Pest Control
Date 10th August 2008 to 15th November 2008
Tone Serious
Tag !plot: pest control

From the moment the crew woke up, they knew that something was wrong. The unhelpful answers from the ship only added to their unease. The A.I Andromeda, did her best to help, but her access to information was blocked.

What the crew didn't know was that they were not the only ones awake on the ship. A Judas roach ( a big cockroach creature that could mimic being human) was also awake. And while it was small, gradually it grew, and got faster. It also turned out to have lots of roach babies. And they were hungry.

Plot Details Edit

  • Andromeda explained what she knew to those in the first Pod Pop and gave them a tour of the ship. A fight very nearly broke out when Jaime Reyes spotted a strange bug on Will Vandom's back and jumped out from the shadows at her, but fortunately no one was hurt. The bug escaped. The now-expanded crew began to explore the ship and get acquainted with each other. The Doctor, Jaime Reyes, and Scorpius encountered stone angels and something else VERY creepy in "Escherville". Ax introduced himself to the crew as "Phillip", fearing Yeerk involvement.
  • Sam Winchester and Seamus Harper encountered a very fast cloaked figure.
  • Red, Pat, and Toxin encounter the thing Sam and Seamus encountered.
  • The Crew held a meeting by the Garibah Tree in the City. Jaime Reyes and Lyta Alexander made sure that Stacy wasn't listening in, and they began discussing why they thought they might be there, and plans for escape. They heard Hudson screaming and shooting somewhere in the City and went to investigate. By the time they arrived, Hudson was dead -- ripped to pieces. Superboy went to investigate what he thought was a crying child, but was actually a Judas cockroach (a big cockroach creature that could mimic being human). It was the loping thing that others had seen in the city, and the same smaller critter that had been on Will (it got BIG). It was pregnant or managed to mate with perhaps another buglike creature hiding on the ship, and had a ton of roach babies. The other roaches attacked and abducted Connor MacManus, Tony Stark, Paco, Robin, Sam Winchester, Terry McGinnis, and Xander Harris. The rest of the crew managed to flee and hole up in the Vatican.
  • The Captives were thrown down into Stacy's bowels, where they were hunted by juvenile Judas roaches. Robin fell on his tape recorded and recorded some of their chittering and accidentally played it back, and they discovered that the noises made the roaches not attack them. The roaches mistaking them for fellow roaches, let them by.
  • Briareos, Danny Phantom, Jaime Reyes, Kate Bishop, Murphy MacManus, and Mia Dearden were dispatched to rescue the captives. Ax tagged along secretly, and was attacked by the roaches. The others, recognizing his Andalite form from the earlier fight, went back to assist him.
  • The remaining crew transformed the Etruscan and the Egyptian Museums in the Vatican into a choke point and lured the roaches there to fight them. The Doctor sensed the Master was being Pod Popped, and ran off.
  • The Rescuers arrived just in time for Stacy to finally notice the infestation and utterly wipe the Judas roaches out. In less than a minute. The new members of the crew were introduced to the older ones.

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