Possibly the Unluckiest Girl Aboard.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Name: Miku Hinasaki

Date of Birth and Age: 10/25/1969, Currently 20.

Origin and Nationality: Mizuho-machi, Tokyo, Japan; Japanese

Likes: Cameras, homemade things, tea, cats

Dislikes: Ghosts, horror movies, most appliances

Role Aboard Stacy: Member of the Magical Department

Canon Source: Fatal Frame Series.

Played By: Rini


Standing at a barely respectable 5'1", Miku is a slim, young woman with dark hair and dark brown eyes. She is rather narrow and delicate-looking, an affect achieved by her small frame and very pale skin.

Miku prefers to cover up as much skin as she can, but wears thigh-high stockings and miniskirts with neat blouses over tanktops, in various colors. Her shoes are usually rather sensible.

When overusing her abilities, she turns a little blue around the lips.


To the untrained eye, Miku Hinasaki is a doormat. She is a rather shy young woman that tends to hide behind stronger people, and agrees to most everything put before her. She is incredibly soft-spoken, and well-mannered. Polite to a fault, thanks to a heavily traditional Japanese upbringing. It has frustrated people in the past, but Miku knows of no other way to be more appealing. She does know, however, that she is a lot more personable than she was two years earlier, and works hard to impress others in earnest.

Beneath that, Miku is a genuinely kind person that wants to see the best done for everyone around her. She would give you the food from her plate and the clothing from her back, if it were needed. She is not averse to giving her friends good, sound advice. She does things by hand. All things, and generally dislikes using things like dishwashers and microwaves. Miku has a streak of self-preservation that keeps her from being taken by ghosts or

One can assume Steve taught her this expression.

killing herself. She’s been told she’s is a lot emotionally stronger than she looks, which she politely disputes. Her hobbies include collecting antiques and being a housewife, and photography, which she is slowly turning into a proper career.

Miku is a very loyal young woman, but suffers from second guessing herself sometimes, especially when dealing with interpersonal relationships. She is calmly analytical when she must be, collecting her answers in a measured pace. If there is an answer to it, she will find it, though it usually leads to more questions. This skill has made her invaluable to Rei’s research of certain homes for their assignments. Luckily, as terrified as she is of malevolent ghosts, Miku is able to act calmly and rationally when forced to battle the intangible dead.

However, for all of Miku’s good points, there are bad ones. She represses her darker, more emotional outbursts, and blames herself for everything, even if it is not her fault. Her visions often frighten her, and she is absolutely terrified of her inability to control her powers. Her guilt over the death of her brother, and surviving when she feels she should not have, is what drives the young photographer. This internally self-destructive manner, in turn, is what drives her curse. She may or may not have a brother complex where Mafuyu is concerned.

Since healing from the Tattoo Maiden's Curse, she has come to accept that she survived for a reason and lives her life as normally as possible since arriving on Stacy. She is currently dating and in rabu-rabu with Steve Burnside. It is as cute and awkward as one would expect.


Miku was born into the Hinasaki family of folklorists (and later, archeologists) in 1969 to Masato and Miyuki Hinasaki. From the time she was a very young girl, Miku was able to see what other people could not, the result of a very, very strong sixth sense shared by her brother and mother.

Her unhappy cross with luck would make itself known early. First, her father went missing while he was on assignment. Miku was fairly young, and

Formerly the most important person in Miku's world.

didn’t remember him well, though her mother sank into a deep depression and turned to her mother’s camera for comfort, the Camera Obscura. Miku’s abilities made themselves known early. For this, both she and her brother Mafuyu were warned to never let others know that they were different from normal people, no matter what they saw. Secretly, Miyuki regretted giving birth to her children, as they were as abnormal as she was.

Miku grew up a lonely girl, as her classmates picked on her and left her alone. Her own abilities made her shy, and as such she had no friends. Mafuyu was her only companion, and for this she trusted and loved him. Shortly after Mafuyu left for his career in the field of folklore, and Miku had entered high school, their mother hung herself. She’d been driven mad by the ghosts she saw. Between the two siblings, Mafuyu inherited their mother’s camera. Miku was given her grandmother Mikoto’s hairpin.

A short time passed, and in the final year of high school, Mafuyu entered an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of Tokyo, following the trail of his mentor, Junsei Takamine. Mr. Takamine, his editor, and his personal assistant had vanished several days previously, and Mafuyu took it upon himself to find them, leaving Miku alone against her wishes. He was spirited away by the Rope Priestess Kirie (who had killed Takamine and his team) because he looked like her former lover, leaving behind the Camera Obscura.

Ten days after Mafuyu vanished, Miku entered the mansion in search of him. She spent the next few days fighting a horde of unruly, angry spirits, exorcising them with the camera that Mafuyu had left behind. She was helped by a young girl in a kimono, the pure part of Kirie that wanted to see her ritual through to the end.

Despite the difficulties that Miku went through, she was unable to save her brother. He chose to stay beside Kirie, to keep her company while she protected the Hell Gate. The area around them was unstable, however, and the spirits inside the Hell Gate caused a cave-in, which killed Mafuyu. Miku escaped the mansion alone, and for a short time, lost her abilities. Mafuyu was listed as a Missing Person, though Miku knew otherwise.

She was taken in by one of Mafuyu’s friends, Yuu Asou and Yuu’s girlfriend, Rei Kurosawa. Miku graduated high school and started apprenticing beneath Rei. Their life was rather comfortable; Miku helped out by housekeeping and cooking, running Rei and Yuu’s errands, and generally being amicable. Slowly, her shyness started to change, she became more personable. At one point, Yuu received a broken Camera Obscura (there were many copies created by his ancestor), which alarmed Miku to the point that she hid in her room. It is assumed that around this time, Miku’s abilities began to slowly return.

And then, one day in August, during a heavy rainstorm, Rei and Yuu were in an accident. Yuu died at the scene, and Rei sank into a deep depression. At that time, Miku took over everything – doing more than just running Rei’s errands, but actually delivering Rei’s work to their company, and picking up information about their next assignment. Though Rei did not want to, Miku urged her to work. They went into the mountains in search of a house that was allegedly haunted. Though their search through the mansion turned up nothing, just before they left, Rei took one final picture, and caught the image of Yuu in the hallway.

Tansaku06 full

Life about to suck in 5, 4, 3...

Soon after this, Miku began suffering nightmares of her time spent in the Himuro Mansion two years previously. She dreamed of a young girl named Amane, who led her through the dream-version of the manor of sleep, begging her to somehow help Amane’s brother. Like Rei (and later, Kei), Miku began to show the curse marks, and her demeanor changed, often finding Miku awake at night in an effort to not sleep. As both Miku and Rei went further and further into the mansion, strange things began to happen in their home.

Miku was not able to shake the overwhelming sense of dread that she, Rei, and Kei would not survive their curses, and fell into a depression. She communicated these thoughts to Rei, who told her that everything would be fine, despite seeing the marks on Miku’s body. However, it is after this peptalk that Miku followed the image of her brother into the land of the dead. She fell into a coma, trapped in the Manor of sleep...

...And woke up on Stacy.

Her curse manifested itself here, too, however, with Miku falling into the mansion several times before finally gathering the courage to face Reika alone, along with the help of Roxie Schreiber and Dream Weaver. The curse was broken, and Miku was able to return to a normal life.

She is currently a studen under Cargn Thane, learning how to better control her abilities as a spiritual medium and post-cognitive psychic.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Miku is a psychic medium. That said, she is able to see and interact with the dead. The scope of her abilities include seeing apparitions, object-reading (where she can see the most important residual memory left on an item that was very close to its owner), premonitions, pushing away spirits, and warding herself against them with the Camera Obscura, her mother’s old spirit-catching camera. Where most people’s hands would go through a ghost, Miku can push them away from her (and presumably others, though she is usually alone in her games). However, it’s also very easy for Miku to be possessed. Miku feels uncomfortable around people that have returned from death. She feels especially uncomfortable around places where violent death has occurred, as they often serve as triggers for seeing apparitions and residual memories.


You probably don't want to touch this. Ever.

Miku’s weapon, the Camera Obscura, will eventually drive her insane with too much use, as it did her mother. It absorbs the energy of the spirits it captures and confers it to the user, who becomes more and more able to see spirits without the camera. This works for people without a sixth sense, as well. However, this has led to the death of at least two users of the camera previously: Miku’s mother and her great-grandmother, Yae.

The camera can foretell the death of a person in a picture by smudging their face and outline. If there is a ghost haunting the person, the ghost will also appear in the picture. Curses also appear on the body of the subject, if the subject is cursed by a ghost. Her two special abilities with the camera are the Sacred Stone (which allows Miku to slow down time so that she can get a powerful “Rei” shot at a ghost), and Double (which allows her to fire off two shots in succession, without waiting for the camera to charge).

Currently, Miku's abilities have expanded to object reading entire buildings, but she does not have very good control of it, and has landed herself in the medbay once already.

Locker ContentsEdit

- Her hairpin

- The Camera Obscura with full lens and spirit stone upgrades and accompanying film in Types 7, 14, 37, 74, 90 and Zero.

- Her black choker

- The picture of herself and Mafuyu before his death

Fun FactsEdit

- Miku really hates dishwashers and microwaves to the point of avoiding using them. She prefers to cook more traditionally.

- She has an unhealthy love for fast food --- but only when traveling!

- Her secret love for enka was thanks to her mother's old records, which she attempted to use to get to know her mother better before Miyuki's death.

- Miku's family suffers from a naming tradition that goes back at least two generations, where all the girls are Mi- and all the men are Ma-. It's very confusing.

- She is a fan of the Hanshin Tigers, because her brother was.

- Miku enjoys making handicrafts; knitting, sewing, candle and lamp-making are just a few of her many hobbies.

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