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Background Edit

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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Edit

As the series opens, Nanoha Takamachi is presented as a regular little girl, living with her family, taking the bus to school and playing the gold-hearted average girl to her multimillionaire best friends Alisa Bannings and Suzuka Tsukimura. However, she always felt like a third wheel; her parents had each other, so did her siblings, and so did her best friends, while Nanoha had no such close companion. Additionally, she says she feels her life has no direction, as she has no plans for what she wants to do with herself. When she finds the injured YÅ«no in ferret form in the park, she brings him to a nearby veterinarian for care. YÅ«no later calls Nanoha telepathically as an unstable Jewel Seed attacks him, and he then gives her the red jewel around his neck, known as Raising Heart. With his instructions, Nanoha activates Raising Heart, and discovers her own magical ability. Her power blows YÅ«no away as she is able to create attacks quickly, transform and attack without using the incantations generally required doing so, and sensing Jewel Seeds more easily than he can. Even with all this power, she is still learning and must fight off her rival (later dearest friend and partner) Fate Testarossa, although Nanoha is more interested in befriending her. Needless to say, she succeeds in befriending Fate, however her methodology has lead to an interesting pun.

Nanoha lives at her home above Midori-ya, the cafe owned by her family, with her mother Momoko, her father Shirō, her brother Kyouya and her sister Miyuki, the latter two of which served as the main characters of Triangle Heart. Nanoha balances cram school, regular school and hunting for Jewel Seeds with ease, although Yūno fears that it may be too much for her in the long run. Although she tries to hide her identity from her friends and family, in contrast to many magical girl series, she blatantly advertises it to Fate. Later on, the series focuses not on the collection of Jewel Seeds but on the eventual team up of Nanoha and Fate, which does happen in the second-to-last episode as Fate comes to terms with her and her mother's identities. Nanoha and Fate must part as Fate is arrested for the work she did for Precia, but they part as friends and promise to reunite, as Fate will likely be acquitted of all charges.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Edit

In A's, while Nanoha still has been living quietly in her home, she has become much more confident and capable with her magical abilities. This is partially indicated with a training scene in the anime's first episode, in which she practices her magical precision and control by hitting a can of cola repeatedly in the air. Also during the first episode, she is attacked by one of the Wolkenritter, Vita, and is defeated due to the difference in power of their weapons; her weapon is also severely damaged as a result. While Fate Testarossa, Yuuno Scrya, and the rest of the Time-Space Administration Bureau manage to rescue Nanoha, in the course of the battle that ensues, Nanoha's Linker Core is drained, preventing her from using magic for the first few episodes of the series. Both this draining and the limitations of Raising Heart are corrected by the fourth episode of the series, in which Nanoha's Linker Core fully recovers and Raising Heart is upgraded (with the addition of the Belkan cartridge system) to become Raising Heart Excelion.

As the series progresses, Vita becomes Nanoha's primary rival; Vita is the only member of the Wolkenritter who Nanoha fights directly. The course of this rivalry is reflected in Vita's attempts to pronounce Nanoha's name; at first Vita is unable to do so, but correctly pronounces it in the penultimate episode of the series once the two have become friends. The series also highlights the growing friendship between Fate and Nanoha that began in the first season, as Fate ends up going to Nanoha's elementary school and becoming friends with Suzuka and Arisa. While Nanoha has no direct connection to Hayate Yagami (the master of the Book of Darkness) at first, it is Nanoha and Fate that first discover Hayate's identity as a result of her friendship with Suzuka.

During the battle with the Book of Darkness, Nanoha's identity as a magical girl is revealed to Suzuka and Arisa, and it is implied that by the end of the season, Nanoha has told her friends and family about her magical abilities and her work with the Time-Space Administration Bureau. In addition, Nanoha becomes friends with Hayate and the Wolkenritter as a result of their shared battle against the Book of Darkness.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's / StrikerS Interlude (Manga) Edit

In the epilogue issue of the A's manga series, stated as being five months after the conclusion of the A's anime, Nanoha is depicted as having enrolled as a cadet in the Armed Corps of the TSAB, with the stated intention of eventually entering the Combat Instructor Division.

The ongoing StrikerS manga series occurs six years after the events of A's and four years before the events of the StrikerS anime series. In it, Nanoha is in her third year of junior high school. She has now achieved the position of Combat Instructor in the Armed Corps' Air Combat Training Division and is part of a tactical combat training group. As she explains to Reinforce, this group's duties include testing new equipment and spells, researching tactics and strategy, and training TSAB combat personnel through combat simulations. Chrono, in a separate conversation, refers to her as one of the best instructors in the TSAB. She is also depicted in a brief, Vita-centric flashback as having been severely injured during a case, to the point where she came extremely close to death. It is only the second time Nanoha is shown as having been defeated completely, and is the only event where she is shown, in print or television, as having sustained a life-threatening injury. The event is not very well elaborated on, and the cause of her injuries (which she seems to have fully recovered from by the time of the manga) remains unknown until episode 21 when Vita was stabbed and realised that the gadget which stabbed her was similar to the one that injured Nanoha. In episode two of the anime Fate asks if Nanoha's body is doing all right, which tends to indicate that there are some lasting effects of these injuries.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Edit

In StrikerS, Nanoha is 19 years old and the primary Combat Instructor for the 6th Mobile Division of Time-Space Administration Bureau's Special Management, and also the commander of record for the "Stars" squad in the field, she has grown more mature over the 4 year time gap between A's epilogue and StrikerS. Nanoha, like Fate, is a S+ class mage without limiters, which is the second highest rank possible to be achieved by a mage, and she is a AA class mage with the limiters, 3 ranks down from what she should be. She is first seen in the season with Raising Heart Excellion, and checking the field for Subaru and Teana's examination. After the pair reach their goal Nanoha comes in transformed so as to stop Subaru and Teana from crashing. After gathering the members of the newly formed Riot Force 6, Nanoha begins to train the new recruits, Subaru, Teana, Caro and Erio (who have both taken in by Fate).

Later in the season, Nanoha becomes Vivio's guardian or as Vivio calls her; Mama, and looks after Vivio along with Fate who is her godmother (though Nanoha later officially adopts Vivio). Near the end of the season, Nanoha along with the rest of Riot 6, besides the forwards, Signum and Fate, deal with the Saint's Cradle going into orbit. Nanoha enters the cradle, along with Vita, and they split up, with Nanoha going to the Throne Room and Vita going to the engine room. Nanoha quickly deals with one of the Numbers, using her Blaster System, before entering the Throne Room, where Vivio is being held. Quattro manipulates Vivio, forcing Nanoha and Vivio to fight each other, during the fight, however, Nanoha uses a wide area search and finds the place where Quattro is hiding and, using her Divine Buster and her Blaster System at level 3, knocks her out by blasting a hole through the cradle. However Vivio still does not revert back to her normal self and continues to fight Nanoha until Vivio manages to begin to regain control, but still cannot gain complete control, and Nanoha is forced to use her Blaster System at Full Power, firing five Starlight Breakers at the same time, which then reverts Vivio back to her normal self. Later, Subaru and Teana come in to save Nanoha and Hayate (who came to save Nanoha). In the epilogue of StrikerS, Nanoha was offered many promotions, all of which were turned down in favour of her current position as a combat instructor. She now also lives with Vivio, and checks up on her every so often, even when she is in class.

Before StrikerS, it is apparent that Nanoha's magical ability has increased at an accelerated rate via intensive self-training, in addition to the strain resulting from repeatedly channeling the additional magical energy from the cartridge system added to Raising Heart in A's, it eventually resulted in Nanoha's body suffering very severe internal damage that revealed itself during a near-fatal incident which was depicted in the manga. Nanoha was hospitalized for some time as a result of it, and her doctors originally feared she would never be able to fly or even walk again. Eventually, however, she did recover enough to resume active duty with the TSAB. As a result of this, she has intentionally designed the 6th Mobile's training regimen to ensure the same thing will not happen to the members of the StarS and Lightning squads. After the final battle, it is revealed that Nanoha's use of the Blaster System reduced her magical power by 8 percent, possibly permanently, prompting Shamal to suggest that she take a year or two off of magic.

Personality Edit

Nanoha is cheerful, friendly, and energetic, a loving daughter and sister, and a good friend. Upon obtaining her powers - or rather, the means to express what power she already possessed - Nanoha jumped at the call. Even when she was 9 in the first two season, there was very little "Oh I just want to be normal." Nanoha likes helping and saving people, she thoroughly enjoys her powers and doing her job.

Nanoha is a firm believer in the inherent goodness of people, and will frequently try to find out why her opponent is doing what they're doing - at times even making them agree to tell her if she wins the fight. She'll often try to resolve a conflict with words, trying to understand people... but when it comes down to it, Nanoha is not afraid to use her powers as necessary (as destructive as she has the potential to be, her magic is generally non-lethal) and is actually somewhat of a... pragmatist in battle. She'll attack opponents from behind, she'll use a Bind spell that renders them unable to defend against her spells, etc. But she mainly does that because she knows she won't kill them.

Nanoha is extremely protective of those close to her, and... well, she's kind of motherly by the time StrikerS rolls around. She's very determined (at 9 years old, waking up at 4:00 AM every morning to practice her magic), and found that over time, the stress on her body that her intensive training routine was doing was actually causing severe internal damage, leading to an accident that was very nearly fatal. So, when she was made a Magical Combat Instructor, Nanoha was determined to structure her training in a way that would help prevent the same thing from happening to her students.

Though motherly, and very protective of those dear to her - just watch what she did to the people who kidnapped her adopted daughter, Vivio - and despite her sweet and kind nature, Nanoha can be... fairly stern. When Vivio trips and falls, Nanoha wants her to get up on her own, while Fate (Nanoha's BFF/partner/Vivio's other mom) goes to help her up. And when one of her students is acting reckless in a mock battle and doing moves that will get her hurt in a real one, Nanoha isn't afraid to "cool her head down" via a barrage of magic.

In the end, most of her motivation comes from wanting to help people - even her enemies. That's what she truly lives for.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nanoha is a Mid-childan mage who specializes in medium-to-long-range combat, mainly through what are essentially magical laser beams. While we have seen her doing magic unaided by her weapon more than once, Nanoha almost always fights with her Intelligent Device, Raising Heart. Raising Heart is a weapon/tool that resembles a staff most of the time, though looks more like a spear in certain modes. It is actually intelligent and somewhat sentient, capable of using abilities on its own and speech - even with its own personality and desires. While Intelligent Devices like Nanoha's Raising Heart have no innate magical power on their own, they are capable of casting spells themselves (using their mage's magical power to do it - there's a part in StrikerS where a device fights on its own while its master is temporarily unconscious for a few moments).

Raising Heart's non-active form is that of a jewel that Nanoha wears as a necklace, and only upon activation does it take its staff form. Though as mentioned, Nanoha does not *need* it to do magic, it acts as a focal point and a tool, enabling her to do more advanced abilities. Raising Heart is responsible for giving Nanoha her Barrier Jacket (essentially her magical outfit) which, though it is lightweight and resembles normal clothing, is actually extremely durable and offers protection likened to that of a tank. (Transformation from her normal military outfit to Barrier Jacket here:

Nanoha isn't much of a melee fighter, though in Raising Heart's Exceed form (spear-shaped), she can use some close-range magic. She's mainly suited to fighting at a distance, with powerful beam attacks like Divine Buster or Excelion Buster. Her most powerful attack is Starlight Breaker, which siphons any magical residue in the area into a devastating beam. The more time Nanoha has to charge this up, the more powerful it is - and its strength is also determined by how much magic has been left behind in the area from expended spells. If Nanoha were to use it near the end of a battle between lots of mages, who had all expended good amounts of magical energy with every spell, it would be much more powerful than if she used it at the beginning of a fight between people without any magic power.

She is able to form shields and barriers to protect herself and others (either in a circular shield or by creating, say, a protective dome), her magic allows her to fly, and her Wide Area Search sends little specks of magic around to scout out an area and let her explore. Nanoha, like all properly trained mages, can speak to peoples' hearts - that is, telepathic communication, though they have to be a mage to respond.

There are two ways that Nanoha can boost her battle strength. Raising Heart has a Cartridge System - that is, cartridges imbued with additional magical power that can be channeled into her weapon, though at the cost of additional strain on both the weapon and user (basically, just like a magical gun). Beyond that, Nanoha and Raising Heart have the Blaster System with three ranks. Each rank is exponentially more powerful, but takes a heavy toll on both Nanoha and Raising Heart. Blaster-1 is mostly safe, though after its use Raising Heart was steaming and Nanoha's weapon hand was bleeding. Blaster-2 creates two little attack drones that mimic whatever spells Nanoha casts, and Blaster-3 creates four, giving her incredible destructive power ... but after using Blaster-3, Raising Heart is visibly damaged and cracked, and Nanoha is unable to stand on her own without using her staff as a crutch.

Essentially, in Blaster Mode, every action Nanoha does - whether attacking or defending - hurts her. If it were a videogame, it would mean that her spells would consume HP in addition to MP. Of course, Raising Heart will regenerate over time and Nanoha herself will be fine with enough rest, but in the thick of battle it's a very dangerous gambit.

Game History Edit

Nanoha had only been awake on the ship for a few days - having met a few people, like Yuri Otani - when she was suddenly taken into GLaDOS' labyrinth and forced to run mazes with another abductee, Dr. McNinja. Over the course of the few months they spent as the mad AI's lab rats, the two became friends, and were released together in time to come to the crew's aid during the zombie attack. Nanoha fought at the Vatican, using her abilities to act as ranged support from the skies, and so was mostly unharmed by the battle... but the revelation afterwards that their worlds had been destroyed by the Ohm was something else entirely. Nanoha began training fiercely to help take her mind off of the fate of the people she loved. She also saw that Slobo and Static were setting up a group called the Outsiders of those who felt that they didn't belong, and while she didn't fall entirely into that category herself, Nanoha believed it was a very good cause, and joined with the intention of helping out wherever she could.

Fortunately, the next round of podpops brought with them one of said people: Fate Testarossa Harlaown, Nanoha's best friend, girlfriend, and partner. After a tearful reunion, the two moved in together in the hotel that the Outsiders were using as a headquarters. During this time, Nanoha's encounter with the mysterious Seer - who warned her (and others) about a dangerous force lurking sealed away in Escherville - and her conversations with Roxie Schreiber led her to the belief that the ship needed a group of people who, like her, specialized in dealing with the magical and mystical. With the aid of the crew, she established the Magic/Mystical Department, setting up the headquarters in the Jedi Temple in the City, and trying to learn more about the enigmatic Nightmare King before it was too late.

Notable Crew-mates Edit

Pre-Existing (aka from Lyrical Nanoha) Edit

Fate T. Harlaown
Nanoha's best friend since she was 9 years old, her partner, and her girlfriend and lover—Fate is a tremendous part of Nanoha's world and life, and one of the most important things to her in the entirety of the multiverse. Fate is someone whom Nanoha trusts completely, one of the few people who she'll let herself be vulnerable in front of, and someone she deeply loves and admires. Nanoha knows that she can always count on Fate to be at her side, and knows that Fate can always count on her to do the same - their bond is inseperable. Of course, Nanoha also knows how self-conscious and flustered Fate can get, and delights in gently teasing her whenever possible.
Vivio Takamachi
Nanoha and Fate's adopted daughter, Vivio is the other half of Nanoha's world (with Fate). Nanoha loves Vivio dearly, and is fiercely protective of her - she would go to any ends to protect her beloved daughter, no matter what it took. Nanoha tries to be a good mother, taking care of the girl without spoiling her - she's the "stern parent," who encourages Vivio to stand on her own and be independent, because she knows how strong the girl's heart can be. Vivio means the world to her, and now that they're together on Stacy, Nanoha isn't going to let a single goddamn thing tear them apart again.
Reinforce Zwei
Hayate's miniature assistant, Nanoha has been working with Rein for a few years now, and trusts the tiny girl to get things done. She's always had a soft spot for Rein, finding her equally adorable and entertaining.
Kala Fierro (OC)
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On Stacy Edit

Billy Kaplan
Nanoha quite likes Billy from the few times they've spoken. His powers are fascinating, but more to the point he just seems like a genuinely sweet and gentle young man who is in love with his boyfriend - and that sort of emotion is the type Nanoha prizes above almost all else. She finds Billy a helpful spirit who—despite his misgivings about his own abilities—is willing to help, and that is certainly something she respects.
Dr. McNinja
Nanoha and Dr. McNinja spent more than a month running mazes together at the behest of GLaDOS, and Nanoha quite likes the man. She's grown to trust him - particularly in a combat situation—and she enjoys his sense of humor about things, and while she's often perplexed about why he does some of the things he does (for example, asking her to let him go when they were clearly much too high above the ground) she finds them kind of endearing, really.
Katara and Nanoha first talked about Katara's good friend and companion Aang—he was in trouble, and she was worried sick about him. That sort of bond is something Nanoha truly respects and admires, and so she can't help but feel positively towards Katara because of it—someone who cares that much about someone else has to be a good person. It doesn't hurt that the girl's cheerful attitude is a pleasure to be around, and one that mirrors her own.
Luke Skywalker
They sparred in the Sensoriums, and though close combat isn't her specialty, it was remarkable how outclassed she was by the older man. Nanoha finds Luke very enjoyable to be around, and admires his serenity and way of looking at things. Nanoha looks up to Luke for his experience and wisdom, and is grateful for his assistance in establishing her Magical/Mystical Department.
Matt Olson
She met him at the podpop when Fate arrived on the ship. Nanoha respects his experience and skill, and believes he'll be extremely valuable to her department and to their mission. She also finds him a very pleasant person to be around, and rather empathizes with his affection toward his girlfriend Will - she finds it incredibly sweet and romantic.
Miku Hinasaki
Nanoha is always glad to meet someone else from Japan, but the circumstances in which she and Miku met - specifically the circumstances surrounding Miku's curse - mean that the mage feels rather protective about the other girl. She's very happy that Miku's curse seems to have vanished, even if she didn't do too much to help, and wants to help Miku become more confident and outgoing, if she can.
Nanoha enjoys Piro's company, even if the girl's excessively formal method of speech does seem odd at times. It's difficult to share experiences like being teammates in a full-contact sport and being trapped and forced to kiss without becoming a bit closer, after all. It doesn't hurt that the girl doesn't mind when Nanoha calls her "Piro-chan," too.
Roxie Schreiber
Nanoha's opinion on Roxie is a divided one. On the one hand, she sees the girl as a very bright magic user who innately knows things that she herself has difficulty comprehending, and who possesses powers that she could never have. On the other, she sees the girl as someone who isn't very comfortable with her humanity, and who appears to have difficulty relating to others on a personal level—and she'd like to work with her on that, to make her more at ease with the crew. Nanoha is also slightly concerned with how far Roxie might go in the name of her experiments.
Satori Komeiji
Satori is a talented girl, there's no doubt about that - and Nanoha knows that she likely doesn't do what she does with malice in her heart... but nevertheless, they did get off on the wrong foot as Satori used Nanoha's memories of her lover against her in a spar. She's done her best to forgive her for that and to forget, but the idea of someone reading her mind at all times makes her a bit uneasy.
Shadow the Hedgehog
He's a being who thinks his only purpose in life is to be a weapon. Nanoha disagrees. She thinks his heart is in the right place, and wants to help him live for himself, rather than for whatever purpose he was originally created.
Nanoha has enjoyed her conversations with the young man, and finds him a talented sparring partner. She's fascinated by the things he can do with his Shadow magic, though doesn't quite comprehend his reluctance to use it or to try and experiment in the absence of his tutor.
Tora Olafsdotter
Nanoha has never met a goddess before, so she's a bit intimidated, but she enjoys Tora's enthusiasm and positive outlook on things.
Vega Obscura
As with Yuri, Vega strongly triggers Nanoha's maternal instincts - she finds him funny, she enjoys his enthusiasm, but there's a bit of concern there. He doesn't seem to know anything beyond fighting with his Zoid, and Nanoha is concerned that if he obssesses over it too much, it'll start to consume and influence him in a very worrisome way.
Yuri Otani
Yuri was one of the first people Nanoha met on the meatship, and the younger girl quickly set off her powerful maternal nature. Nanoha feels protective towards Yuri, and tries to gently encourage her to be more outgoing and to have more confidence in herself.