Horætio Renne Arc'err
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Fandom OC
Away Team
Player Renne

Species Song People
Height 3' from eartip to toe
Weight 6 lbs.
Age 12 Turnings

Crash CourseEdit

Full Name
(translated): Horætio Renne Arc'err
Renne, Rennie, Renniekins, Tree Biting Imp Extraordinaire, Fuzzy Mutated Blueberry, Hot Tamale, Pigeon, Blue
12 Turnings. Indeterminate by Human translations but definitely a legal minor.
The Song People (rough translation)
Six Earth pounds (6 lbs.)
Three Earth feet from ear to toe, ears up. (3 feet); 2'7", ears down
Noted Attributes
He's too damn ornery for his own good?
True-blind since birth,* in extreme stress, he has been known to succumb to violent tremors/seizures. Strong allergy to things considered magic.
(* used to indicate natural blindness without the cancellation of powers or technology)

Sagas of the PastEdit

Little Neon GodsEdit

The hour was late.

They both should have already been indoors but curiosity was always a prize/problem with them. They could see the twin moons high above, one behind the other. And they knew they had to watch their backs.

"Blood-kin, your thirst will wake the Crels again."

"I do not go in the Crels' direction, do I?"

"No, you do not. But why do you come out?"

"We have another Blood-Kin."

The twins stared each other down eye-to-eye for a good long minute. Older by three and a half Lifebreaths, R'hown felt in a few ways he was wiser. It wasn't a prideful kind of thing. It was more the elder-sibling mentality.

Lugh'ad had always been able to keep the stare of his twin. He had always been able to tell more than the usual Linking when his sibling was trying to tell an untruth. So he stared his elder twin down.

"Prove it, R'hown."

"You doubt me? You say I speak an untruth."

"I have doubt. Show me."

It's how they found themselves out here now staring eachother. Finally R'hown broke the stare, turned his back and crept along the steep tunnel he'd found in the palace catacombs. He had found this one when he'd slipped away from the ever-dutiful guards and hid behind one of the few banners that hung on the opaline walls.

He fell back gracelessly and slid down the passage.

That was when, a few moons ago, he found the albino.

"How do we get back in?"

"We do not."

Honestly, that confused Lug'had. R'hown had told him of the inner passage but they weren't crawling through that like a couple of taldreens. No. They were outside, creeping along the edge of the palace walls.

"You shall see."

The younger twin trusted R'hown. How could he not?

For a long time, they crept in silence, hugging close to the wall until the elder finally stopped and ducked under a rather shadowy niche.

"Here. And remain soundless."

Lug'had followed his brother to the letter.

Sliding back to let his younger sibling have a look, R'hown almost smiled. He could almost feel Lug'had trying not to Transcend right then and there.

The albino.

He was asleep, curled up in a tiny little hole of a thing with only that one way to get in or out. He was shorter than both of them and had the characteristic blue-black skin. It wasn't that that caught Lug'had's breath in his throat. It was the hands.

"He is ours?"

"He is ours, Lug'had."

The twin sons crouched low at the entrance of the hidden little place for almost half the night. R'hown couldn't help but stay.

Lug'had wondered what signature his Life-Bringer might give off.

R'hown wondered why this third sibling had never been felt.

Lug'had wondered what colour the eyes would be.

Prologue: Little Neon Gods

Across the Sea of StarsEdit

His beginning origins aren't known by too many people in Rhy'Din or in the many places beyond that he's traveled. What's known is that he is strange, far from human—so they say—and that he is insatiable in his curiosity and will to learn. Once, a few scant months after entering Rhy'Din, a traveler said of him:

"Were I not certain of many worlds, I would not so easily believe he is from across a sea of stars."

In 1999 Earth-calendar, Renne was literally flung into the vast worlds and realms outside of his own as it was destroyed. By what, only a few people know and he never speaks of it to this day. Since then, many events have shaped him into what he is now. These events came in a relatively quick succession of one another but it can be said that they did both harm and good. The darker events tempered his thinking and the good times once gave him hope.

That same year, Renne found home in an isle some seven days south of the Rhy'Din mainland. He doesn't speak the place's name and there is reason for it. In a month's time, this home became forbidden ground. Come the month of June, Renne underwent a natural physiological process known in rough English as the "Time of the Changing" or "Time of Change". In simplest terms, his body regenerates itself every two years whilst to the untrained eye it appears that he has died. In all, the process takes two days to complete and generally only leaves him either physically weak or mentally slow for a short while. It was this process and the laws concerning it that forever kept him out of the place he calls "the Isle with No Name". It was this event that was the catalyst of learning the lesson called "Banishment" even if he only speaks little of it. All that is said is the mention of an error upholding dead laws. A grave error. It was an error that literally cost him his heart and created a permanent weak spot in the center of his chest. He relies now only on sustenance, warmth and a smallish gemstone in the middle of his chest for survival.

It didn't take him long to learn how to survive on his own even if that survival was as a nomadic minstrel. His nomadic life was, however, the key to leading him into his second lesson. In early 2000, Renne was traveling from tavern to tavern and in one, heard an unfair brawl start up -- Six against one. Thinking with a still very idealistic mind, Renne leapt into the fray and lent a hand to a lone vampire that in the end, became his hero. This era, like the life of the hero Pendrell Vodalia, was brief and shone like an eclipsing sun. And with the eclipsing sun, came the eclipsing moon.

For nearly a year, Renne remained locked up inside a stone tower he'd constructed. It was a physical manifestation of his grief of Pendrell's death and the Bond lost to this separation. He lost much of his grasp on English and in the end, created a small ghost story surrounding a "haunted tower in the wildernesses of the Rhy'Din mainland". When he emerged after that year of self-imprisonment, he had lost much of what had made him seem human. He was no longer six feet tall. He no longer walked upright and he no longer held his head up high. Just what happened is never said but on rare occasion, the name "Amadeus" is whispered in the night.

Paradoxis: Running on the LinesEdit

Years have passed since then and with them, lessons were learned. Employed for a long while at a tavern, he'd grown to love the place and the people within it. However, that world came crashing down more than once.

The first time came on June 20, 2001, Standard Calendar. It was on this night that a clan of gunmen simply walked into the establishment and opened fire. Renne was the first to fall and was presumed, down-and-out of the physical fight before he could raise his hands. He had however, heard much and what he heard was enough.

What he heard taught him to well and truly have a fear, if not a phobia, of guns and most firearms.

What he had also learned, was that he was on his own.

He had never learned why that night he was left behind (having been dragged out of the building by a younger member of the arsonist family after the building was set aflame). He had never asked either; just mended what he could and stayed for as long as he was allowed. Renne had wandered frequently but to this place, he came back two more times.

The first time taught him that Humans -- most of them -- place those they know upon a ranking system, judging who is and who is not expendable. The lesson was in this round, vague and not entirely proven, even contradicted in the many exchanges between colleagues and patrons alike. The second time affirmed that lesson and taught him another: The concept of suicide.

It's one of his dirtiest secrets and a thing he'll probably never entirely remember. It had begun in the early beginnings of spring, when a man ran away and left his gun behind. Renne had known this man for years and had known that the man's gun was not typically off of his person. So Renne had warily kept the gun in his possession until he tracked the man down. He returned the gun but had never found out why the man had fled to the far north -- this didn't surprise him. Renne was not often told much.

Barely a week later, he had learned of the man's death. It was never said how, simply that he was "gone and not coming back".

Renne's deduction came to him in slow, agonising denial as each night for nearly a year, he carefully penned letters to this dead man. Part of him still believed the man alive until one night, when down at the seaside to cast another letter into the water, he had found a spent bullet shell in the sand.

His mind, that night, had begun to unravel.

It was another month before the insanity escalated from killing rats and dogs to taking a Human for the first time. Six lives in total were taken but like the animals before, Renne retained no memory of committing these acts. His mind had become like a broken window through which not even he recognised or recalled parts of himself. It had been after the sixth killing that the man Renne knew, or thought, dead confronted him. He had told Renne of his acts and persuaded him to go to jail.

His explanation of a trial was rough at best.

His promise upon leaving Renne in the jailroom was broken.

Six months, two trials (one failed and one barely successful) and an unwilling "jail break" later, Renne was released but found himself still plagued. Psychologically, psychiatrically, he was still not entirely sane. The thing was, he knew it and he knew he was going it alone. Two full years had passed but he had managed to claw his way back to sanity.

But what was sanity when you knew you were, ultimately, alone?

Lofty IdealsEdit

As those two years passed, Renne found himself going through a crucible consisting of many adventures. One of his first had him on the deck of the feared Flying Dutchman's ghostly vessel and on her, he served going before the mast in a hard lesson of labour. He did it though, learning many ways of the sea and how a ship is to properly run. Some of the ghostly crew had taken a softer approach, treating him as something between a pet and a kid brother. Renne found he could tolerate both the hard life expected of him, be it on a ship of living men or dead men. He found in those moments of mercy that a man could remain a man without becoming a bitter, angry old fool.

It was this however, that caught the captain's ire and for the first (perhaps only) time in the history of the sea, the Flying Dutchman released a captive.

He was released onto the beach where the tavern he had called home once stood. Having nothing left but the barren sand and endless ocean, Renne sank into himself and did little more than sing to the stars.

This of course, landed the curious eye of a spacefaring vessel. The USS Enterprise herself. He was swept aboard in a hasty mission. Amid Human-Supremacists and the fact he'd gotten sick on the Enterprise's transporter room floor, Renne at first was both terrified and utterly fascinated by this ship. Indeed, it took him a while to wrap his head around it that this was a ship -- a ship with neither sail nor mast nor anchor and she flew through the stars at incredible speed.

Through it all however, he had begun to learn that most on this ship were Humans. That alone wasn't necessarily a problem in itself. It had been how easily the crew had paired off with mates, exuding pheromones to the extent that even he was forgotten and duty nearly was put on the line. Ultimately, Renne was a glorified passenger and upon a Yule eve, he had created a dining feast for them. It was his way of trying to integrate and pull his own responsibility. It was a lesson even spacefarers didn't dare ignore, or so he had thought: All life-forms on a ship must have and perform his duty. If not, the ship is doomed to fail.

The Yule feast had not gone as planned. No sooner than when he'd prepared to present to the crew, they dropped him off onto a godsforsaken planetoid in the middle of what was called the Federation. He was left with only his own possessions and a Starfleet-red shirt with a medal he'd received. They were mementoes from a crazy but successful idea in a battle against a Romulan vessel.

And they reminded him of what Humans do.

To a Human, he learned, expendability is always an option.

Transmigration Nine: Brave New WorldsEdit

"Dammit, Jim, I'm a..."Edit

He woke up in a place and time unfamiliar to him.

Not that that hadn't been unusual, honestly; Renne had done that before many times in his travels. The problem was, he had never woken up covered And he had never woken up to something trying to get into his head. The mind was walled off but he soon had become aware of other signals. Sound. Touch.

It had taken him a bit but the creature eventually got cleaned of the sludge and ended up apparently, like many others in the same situation. Renne followed a few other life-forms into a large room and for a while, mingled. The mingling ended abruptly as he heard what was to him, a familiar voice. From that time on, his first act aboard Transmigration Nine was exactly this: Telling Captain James Tiberius Kirk he's a big, fat liar.

His time so far aboard Transmigration Nine has been relatively short in comparison to others and he is still trying to find his place. His duty. Still, Renne has managed several things up to this point beyond telling a starship captain off. And unlike other vessels he's been on, this one has proven so far, to at least be the most fascinating. As time wears on, his fascination slowly turns into something beyond that. Something beyond fascination and something closer to a dream proven so far, too lofty for the likes of him.

Of Friends and Starstruck DreamsEdit

James T. "Dammit-Jim" Kirk (Repodded)
This Human has proven as much of an enigma as the last one-or-two others he's known. However, this James T. carries some differences: Mercy and honour, both of which proved to Renne he was not the man of before. Having owned up to his mistake, Renne now keeps his Starfleet Red shirt and medal of commendation proudly. James T. Kirk is no longer perceived as the betrayer Renne knew of before, but a life-form with a good chance of earning his loyalty.

Arha (Repodded)
What to say about Arha? He met her at a costume party and demanded she surrender her booty. No, really, he did. Renne had entered the Sensoriums in a route of exploring to find himself in the midst of loud ruckus -- good ruckus, as it turned out to be the sounds of a dance party. So he decided to have a little fun and play pirate even if he's terribly awful at being a convincing pirate. Since then, Arha -- or "Awrrr-ha" as he calls her -- has been building respect in his eyes.

Goliath (Repodded)
He's a gargoyle. At first, Renne had almost mistook him for a very old but long-gone friend of his who had been a gargoyle named Syrus. The mistake was sad of course, but it turned into a happy meeting and a playful encounter of Gargoyle-climbing.

Another one met at a party. Specifically, a thing called "karaoke", Renne met Wyn rather recently. Even so, she's already worn Renne as a hat and has a nickname of her own: Wyn-Wyn. And she didn't try to kill him either. "Wyn-Wyn" situation, that is, wouldn't you say?

Billy "Bee" Cranston
It had been sheer luck how they'd met. Billy had stumbled upon Renne playing Pirates in the hallways and the two had a brief, impromptu game. Alas, when Renne had caught his Human scent, his fears came back enough to cause him to back away. Determined to show he meant no harm, Billy had allowed Renne to meet him on Renne's own terms. Although he could pronounce Billy's name, Renne had shortened it further (mutilating it, some might think) into the pet name of "Bee". The two ended up in a Sensorium with a relaxing atmosphere around them as they told one another of where they came from. Curiosity soon turned into something more for Renne, and on February 4, 2010, Renne opened himself up to his most sacred Oath. On that day, much to Renne's surprise, Billy had consented to such a Bond. As time progressed, the understanding of how the Bond works, especially between them specifically, grew. Billy had slowly begun to rise in Renne's mind to that of Pendrell himself after a series of harrowing adventures that could easily have torn them apart. But, they were strong and they rose above it all. They still grow and learn what transpires within and what they can do. Having trusted Billy Cranston with literally everything of himself, Renne continues to strive for one Duty that is his to proudly take. As his Oath says: "I have been and ever shall be yours."

Katara's meeting with Renne at first wasn't a calm or pretty event. It had been in the throes of deepest grief she had found him. Mourning the tenth year of his first Bonded's death, he'd taken it as hard as he had on the day Kyra Blackstone had spoken of Pen being gone. Still, Katara stayed through the storm when she easily could have walked away with no loss on her part. The mere fact she had stayed with him in one of his darkest hours had earned admiration and a budding respect. She had been the second Human to show him that indeed, Humans could be decent, honourable beings. And, she had, like Billy, earned a nickname of sorts, which one might argue is simply a mutilation of the name "Katara", as "Tar-Tar". Since then, further encounters have led to adventures of their own and on September 21, 2010, Katara too, was offered the Bond. This was however, completely unprecedented -- There had never been more than two participants within the Bond of T'hy'la prior. On that day, Billy Cranston, Katara and Renne shattered precedent and forged a triple-Bond that even now, grows stronger. His Oath now seamlessly extends to her: "I have been and ever shall be yours."

Beware: To cause harm to his Bondeds is to risk seeing the darker, hellish side of Renne Arc'err.