The Ship
The Ship
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Level Six (The Hangar)
Level Five (Living Area)
Level Four (The City)
Level Three (Weapons and Possessions)
Level Two (The Caverns)
Level One (The Hub and Medical Bay)

When new podlings come out of the pod caverns, go up the spiral walkway to the Clothing, and go down the hallway to the Hub, they have the option of going down to the Medical Wing or up to Level Three, the Weapons and Possessions Lockers.

Joy of joys, this warehouse-like space has all their stuff. When people wake up, their stuff is moved towards the front, but go further in and you can find possessions of the other nameless thousands or millions still sleeping in the Pod Caverns. If you're looking for something belonging to a loved one you think might still be asleep in the pods, it's unlikely that you'll find it, however. The room is massive and easy to get lost in. And it's possible the ark of the covenant is in there.

Stacy will smack you with tentacles if you're a kid that tries to take a gun or something, and if you want your character to snatch a weapon or item for shady purposes, or somebody else's possession, please tell the mods what's up. Many weapons have been removed anyway, to the Armory in the Precinct in the City Level.

As far as weapons go, only small arms, swords, wands, and other personal weapons can be found here. Larger, more powerful weapons, like suits of power armor, are typically locked away elsewhere.

If you want to go to the back of the room or along one of the sides, be prepared for a long jaunt, and there may be nothing of interest on the other side.

...Or is there?

The Main Armory Edit

To say that the Main Armory on this ship is an infinite room filled with an infinite number of weapons with limitless ammunition and spare parts is virtually the only way to describe it. The room has endless racks of weapons extending from one end to the other. Each rack extends down into a bottomless pit, up into a limitless ceiling, and extend as far back as the eye can see. However, rather than it being a total violation of the laws of physics, it's really just holographic representation of the various weapons and armor stored about the ship.

For starters, physical contact with any of the items in the Main Armory is impossible. The entrance lets you on to a terrace that will let you view everything, but is glassed in, with no way to proceed further. The only thing on the terrace is a computer terminal with a holoscreen which will allow someone to search all of the weapons there. While searching, the racks can be effortlessly moved and rotated to display the weapons.

From there, weapons can be moved to one of several hundred weapons lockers throughout the ship, provided it's a 'free' weapon. For certain weapons, vehicles, and armors, there's a locked safety protocol in place. If an item is locked, it can be viewed in the main armory, but Stacy will only release it into the custody of someone specific, likely the item's rightful owner, or at least someone native to the world the item originated from. This seems to be in particular for the combat mecha and powered armors.

Land based vehicles, or those capable only of sub-orbital atmospheric flight can be moved to a handful of designated areas, likely so they can be dropped down to the surface of a planet. Currently the crew only has access to one of those points. Space faring ships can only be moved to the Hangar.

There also looks to be enough tools and spare parts to repair anything Stacy has in storage, and enough batteries, generators, and fuel stores to power all ships and vehicles.

Stacy requires both a verbal authorization code and biometric verification to release anything, including handguns, meaning that the process of characters picking up their weapons when they first wake up is not as easy as they usually think--Stacy's already verified their identities to allow them to do without difficulties.

Many of the weapons in this area have been moved to the Armory in the Precinct, on the City Level (see bottom of page).

Partial List of Weapons that can be Made Available

(Many thanks to Will for this writeup, and the weapons compilation.)

GIA ArmoryEdit

After the crew became officially recognized by Stacy as her crew after their encounter with the Lensemen, another part of the armory was open up. This new armory contains standard issue weaponry and equipment found on most GIA vessels. It contains the following equipment:

GIA Plasma Weaponry: The standard weaponry of the GIA and the Daligig, this weapon technology is based on designs provided by the Dholahm, and as such is far more advanced than most of the equipment in the crew's current arsenal. It has two main ammo components: The ammo core and the plasma canister. The ammo core contains a dense cylinder of a complex, highly conductive material custom produced for the weapons, while the plasma canister contains a super-condensed gas to be used as fuel for plasma production within the weapon. It fires by slicing off a sliver of material from the ammo core, which is then surrounded by a ball of plasma produced by igniting some of the gas from the plasma canister. The weapon then acts like a railgun, propelling the sliver forward, carrying the plasma to its target. While the ammo core contains an expensive material, each is good for literally millions of shots. The plasma canisters, however, must be changed much more regularly, depending on the specific weapon in question. The weapons have three “firing modes”, essentially the same as using different types of ammo: Standard, Unstable Plasma (similar to High Explosive rounds), and Hyper-ignited (similar to Armor Piercing rounds). There are several different types of plasma weapons available for the crew:

-Plasma pistol: Small, hand held sidearm. Packs a notably more powerful punch than a solid-ammo pistol. Plasma canisters carry 30 shots worth for this weapon.

-Plasma rifle: Standard weapon of the GIA, particularly potent in the hands of a good shot. The only model capable of burst-fire or rapid fire. Plasma canisters for this weapon carry 600 shots.

-Heavy plasma rifle*: Sniper-equivalent. Very powerful, and includes enhanced targeting equipment and auto-stabilization. Plasma canisters for this carry 30 shots.

-Heavy plasma launcher: Anti-vehicle/heavy target weapon. Shots from this weapon are more explosive than normal. 1-2 shots can take down most larger Ohm. Plasma canisters for this weapon carry 8 shots worth of gas.

  • -[ooc note: The heavy plasma rifle resembles a larger plasma rifle with a longer body and enhanced sighting equipment]

GIA Bluestar Dropships: The ubiquitous Bluestar series of dropships have been a GIA mainstay since almost as long as the GIA has existed. The craft get their name from the fact that the GIA's original symbol was a simple blue star in a white circle, which were prominently displayed on the dropship's sides. Though the symbol has changed, the Bluestars kept their names, and have always been kept a blue paint job out of respect for the series' long, long service ever since. The current model, the Mk. 37, is one of the most successful and longest running version of the craft in the series' existence. This is because, while it is a relatively simply designed ship (in comparison to the level of technology available in the GIA), it has a rugged design and is easily upgradable for nearly any task. It's other unique feature is that, so long as one Bluestar command variant is present, a rather hefty number of Bluestars can be operated by an advanced computer system present in each ship, reducing the number of skilled pilots necessary to drop a large task-force. Of course, as the number of automated ships grows, the more difficult they are to have the command variant coordinate them, so it is typically left at 3-4 automated ships to one command Bluestar, though it is certainly possible to do more. As a dropship, it is capable of going to and from a planet's surface to whatever ship it's stationed on with a rather hefty cargo. Typical load-outs include up to 40 troops, 25 troops and one light vehicle, or up to three light vehicles to a single Bluestar (this includes weaponry and some supplies). The Bluestar itself is armed with plasma missile racks and forward and rear turret emplacements, which are operated by the copilot. There is an alternate variant of the Bluestar called the Bluestar Lifter, which is designed to carry heavy vehicles planetside, and is armed much the same as a standard Bluestar.

Servitor Bio-Golems: Another Dholahm contribution to the ship's armory, these bio-golems are eight-foot tall techno-organic humanoid robots designed for manual labor and rescue operations on GIA starships. Though less sophisticated than the biotechnology of Stacy, they are still quite advanced technology. They are capable of lifting several tons each, and in concert they can perform great feats of strength. However, they are incapable of taking hostile action (the Dholahm are mostly pacifists, despite agreeing to design the GIA's plasma weaponry), and can only take commands related to manual labor. Despite appearing dim-witted, they are capable of carrying out complex orders. In an emergency, they can also be used for rescue work. Their “brain” is located in the bio-golem's “stomach” area, with a clear covering, making it easy to see. This is because early designs had a tendency to go berserk at times, and so later designs were given an intentional design flaw to make them easier to take out should they get out of control, though this is thankfully rare with current models, despite the feature still being included.

Combat Plantsuit (“Thorn Armor”): Though not standard issue GIA tech, the 2nd level armory includes several rooms just like the Clothing Room in the Pod Caverns. However, the plant suits these rooms provide are quite different in comparison. They appear much the same as the standard plant suit, but the material they're made of is somewhat thicker, and there is a small, “backpack” like carapace covering on the back. Despite this, the suit is easy to wear under normal clothes. Unlike the normal plant suit, the combat plant suit is more symbiotic in nature, forming a “soft link” with the wearer's nervous system. This allows it to react to the wearer's will. Primarily, it can sprout hard, chitinous plates to form an armored covering. These plates are often curved and spiked, leading to the nickname “Thorn Armor”. It can alsofully cover the head, forming a fully sealed suit that can operate in hazardous environments, even a vacuum. In this state, it can fully supply its wearer with up to 7 days worth of oxygen. It can also regulate and increase adrenaline (or equivalent) production in its wearer, allowing them to fight for far longer than they would normally be able to.

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