LJ Userinfolivestoannoy
Fandom Animorphs
Away Team
Player Blue


Species Human
Height 5'2
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Age 19


Journals: Userinfolivestoannoy & Userinfolives2annoy
Residence: Cassie's House, in the attic
Profile: Personality | History | Abilities (Morphs) | Headcanon

Game HistoryEdit

  • woke up to zombies
  • pretended to be a controller so that he, Ax, and Tobias could trap Tom/Iniss and starve Iniss out
  • failed to starve out Iniss and got 3 violations for trying to kill another crewmember (got an official count of two, as one was his 'warning' violation)
  • runs around regularly pretedning to be Jake's dog, an Irish Setter named 'Cinnabom', in order to fool Iniss (again)
  • accidentally let Kang know about his morphing when he flew into his face
  • had his mother scanned by a device to make sure she wasn't a Controller when she podpopped
  • agreed to spy for Kang and became a member of Intelligence

Notable CrewmatesEdit

[Last updated: 15 January 2011]
A more extensive list of who Marco's interacted with (and links to his threads) can be found here.


  • Aftran 942 / Karen: A Yeerk, but one who was their ally back home. So Marco doesn't want her dead. But she's repodded now, so he doesn't have to be concerned about her. [repodded]
  • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill: Ax-man, Marco's fellow Animorph and Andalite friend. Don't let him near any food, and don't let him go on about that 'your minutes' nonsense. They are everybody's minutes.
  • Cassie: Fellow Animorph and tree-hugger. She and Marco disagree a lot, and yet despite this they actually get along.
  • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul: The zombie blue space pony. Marco saw him get eaten. Seeing him wondering around is very strange.
  • Eva: Mom! She is awesome, and Marco inherited many of his awesome traits from her.
  • Jake Berenson: The Animorph's Fearless Leader, and Marco's best buddy. Mess with Jake and Marco will tear you apart.
  • Loren: Tobias's mom. Loren brings conflicted feelings to Marco - she is hot, and yet she is also Tobias's mom. This is an inherent contradiction. (She also can't be trusted to not do stupid things)
  • Tobias: The bird-boy, the eye in the sky of the Animorphs. Tobias watches Marco's back, and he'll watch Tobias's. While teasing him like hell, of course.
  • Tom / Iniss 335: Tom is Jake's brother, and therefore must be protected at all costs so that Jake doesn't spiral into depression. Iniss must die.


  • Billy Cranston: He is a Power Ranger. A Power Ranger! This has broken Marco's brain.
  • Claudia Donovan: Marco's hot geeky friend, who was so not winning the competition to see who could meet the most awesome people on the ship, no matter what she said to anyone before she got repodded. [repodded]
  • Danielle Phantom: A naive, stupid, idiot of a girl who thinks that it's alright if Tom has to spend every day being enslaved, as long as the Yeerk doesn't have to die. She has the ability to remove Yeerks from people's heads. He will always hate her for having this ability, and not using it.
  • Kang: The big dragon-goat guy who now knows much more about Marco than he'd like - and now that Marco's agreed to spy for him, he's effectively Marco's boss. But the guy's competent, he'll give him that.
  • Sam Winchester: Marco will never, ever, ever get how he can willingly decide to become a Controller. Ever.
  • Satori Komeiji: ANNOYING. (Seriously, what part of 'don't go into my head' does she not understand? [repodded]
  • Selene Jones: A hot girl that Marco managed to score a date with once. Okay, so there was enchanted mistletoe that wouldn't let her leave involved, but still. The annoying tendency she had to try and pry too much was less fun. [repodded]
  • Woody: He's Woody. WOODY. From Toy Story. If Billy hadn't already broken Marco's brain, Woody definitely would have. (And Marco so knew that name was fake. Bob McPlayskool, come on) [repodded]
  • Zelda & Sheik: She's Zelda. Zelda. There are no words for the awesome of this. (And no, he is not going to talk about the Mistletoe Incident with Sheik. Not. Ever.) [repodded]
  • Zuko: Grass Killer. Surprisingly, Grass Killer has turned out to be capable of making and actual joke, which has definitely brought up Marco's opinion of him.

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