Nogami Ryotaro and Imagin
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Ryotaro is a nineteen year old man who hates violence and deeply cares for others. Though he can seem weak and over-emotional, his faith, determination, and compassion have served as both an example and inspiration to others. Said compassion has caused him to share his body with four demon-like creatures from the future called "Imagin". They possess him to lend their skills and occasionally simply to walk about. Each one has their own personality and appearance.

This foul-mouthed hotblood lives for the fight. His crude nature belies boundless courage and loyalty. When he possesses Ryotaro, Ryo's hair spikes up and gains a red streak, and his eyes turn crimson red.
An unsavory swindler and skirt-chaser who would like to live his life wooing beautiful women. Though he appears cold and manipulative, he is prone to streaks of empathy and compassion. When he possesses Ryotaro, the hair becomes a trendy cut with a blue streak, and glasses appear out of nowhere while Ryo's eyes become a sapphire blue.
A noble, samurai-like Imagin who is constantly seeking to become stronger or prove his strength. He despises those who use their power to hurt others, and often can accurately see the inner strengths in those around him. When he possesses Ryotaro, Ryo's hair becomes longer and kept in a loose, wild ponytail with a yellow streak, and his eyes become gold.
Reckless and with no concept of consequences, Ryuutaros is a child like Imagin who lives by his whims. While he seems self-centered, in truth he is pure of heart, caring deeply for life around him, especially animals. When he possesses Ryotaro, Ryo's hair becomes a wild, wavy mess with a purple streak, and his eyes become bright violet. Additionally, a purple-stained hat and headphones that, while connected to nothing, still provide music, appear.

Canon HistoryEdit

Ryotaro and his older sister, Airi, were orphaned when Ryo was a child, raised primarily by their grandmother. Following reaching adulthood, Airi took on primary caretaking duties of Ryotaro and the two opened their parents old coffee shop, the Milk Dipper, with the help of her fiancee, Sakurai Yuuto. However, their new family would prove to be short-lived when Yuuto disappeared, an event that proved traumatic to the point of selective amnesia for Airi. Concerned for his sister, Ryo dropped out of high school to help her in the shop and make sure no one reminded her of the painful memories she had forced out of her mind.

All went relatively normal until a year afterwards, when Ryo found a strange looking train pass and was approached by an odd girl. It seemed destiny had chosen fit to make him the guardian of time, Kamen Rider Den-O, a job he was neither willing to ready to take. Imagin were attacking the timeline in an attempt to ensure their future, and Ryo, having never been in combat, was not prepared to fight them. However, the Imagin who would be known as Momotaros chose to aid Ryotaro. Over time, Ryo collected more Imagin who allowed him access to all the forms of his Rider persona, and the five, with help from friends and allies made throughout time, were able to drive back the Imagin and preserve the timeline. Due to their connection with Ryo, the four "Taros" Imagin he had befriended and the swan Imagin Sieg were spared from being erased like the rest of their kind due to their strong presence in his memories. He bid them a fond farewell as they rode off in Denliner, promising to return to visit often.

Trans_9 HistoryEdit

It has been six months since the final battle with the Imagin and their leader, Kai, and Ryo has grown to miss his friends, and even his time as Den-O, greatly. It is at this time he is taken aboard Stacy and reunited with them.

Powers, Abilities, and SkillsEdit

Ryotaro is a living quantum singularity point. As such, his memories and existence are unaffected by changes to the timeline, and he can revive his timeline with his memories if he has to. Also, he can resist possession by Imagin while conscious, and it is his status as a singularity point that allows him to summon Denbuckle to become Den-O. While generally beneficial, it seems as though being such a source of power alters probability around Ryotaro, cursing him with supernaturally bad luck.

Ryotaro, as stated above, can become the super powered Kamen Rider Den-O. He has five forms he can access on Stacy, depending on which, if any, Imagin is possessing him:

Plat Form (No Imagin)
While stronger, tougher, and more agile than even the peak human, minimalized armor, no weaponry, and Ryo's limited fighting ability make this the weakest of the forms.
Sword Form (Momotaros)
A short range combat form specializing in technique. Delivers the famed "Hissatsu" attack in all it's versions.
Rod Form (Urataros)
A balanced form specializing in versatility of range. Utilizes the "Harpoon Kick" finishing attack.
Axe Form (Kintaros)
A short range form focused on strength and durability. Uses the "Dynamic Chop" finishing attack.
Gun Form (Ryuutaros)
A long range form specializing in mobility. Uses the "Wild Shot" finishing attack.

Outside of being Den-O, Ryo is a poor combatant with barebones swordsmanship training and no special abilities. Momotaros is a expert swordsman and skilled brawler with above average strength. Urataros is a skilled diplomat and manipulator. Kintaros is a fine sumo combatant with superhuman strength. Ryutaros is a skilled breakdancer and gunman with the ability to hypnotize the weak-willed to do his bidding, usually joining him in a choreographed dance routine or fighting for him.

Character RelationshipsEdit

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