Name: The Prince of All Cosmos

Age and DOB: ??? (Ageless... but a child, in ageless terms) / ???

(Prince not pictured actual size)

Gender and Species: Male Cosmic Being
Origin/Nationality: The Great Cosmos, the Universe (Almighty)
All Cosmos (Prince)

Likes: Being helpful, animals, flowers, tea, dancing and fashion
Dislikes: Eye lasers, billiards, cranky animals that are larger than him

Role Aboard Stacy: n/a

Canon Source: Katamari Damacy
Played by: GG


The Prince stands about 10 cm tall (about the height of a coffee cup-- he's grown a bit!) and wears the traditional dress of beings from the Great Cosmos-- a wide, cylindrically-shaped hat and tunic (both green) and purple pants. It is unknown if the Prince's head is actually cylindrical or if it's just the shape of the clothes he's wearing. He also has a small antennae on top of his head.

The Prince likes to accessorize and can be seen wearing small glasses, scarves, hats and other fashionable items.


The Prince is above all other things, a hapless and helpful child. He is naive and loves to please people, going far, far out of his way to help out anybody who has a problem in any respect, even if the "problem" has more to do with their laziness than anything. He can easily be coerced to going above and beyond for anybody who asks nicely enough, and it's incredibly easy to take advantage of the poor little guy-- he will cheerfully undertake any and all tasks asked of him, so long as he believes it is the right thing to do.

Failing to meet others' expectations sends him into a spiral of guilt and self-loathing that only HELPING PEOPLE can recover him from. Fortunately, he is very determined and even in the face of failure, he will carry on to avoid letting down the people who are counting on him-- especially in the case of his often-irresponsible and sometimes hilariously neglectful father, the King. In short, the Prince is that friend who will drop everything to help you move, clean your apartment beforehand, foot your security

The Dashing Prince

deposit and then take you out for dinner on his dime because you're too tired to cook.

He will someday be one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, but for now the Prince is mostly just very small (about 10 cm tall.) He's extremely easy to miss and even easier to lose-- in a crack, in a bedsheet, under the sofa, etc. Without a katamari at his disposal he is utterly defenseless and could be easily defeated by anything big enough to overpower him (for example, a shoe.) He is, however, ridiculously strong for someone of his size, able to push several thousand times his own weight even without the help of a katamari. If you see any objects moving around of their own accord, check underneath first to see if it isn't just the puny Prince trying to be helpful.

It is the duty of a prince to be proper, and to approach one's subjects with a pleasant demeanor and a positive attitude-- it's near impossible to upset the Prince and he will be polite and gracious to even the rudest of individuals, never sinking down to their level. Sarcasm generally flies right over his head. He's quite friendly to all creatures he meets of all shapes and sizes, and likes to make friends. In every discourse he uses the royal We and like his father, is occasionally prone to quirky ramblings (though to a far lesser extent). The Prince speaks in a strange squeaky kind of dialect that can't be understood by humans, so he's effectively mute when speaking to him face to face-- however, he can write in several languages, type on a computer, and draw pictures. He carries a pad of paper and a writing utensil at all times to help him communicate with others. He's also quite good at pantomime.


The teeny weeny Prince of All Cosmos is the only son of the magnificent King of All Cosmos and his beautiful wife, the Queen of All Cosmos. He grew up with all the princely pleasures he could desire on a distant planet known as The Great Cosmos, in the company of his loving parents and his dozens of cousins. He spent his days taking dance lessons, frolicking with his cousins and watching out for his slightly irresponsible father. Though the King was a kind and fair ruler, he was often very difficult to please and embarrassed by his son's small size. More than anything else, the little Prince longed to impress him.

One night, the King went out drinking and flew into a furious liquor-fueled bender, in the process of which he somehow destroyed the moon and all the stars in the sky. Embarrassed and hungover but determined to set things right, the King charged his son with the task of rebuilding the damage by playing a game invented by the King himself, called "Katamari Damacy" (roughly, "Clump Spirit" as in team spirit). Katamaris are magical balls that stick to and pick up all objects smaller than them, and by rolling up a big ball of things of the proper size, the katamari can be changed into a star with the Power of the Cosmos. It would be up to the Prince to roll up katamaris of various sizes and save the day. And what better place to roll a katamari than Earth, a planet that was rumored to be "full of things?"

The Prince and his parents on a royal picnic.

Unfortunately, when the Prince arrived on Earth, he found out that his tiny stature made him so small that the humans did not even notice him, so small that all he could pick up with his katamari were thumbtacks and dust bunnies. Rolling up a katamari large enough to rebuild the fallen cosmos would take ages.

Still, the Prince persevered. Slowly but surely, his katamaris grew larger as power returned to the cosmos. Finally, through his hard work, the stars, comets, constellations and the moon were all returned to the sky and the day was saved. He even gained the proud approval of his father at long last!

In the wake of his miraculous restoration of the heavens, the Prince found himself and his father the subjects of a growing fanbase on Earth. The egotistical King loved the limelight and insisted that the Prince continue in his work to please their fans (nevermind that the King himself had not lifted a finger to help out!).

And so, at the demand of his fans, the Prince has loaned his talents to a variety of projects since rebuilding the cosmos, from the mundane like preparing a sumo wrestler for the championship or assisting in the construction of a giant snowman; to the grand-scale like replacing the islands in the ocean and plugging up a disastrous blackhole at the center of the universe. If it involves rolling up impossible objects into gigantic clumps, there's nobody better for the job than the puny Prince of All Cosmos.


  • The Prince is an only child, but he has 58 cousins, second-cousins and distant cousins who look at least slightly similar to him.
  • The Prince lives in his own little house on Planet Prince, a small moon nearby the Great Cosmos. It's the Cosmic equivalent of having your very own room.
  • Given his small size, the Prince is rather industrious and can often be found adapting large objects into furniture, tools or other items for his own use.
  • He loves to cook.
  • The Prince has become quite good at rolling or pushing other things besides katamaris. He is an excellent sushi chef, snowman-maker and sleeping-bag roller-upper.


  • His camera
  • His favorite red scarf
  • His ducky car

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