Paco Guzmán
LJ Userinfoflunkingspanish
Fandom DC Comics (Blue Beetle)
Away Team Juliette
Player Kaylin

Background Edit

One day, Paco was judo-tossed into an empty lot by one of his best friends, a girl named Brenda. He landed on a blue rock that looked weirdly like a scarab. Brenda and Paco's other best friend, Jaime, took the scarab home. Some time later, he vanished from his bed in the middle of the night. Brenda's father beat her so badly that he put her in the hospital and then died in a DUI, allowing Brenda to be adopted by her aunt, and Paco started hanging out with a gang of metahumans who called themselves the Posse. A year later, Jaime turned up again, bewildered at how much time had passed and revealing that the scarab rock was actually a piece of alien tech that was now clinging to his spine.

Paco promptly named himself Jaime's sidekick.

Over the next several months, Jaime learned super heroing by trial and error (and with occasional assistance from the previous Blue Beetle's friends), and Paco and Brenda tagged along with him, having adventures of their own and making sure that Jaime knew he had their support. Paco specifically participated in a high-speed chase in the desert (his truck got shot up and then exploded), a high-speed chase in town (involving a giant woman trying to stomp his 'Beetlemobile'), launching a rocket, facing down God's ex-hitman armed only with a stick (and actually BEATING said hitman's champion AKA Jaime's secret power fantasy AKA "I-- AM-- A DENTIST!"), and helping Jaime defeat the aliens that had created his scarab in the first place. During the last, Paco also kissed Brenda, although they would later tell each other that it had never happened.

Hahahaha. Yeah. Right.

Notable Crew-mates Edit

Jaime Reyes
Best friend from home. Paco is proud to be his sidekick.
Brenda del Vecchio
Other best friend from home. Paco asked her out after the crew took the Bridge back from the pirates.
Kate Bishop
Paco asked her out on a date. Shortly thereafter, he was infested by the Yeerk Sub-Visser, who infested Kate. They broke up, but hope to be able to remain friends.
Is awesome. Duh.

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