non-standard visors such as the echo visor or dark visor, but these are left unused except for a few special cases. The most useful visors are the scan visor and the command visor.

The scan visor is fairly self-explanatory. It allows Samus to scan certain objects or life forms to obtain more information about them. This data is all downloaded into her logbook and can be accessed at any point. It often gives useful information about enemies and their weak points. She can also use this to scan terminals and access otherwise classified information.

The command visor allows Samus to remotely control her ship. Although after Fusion she uses a Federation ship that must be started manually. This means that she cannot move the stationary ship from one position to another. However, if the ship was already online, she could use the command visor to direct the AI to either fire the ship missiles, maneuver large objects, or land. It is implied that this type of remote control is not typically allowed and may even be illegal. This does not stop Samus.

Game History

Samus popped a long, long time ago. Well, at least that's what it feels like. She had a nice chat with Stacy and found out absolutely nothing useful. She was suitless and a bit angry (you would be too if you had that taken from you). She was then herded into the Meet&Greet. She met a few crew-mates, but was generally unconcerned with them. She had to figure out a way off this ship, but first she had to find her armor.

She made her way to weapons and possessions, where she met Master Chief. They both looked for their armor in vain. Chief explained had been a little more concerned with the status quo and filled in a few of the blank spots she had, although neither of them had many answers.

Samus formally introduced herself at shipwide meeting. She was then fanboy'd at, though she ignored it. She established herself as a ship trainer and stuck around to learn a few more things about Stacy.

During the Yeerk plot, Samus encountered an affected person while on patrol. She knocked him out fairly quickly, though that was only a temporary fix. Chief gave her a gun and she was happy. Kara took Xander off to the medbay and they went on their way. Yeerks attacked the city while Samus did what she was made to do and that was that.

Samus was pretty glad she got to stretch her legs on the first mission. Plus she got her suit back, even temporarily that is awesome. She was on Master Chief's team, which was an adventure, and although they were competent the rest of her team was kind of fail. She slipped away and completed the mission without anyone noticing. Chief was not exactly pleased.

It was at this point Stacy formed the away teams. It was also at this point Samus met Grif.

She spent a lot of time training in the Sensoriums and trying to get her motley Team Golf together. She also joined ship security. Although while attending to a nearby brawl in the city, a prisoner escaped. She was angry. She did a bit of searching on her own, and she and security [ formed their plan. ] With security, they transported the yeerk, though she met a bit of trouble on the way. They successfully moved the Yeerk, only to find it was a decoy. Samus was a bit upset with this and informed Leon she would not tolerate being lied to again or else she would leave security.

There was less downtime between the next happening. There was a plan of breaking through to the bridge, though there were a few problems that needed to be taken care of first. Leon gave Samus and Motoko an assignment, which they (kind of) happily took. She got her suit back. They ran into some trouble with HAL 9000 but the two eventually broke off and made it to the hangar. They led an assault from the outside which was vital in the battle against the Space Pirates. They eventually retreated and Samus and Motoko made it back in time for the big reveal.

She returned to the crew and had a reunion with her old commanding officer. Although her commander has been repodded and she has forgot his presence on the ship, she retained sort of a sense of hope. She cannot recall the specifics why, but she was reminded that sacrifices are nessecary and that she must keep moving forward to do her job. No matter what.

And she's always ready for the next mission.

Notable Crew-mates

Gandrayda-Another bounty hunter from her universe. They are not particularly close, but she is something familiar. She also feels bad for the fate Gandrayda met in their own universe.

Pikachu-Seems to know her from another universe. One of few (probably the only actually) crew-mate she feels comfortable enough with to open up to.

Master Chief-Respects him as a soldier, trusts him to survive and do what is best for the crew. Does not nessecarily agree with his methods, though she can tell the feeling is mutual.

Kelly-Another Spartan, though she gets along a bit more with Kelly. Thinks she makes good training exercises.

Motoko-Confused about Motoko's motives, but gets along with her well enough. Trusts her to stay alive. Thinks they work well together, surprisingly enough.

Leon-Her "boss." Not afraid to tell him off if she has to, but hasn't had to yet. She is performs security duties because she wants to, not because he orders her to. Though, she does respect him and kind of gets along with him.

Rtas 'Vadum-Has an interesting ship. Met him in the hangar. Samus is curious about him.

Grif-Member of Team Golf. Absolutely hates his attitude and (lack of) work ethic/motivation. Sick of trying to order him around and wonders if he can survive on this ship. That being said, she'd do anything to make sure he does survive and has an irrational sense of mama bear-ness regarding him.

Geoffrey Chaucer-Member of Team Golf. Needs help adapting to modern weapons. Admires his will to work.

Marco-Member of Team Golf. Hasn't known him long enough to have a strong opinion.

Meluly-Member of Team Golf. She's capable, but apparently a bit unstable. It bothers Samus, but she thinks she will do fine.

Roy Mustang-Member of Team Golf. Reminds her too much of her military days as a child. Does not agree with his methods.

Jaime-Has not actually met, knows from the bridge. Did not approve of a child leading them, even if he was capable. Feels bad for what happened, but thinks the crew must keep moving forward regardless of what has happened in the past.

The Supes-Doesn't really understand the whole concept of "super heroes," may or may not think many of them are naive teenagers just like she was and worries what will happen when they have to grow up.

Nate-Met once. Admires his work ethic. Willing to train him.

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