The Scout (RED)
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Fandom Team Fortress 2
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Cquote1 Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha'—I hurt people. Cquote2
The Scout

Background Edit

This history is completely head canon based off of the following information:

The youngest of eight boys from the south side of Boston, the Scout learned early how to problem solve with his fists. With seven older brothers on his side, fights tended to end before the runt of the litter could maneuver into punching distance, so the Scout trained himself to run. He ran everywhere, all the time, until he could beat his pack of mad dog siblings to the fray.

Scout was born to a single mother of seven. Having to support a family of now eight growing boys, Mama Scout wasn’t around too much either. Scout was essentially raised by his brothers, which was an interesting childhood to say the least. He was naturally smaller than the rest of the pack; it was easy for his brothers to pick on him. Roughhousing was part of their daily routine. Every problem was solved with fists in his household, from who was finally going to wash the six-foot tall stack of dishes in the sink to who’d get stuck taking the blame for that broken vase to who would get the last serving of mashed potatoes that night.

Eight boys wandering around the streets generally made for trouble. Whatever tufts they got in at home were twice as bad. Though a little broken on the inside, the pack stuck together. They lived in a bit of a rough neighborhood. If one brother got into a fight, all the brothers got into a fight, including the runt, Scout. Of course, his big brothers usually beat him to the brawls. Not wanting to be excluded from a good fight when these scraps were such a big part of his life, he devised a simple, yet effective, strategy: get there first.

And so he did. Scout had a bit of a talent for going fast. Soon enough, he could beat all his siblings to a good fight and back home. He got a bit cocky about this. Of course, his brothers were always willing to knock him down a few pegs if he got too cocky.

Scout tired of his life. He was too unfocused to do well in school and dropped out. His ramtamble of a family meant nothing to him. He craved something new in his life. He found an ad for a new company, RED. They were searching for people willing to do a bit of “research” (aka industrial sabotage) on their rival company, BLU. Scout packed up and joined them.

Personality Edit

Scout enjoys the simple things in life: women, baseball, and tacos. He has an unending source of energy, yet chooses to be quite possibly one of the world’s laziest people when off duty. He likes to sit around and eat. He likes to sit around and drink. He figures he gets his job done well enough; he deserves a reward at the end of the day.

He does his job well, but he is kind of a jerk about it. Scout’s cocky. He can be a bully. He’s not a humble winner; he is not above taunting. If he’s looking for a fight, he is not above provoking someone. Them when they’ve finally had enough and turn around to punch him, he fights dirty, dodging out of the way and hitting them from behind. He’s basically you’re typical bastard and subject to all the qualities of general douchebaggery.

Scout’s got a lot of pride. So much that it’s his main downfall. A lose will cause him to mope for days. Defeats make him cranky. Scout never really had a mature, parental figure to teach him how to act like an adult. He may be of legal age, but he’s not above immaturity. He’s far from it actually. Scout will complain if he doesn’t want to do something and won’t shut up until he doesn’t have to do it anymore. About ninety percent of the time, he’s acting like a child.

Abilities Edit

Scout is faster than your average human. Not exactly the smartest guy you'll ever meet, but at least he can out run you. He's light on his feet, so he can jump high and run far. He's physically fit and damn good at baseball.

Possessions Edit

Game History Edit

Scout arrived on the ship during the zombie podpop where he proceeded to freak out. He and Major Kawalsky hightailed it out of there with one sort of... dragging the other along. Scout would not have hesitated to leave Kawalsky behind if he had slowed him down too much.

He proceeded up to the Vatican where he found a horde trying to make its way in. Although freaky, Scout used his best defense of wildly swinging his bat about and bashing in zombie skulls. It was fairly effective and Scout escaped any major injuries.

Scout witnessed the Big Reveal, though he was too busy noticing the hotness of Real!Stacy to take note of anything that was actually happening. Deep down he realized his whole world was destroyed. He wasn't exactly sad about it. What had he lost? Family. Dat ain't worth nothin'.

He was mopey on the inside though, so he took it out by being a jerk. After the reveal, he hung around the medbay, complaining, of course. This is where he met Grif, and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Violations: 0, surprisingly enough.

Notable Crew-mates Edit

Major Charles Kawalsky
Met during podpop. Not a huge fan of him, gives orders and can't keep up with Scout. Doesn't know his name yet.
Peter Petrelli
Also met during podpop. Didn't like Scouts methods of operation as far as Scout could tell (If he wanted to leave Kawalsky he damn well was going to!). Doesn't know his name.
Shadow Link
Some punk. Scout doesn't like him (or know his name yet, surprise)
Ron Stoppable
Some guy that made Thanksgiving dinner on the ship. Scout just likes food and didn't really care who Ron was.
Scout is convinced that they are both part of the same RED army. Majorly jealous that Grif gets armor, sympathizes with the crazies that Grif has to work with just like him. Showed him where he could get real food and cigarettes. The only guy he actually gets along with on this damn ship.

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