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Since Merlin is a pretty well known figure of Arthurian myth, there's a good change that many characters will recognise him (or that place called Camelot that he keeps talking about). This makes the question of canon-puncturing (or fourth walling) a little more complicated with him, since there are many, many different versions of Arthurian myth. But to make things easy, the following details what is and is not allowed in terms of canon puncturing:

  • for the BBC version of Merlin, i.e. the series he's actually from: no canon-puncturing, please. If you really want to have a character recognise or reference the show, ask me - but I'm probably going to say no.
  • for every other version of Arthurian myth in existence ever, including Malory and Marion Zimmer Bradley and Monty Python and whatever else might be out there: GO NUTS. Seriously. You can canon puncture anything and everything from the legends and other retellings, and you don't even have to ask me first.

Game HistoryEdit

  • was highly unnerved when he woke up to several different people somehow knowing about his magic, and talking about having heard of him 'in the future'
  • used his magic to remove Iniss from Tom's head, and then kept Iniss hidden in a fishbowl in his room

Notable CrewmatesEdit

[Last updated: 15 January 2011]
A more extensive list of who Merlin's interacted with (and links to his threads) can be found here.

  • Aljan Moonbrow: He is a unicorn. This alone is enough to make Merlin ridiculously attached to him.
  • Tom / Iniss 335: Merlin was horrified to find out that Tom not only had a slug in his head, but that the slug was controlling him (And Iniss made it pretty clear that he wasn't going to give Tom control back of his own body). So, Merlin decided to take matters into his own hands and magics Iniss out of Tom's head.