Tony "Plays-in-Traffic" Juarez
LJ Userinfoplaysin-traffic
Fandom OC (OC)
Away Team November
Department(s) None
Player Stefan

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Species Human (Garou)
Height 5'9"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Age 17
Birthday September 16, 1992
Place of Birth Los Angeles

Pre-Trans HistoryEdit

Plays (or Antonio or just Tony) was born to two Mexican immigrants living in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, his father walked out when he was a very small boy and he hasn't seen or heard from him since. His mother did his best to take care of him, worked hard, sent him to school, tried to be a good mother. She succeeded, partially. He was a decent kid, at least at a younger age. He tried to support his mother and he tended towards more maturity then other kids in his age group. He was the man of the family, after all. He was usually something of a longer, avoided by most other kids. Still, in his younger adolescent years, as he started to grow more, he fell in with a bad crowd, joined a local gang, over the objections of his mother. She worried about him (and with good reason). Despite being a gang, they were friends to him. They did support him. However, when he was about fifteen, he had a run-in with several members of a rival gang and he was chased through a particularly nasty part of the slums.

Cornered and about to be shot down, he felt something snap inside of him and he blacked out. When he came out of it, he was covered in blood and gore and the remains of his attackers were scattered and splattered across the walls around him. Alone and frightened, he was panicking when a street bum flagged him down and helped him calm down. Well, at least he thought it was just a bum at the time. The bum turned out to be a man named John "Hears-the-Street", a member of the Bone Gnawer tribe of the Garou Nation. He explained to Tony that he was a Garou, a werewolf. A member of an ancient society and culture that stretched back before human memory. He wasn't alone. There were other Bone Gnawers to support him, to help him adjust to his new life. So, Tony entered the Garou nation. He continued to spend time with his mother, supported her as best he could and quietly distanced himself from the gang activities he'd been taking part in. However, he kept his contacts and friends in the gang alive, explaining that he was bowing out because he had to take care of his mother.

And he learned. He learned that he was a Philodox, a judge of the Garou people. He had rites to learn, Gifts to acquire, the Wyrm to fight. And the end-times were coming. Faced with this grim new world, he began to gow up quickly. He spent nights in the sewers, in the streets, under dumpsrers. He met spirits, learned, grew. Over the next three years he acquired his deed-name and became a Cliath, along with his packmates - a Silver Fang named Mikhail, another Bone Gnawer called "Chases-Parked-Cars", and a Glass Walker called "Walks-the-Fire". They bonded, they fought together, they bled together. And now, despite his age, Plays is struggling to be an adult and grow up, to become responsible for all that he is supposed to be responsible for. He has matured, but he was still a young man and he still has a lot of lessons to learn and many battles to fight before the End Times are finally upon all of them.


As a Garou, Plays has the power to change shape at will (which is fueled by his inner Rage). He has five shapes he can take on: homid, a normal human (his natural shape), glabro, a larger, stronger, and hairier and more bestial human, crinos, a nine to ten foot tall, snarling, furry death machine armed with razor sharp claws and teeth, hispo, which is essentially a dire-wolf, and lupus, which is a normal wolf.

Normally, crinos causes the Delerium in humans, calling up primordial memories of the times when Garou hunted and killed humans. This causes humans to flee in fear, curl up in little balls, or attack the Garou in blind panic. Crinos is a warform. It can throw small cars, rip a human to shreds, or do a variety of other strength and combat-related feats. It is not subtle in the least.

His wolf forms have all the advantages and disadvantages thereof. He cannot speak in any human language, but he can communicate in the Garou language or wolfspeak while a wolf. In Crinos he can grunt out simple sentences. Glabro can communicate easily enough, although his voice is lower and gravelly.

Plays can also side-step into the umbra (at least normally), which is essentially the spirit world which parallels our own. It is easier for him to do this should he have a reflective service, such as a mirror, a still pond, or some other such thing. How well it will work in the ship is something he'll have to discover.

He also regenerates wounds and physical injuries at an incredible rate while in any form other then homid. However, he is unable to heal wounds caused by fire or silver. Silver burns on contact with his skin. In addition, by tapping into his Rage, he can move at blurring speeds for brief periods of times. He cannot do so indefinitely, however, and will eventually be unable to draw on this inner strength for a time after exhausting it.

He also has access to several "Gifts", which are powers taught to him by spirits of his home world. They allow him to do several things.

Persuasion - rather self-explanatory. This makes his arguements and words make more sense to people and more inclined to agree with him. Allows him to win arguements against hard-line opponents or cause a cold-hearted psycho-path to relent (at least, temporarily). Will not always work.

Truth of Gaia - This power allows him to detect whether someone tells the truth or lies. It reveals no other information, other then the fact they are either being truthful or not. Will not always work.

Resist Toxin - Allows him to resist and nullify most convention toxins and poisons. Makes him more resistant to supernatural or incredibly powerful ones.

Cooking - Give him a pot (empty coffee can works) and pure garbage (newspaper, metal, beer bottles - whatever) and some water (spit counts) and stir. You'll get a bland, but nutritious and filling mush to eat! Perfectly safe. Really. Will not always work. Gets harder the more toxic the source material is.


Kate Bishop
Plays met Kate early on and they became friends and soon after, something more. They've been in a steady relationship for most of Plays' time on board and it's one that they've both drawn stability and comfort from.
A fellow Garou, even if she is a wolf-born Get of Fenris. Despite their rather obvious differences in philosophy and approaches to life, they're comrades and friends.
Another Garou and sort-of friend. She's a Red Talon and they don't exactly see eye-to-eye. Still, she's technically family....
Yet another Garou and fellow Bone Gnawer. They get along well, although Plays sometimes doesn't agree with all of Wags ideas about Garou society.
And another Garou. This one is a Glass Walker and only arrived recently. Still, they've managed to avoid killing each other.
Daughter of a wolf-spirit and Plays has all but adopted her as an honorary Garou. Thinks she's nice, if a bit fanatical about humans.
Dr. McNinja
Cool guy all around.
Paco Guzmán
Cool guy and fellow Latino. Friend and rather sorry he couldn't help him keep his arm.
Jaime Reyes
Another friend, even if he needs some bucking up from time to time. PLays thinks he needs to learn that bad shit will happen and he can't feel guilty for it all the time.