Lone Wanderer from Vault 101, aka Rebecca
LJ Userinfowanderer-alone
Fandom Fallout (Fallout 3)
Away Team Victor
Player Kazra

Background Edit

This is the canon history of the Lone Wanderer character in the game. Rebecca is a fleshed out version of this character. Named Rebecca, she uses the name Lone, adapted from the nickname given to her by the radio DJ Three Dog, who she helped. Lone comes from the very end point of the main game, just after activating Project Purity and passing out from radiation poisoning. She wakes up on the meatship shortly afterwards. Her history does not cover any of the released expansion packs for the game, although it does include most of the quests in the game.

The only quest that she didn't take part in is the Slaver one in Paradise Falls. She managed to bluff her way into Little Lamplight and didn't need to rescue the hostages. Instead, while passing through Paradise Falls, she and her companions slaughtered the Slavers on general principle.

Game History Edit

Notable Crew-mates Edit

Lone met Rein shortly after waking up in the Pod Caverns. Rein proceeded to amaze Lone with a display of magic
A cat who talks, which Lone finds intriguing.

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