Riza hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
LJ Userinfocarrycorpses
Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist
Away Team
Player Schuyler


Species Human
Height 5'6"
Hair Blond
Eyes Amber
Age 25
Birthday October 2, 1890
Place of Birth Amestris, country-side
no matter how difficult things get,
no matter how foolish you look
struggling under the weight of
your burdens, you have to keep
living for the ones you love

Personality Edit

Riza is one of the more complex characters that appears in the series. On the surface, we have a strict, seemingly cold woman. However, underneath, those that know her can see a caring, dreaming and almost heartfelt woman. At her core, Riza is a woman shaken from the trauma of childhood and her time in the extermination of the Ishvalan people. There are many sides to her we do not always see, but there is an unshaking, devoted loyalty to the man she puts her life on the line for; Colonel Roy Mustang.

First and foremost, Riza is a very independent woman. As stated canonly, by Berthold Hawkeye--her father--, "I was too absorbed in my research to do anything for you." And Riza herself stated her mother died long ago and both of her parents were estranged from their families, but she received a good education. This points out that, despite having a father that was obsessive over completing his alchemic theories Riza grew up taking care of herself. Riza has always been independent and used to doing things on her own. However, her and Roy Mustang tend to share a codependency with each other. Knowing the other for almost two decades, and since her early child hood, Riza has a very admiring and respectful outlook for the man that seems to be shared. Either way, their codependency comes in play when throughout the entirity of the series the two take turns saving each other.

Riza has cases of PTSD after her time in Ishval. While it is not clearly evident, we can tell this from her motions and movements. Riza hates what she had to do in Ishval, and will refuse to do it again. Her time in Ishval shattered her idealist dreams and her naive nature. Because of Ishval, Riza has become that of a strict, solitude young woman. She says she can not call her guns a "burden" because of the fact she made the choice. Made the choice to pick up the gun and inevitably become a killer. Riza's depression lies evident each time the word Ishval is brought up. While she does not allow her time there to effect her to extremes, because indeed it was her choice to her mind, the moments of pained silence give it all away.

As a child, and before her time in Ishval, Riza can be perceived as an idealist. She looks towards Roy Mustang's dream to change the country with admiration even then; entrusting her back to him to help make that dream come true. After Ishval, this part of her is all but shattered. Reniments remain that are clear and spoken. Riza has said on several occasions "there is a man I must protect to help make his goals come true". Instead of a dream it is now a goal. Riza still has a dreamer at heart, however it's covered in darkness. She still moves forward as Roy's body guard not in a dreaming way, but with a determination to change a country for the better. Riza is indeed an idealist at heart.

Riza leads a life knowing that whatever happens she will die. Even if they face off and defeat every homunculus that comes there way and succeed in changing the country, she will die. Riza has accepted her fate as a "war criminal". She will do everything she can to protect her friends and the people around her. Notably saying "For future generations to be happy, we must carry corpses across a river of blood." That is her take as a soldier and as her life should be. When it comes to the Elrics and their friends, she will do everything in her power to keep them from danger. Riza knows that it's inevitable she will die, but she does not let this hinder her actions. Everything she does is for the sake of a better future and to help the Colonel she entrusted every secret she had to.

Underneath the hardened and darkened exterior, is a loving woman. Only those closest to Riza know the "inner side". The one who can be softspoken and caring. We often see this side of her when it comes to her dog, Black Hayate. On the outside she disciplines and expects the best of him, as she does everyone, but when alone there are soft, tender smiles and hugs. (And in worst scenarios she takes comfort in the small puppy.) Riza is a woman that expects the best and most careful attention from everyone she becomes close to, and will guide them as she sees fit-- but when its needed she always has some sort of kind word or a smile to say. She's not made of ice, she is very much human no matter how much her exterior says otherwise.

Despite being a sniper, Riza hates having to use a gun. She hates the feel of blood on her fingers and knowing she kills people, but she has learned to accept it. As aforementioned, it is her burden to bear and she's done it willingly for so long. Before she carried a gun without a true purpose but to "shoot the enemy". Under the Colonel, she only shoots her gun when it's rightfully needed. She only shoots her gun for the person she's vowed to protect.

Her relationship with the Colonel is a strange one that plays quite the effect on how we can see her. She's known the man for almost two decades; from the time she was a child, to Ishval, and now to being his bodyguard and if need be executioner. He is quite obviously the most significant relationship in her life. With him, there are sides of Riza we don't see with anyone else. An almost evil, teasing side at that. She has no problem tearing him down in her own dry sense of humor. She has cried for him, thinking he was near death, and flipped thinking he died. This could be said because there are some sort of romantic feelings for him, and perhaps there might be, but the truth of the matter is: Roy Mustang is her family, the only family she really has left. The person who has been through everything with her, shared all the bloody hands and all the dirty secrets. He is the one person that when she shoots him, she will follow. The two have never breached beyond a "professional relationship", and the both of them respect that. Riza will do what she can to protect him, but it doesn't stop her from treating the one thing he is to her: family.

Abilities Edit

Riza is a perfectly normal human being, and to be honest she's quite proud of that fact. Growing up with a father driven crazed by his research in fire alchemy, Riza doesn't care for the idea of alchemy itself, or the mark it's made on her back. Although she may not have an extensive knowledge of alchemy, she does know some. Enough of the research and books her father had was passed onto her, and she has some understanding of the flame alchemy etched into her back.

Riza is a sniper. Trained in the military academy this is her specialty. During her time in Ishval, she was such a well known sharp shooter she became known as "The Hawk's Eye". Her impression of her job is "when we step on the field, the enemy must die". Thus, Riza has a lethal hit and aim and unlikely to miss her target. She will/would use this ability to protect others as well as serve her Colonel (Roy Mustang). And if it comes down to it, she will also shoot said man in the back should he ever step off the path of justice. Riza and a gun, any sort, is a match to be reckoned with.

Character History Edit

In-Game History Edit

Podpopped: June 1st.

Relationships Edit

Roy Mustang He's the first person she went looking for upon her arrival on the ship. Riza has known him since perhaps the age of seven. During her childhood he was her father's apprentice in the study of alchemy. When her father died after Roy joined the military, Roy was the one who helped the then fifteen year old Riza arrange the funeral arrangement. On the day of the funeral, Riza saw Roy's vision to change the future of the country Amestris and asked if she could entrust her back to him. (Giving him his flame alchemy.) After the war in Ishval, Riza became Roy's subordinate. At this time Roy asked and gave her permission to be: his aid, his body guard, his conscience as well as his executioner if he ever stepped off the path of righteousness again. It's been years since this deal was made, and it's obvious that the two have a very codependent relationship with the other. Rather there is any romantic feelings behind it or not, both appear to tend to claim their relationship "purely professional".

Edward Elric One of the Colonel's subordinates back home. She's known Edward since after he and his brother tried, and failed, to bring back their mother in a case of human transmutation. As a state alchemist he ranks higher than her, but it doesn't stop the woman from mother henning over the boy. Riza cares deeply for Edward and his brother and will do anything in her power to keep them safe.

Winry Rockbell Like with Edward, Riza's known her since the boys tried performing human transmutation. After her conversation with the girl in Resembool, Riza decided to grow out her hair, claiming it wouldn't be "so bad". She's become protective of Winry over the years, and finds that the two of them have a number of similarities.

Ran Fan Riza remembers this girl from when she and the Colonel took her to a doctor after she lost her arm. While the two aren't close, Riza respects and understand her need to protect her young prince. And if she can, will help the girl in finding a way to get said Prince his body back.

Ling Yao/Greed An enigma, that's for certain. Riza remembers meeting Ling when fighting Gluttony and helping Ran Fan to find a doctor. A young prince from the country called Xing, Riza couldn't help but be humored by him. Like Ran Fan, she isn't close to him, but it won't stop her from being protective over him as well. There's also the case of his other half, Greed. Riza's known that Greed inhabits Ling's body for some time. The fact he's a homunculus and helped them has her on edge, but she won't openly be hostile towards him.


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