Planet Designation: Earth-534A342Z
Status: Terrestrial, H-class.
Non-sentient life: Extensive flora and fauna.
Semi-Sentient Life: Yes.
Sentient Life: No.
Water: 82% of the planet's surface.

Climate: Similar to Earth's Mediterranean climates/desert climates in some areas. [Click here for cultural equivalents for non-Earth cultures.]
Landscape: Varied. Lightning storms plague the plains and mountain plateaus. Tectonic upheaveal.
Air: Normoxic concentration: 28% oxygen, 62% nitrogen, 5% xenon, 5% trace gases, such as hydrogen, krypton, and argon.

Air Pressure: 14.543 pounds per square inch.
Sky: Blue with orangeish-gold clouds (clouds ride rather low in the sky due to gravity being stronger and therefore reflect the colors on the surfaces of the plateaus.
Sun:' A class M5V, a red dwarf star.

Warnings: Wildlife and plant-life can be hazardous.

Mission: Track escape pod vessels with the scanners provided. Manually activate recovery processes. Return to Main Planet Pod.

||Six escape pods crashlanded on the planet's surface. Damage to the ships has rendered them unable to engage in automated recovery processes. The crew will split into teams and manually activate recovery processes. If the ships are functional, they will fly back to me of their own volition. If not, they will auto-destruct to prevent their technology from falling in enemy hands. After recovery processes are activated, crew is to return back to the deployment pod to return to the ship proper.||

||For the mission, tracking devices, to track the locations of the escape pods, will be provided. Power suits will be provided and unlocked, though they will be returned--by force, if necessary--upon the completion of the mission. A Medkit for each recovery team will be provided.||

Plot Details Edit

Team One
cybil bennett, dark smoke puncher mcninja, dean winchester, dr mcninja, one-leaf-ear, plays-in-traffic

The first team encountered a pit of mud, which proved to be some gelatinous creature, which tried to snag the team members with acid tentacles. The shuriken from Dark Smoke Puncher had no effect, and Cybil suggests running for water.

The river was too fast to immediately cross, so Dr McNinja used his skills to topple a tree to act as a bridge. Plays-in-traffic, One-leaf-ear, Dr Mcninja & dark smoke puncher made it across safely. Cybil waited until Chaucer and Dean were on their way before she made her way. Unfortunately, the blob monster was already dissolving the tree. Dean and Chaucer made it across, but Cybil lost her footing. McNinja raced back to help her, while Dark Smoke Puncher moved to protect them. Chopping at the tree, while it got rid of the acid monster, it also dropped him, and Cybil into the water.

Plays-in-traffic saves Dark Smoke Puncher & Dr McNinja saves Cybil. They get themselves together again, and move on.

The first discovery was a road. Cracked and crumbling with age, it was still a road. The team were unanimous about staying off it, when messages came through on the comn system about the disocveries of the other teams.

Shortly after, the escape pod was found. Cybil pressed the correct button, and with the pod being unable to reattach itself, it self destructed. The team returned to the obs deck.

Team Two
captain picard, jean grey, leonard mccoy, spock, the middleman, tobias fangor, wendy watson

The second team encountered something that floated towards them, accompanied by a humming sound. The something turned out to be jellyfish that floated in the air. Spock suggested leading them into the bushes, but Picard suggested using the phasers on broad beam stun. This dehydrated the jellyfish enough to send them into retreat.

They then moved into an area of seismic activity, and were blocked by a large hill, which would have been difficult to climb. Jean Grey used her abilities to move the team to the top, and they continued. Ahead of them lay a river of lava, traversed by a bridge. The problem was, the bridge was red hot, and anyone trying to cross would have been cooked. Picard spotted the controls for the bridge, and Mr Spock was able to reactivate the shields. In the distance, they were able to see a spaceport, empty of ships, and a communications tower.

"—last log of Captain Amadeus Privost. I've volunteered to stay behind in my fighter to coordinate the last of the evacuation efforts and to transmit this to every operating communications outpost on every planet still in communication with the Alliance, so that they broadcast this warning as long as they're functional. -kssh- They came from nowhere. The Black, the outskirts, the sectors of the Multiverse that are mapped as uninhabited. They came without warning, they attacked without mercy. -kssh- were warned by our interdimensional allies the Da-krssh-g but we barely had time to evacuate. Millions. Millions gone in just hours. -kssh- Nanite device in Pleirdes Swamp--they were biological in nature, we couldn't stop them with EMPs, with anything. -kssshck- Swept through the world in a gray cloud. Targeted the major cities first--only targeted humanoid beings, instead of all organic life. People just...disappeared. The cloud swept over them and they were gone. Just...gone. We've gotten word that the colony on Mars has been attacked and destroyed the same way, the other planets in the Alliance, all -kssssh-. The Vespar managed to destroy the nanites but were nuked from orbit with point-singularity weapons. The -kssh- have offered us refuge, helped the survivors of our worlds evacuate from this dimension."

The voice is desperate.

"-ksssh- this is not -kssh- SOS or a request for aid. this is a warning. If you have landed on our world, evacuate immediately, to the nearest parallel dimension. This entire universe is now classified an interdimensional hot zone, charted as dangerous on all interdimensional maps. They've found it. They've found it and just like every other dimension they've found, they won't tolerate any sentient life besides themselves. If your universe has interdimensional defenses, keep them ready. If they're breached, evacuate your worlds before it's too late. -kssh-y won't stop. The Ohm won't stop until they're the last ones left in the Multiverse. They -kssh-"

was the message broadcast.

Team Three: kate bishop, mr. wednesday, nightwing, robin, stature, terry mcginnis, wonder girl

Team Three first heard something charging through the undergrowth. Mr Wednesday & Nightwing climbed trees, Stature grew, Kate readied an arrow, Terry took to the air, and Wonder Girl readied her lassoo.

This came through the trees at them. Nightwing came up with a plan, and Stature ripped free a tree-branch to hit the creature with. The creature rammed into the tree which Mr Wednesday was in. Wednesday moved trees, Kate dodged the falling tree, and Stature managed to flip the creature over. Terry dropped a smokebomb, which the rest of the team was not happy about. Stature was bitten by the creature, before Wonder Girl tied it up with her lassoo. There was a brief discussion about keeping the creature alive or killing it, before the team moved on.

They found a house which appeared to be abandoned. The team were cautious about approaching it, until Mr Wednesday walked straight into it. The rest of the team scouted it, but there was nothing there. Just a house abandoned for six months. The pod was speedily found, and sent on its way.