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Level Six is the home of the Hangar, and is the space where characters will find most of their transportational devices. Normally, this includes anything from cars to ships, most of which are no more than about 200 feet (60.95 meters) long. If your character possesses a ship in their canon that's 200 feet or longer, check with the mods to see if it's actually in the Hangar.


Aerospatiale SA-2 SamsonEdit

There is only one Samson in the hangar - the damaged craft belonging to General Trudy Chacon. There is a tiger painted on its door and blue Na'vi war paint covering its surface. The craft is heavily damaged, with bullet holes through part of the cockpit and severe scorch marks on the nose of the craft. The internal wiring is fried and the pressure seal on the cockpit is broken. At first, Trudy was trying to salvage the craft because of its sentimental value but now leaves it to collect dust in the hangar, its repair being beyond her ability.

Tornado IEdit

Though usually in the possession of Miles "Tails" Prower, the original Tornado is Sonic the Hedgehog's biplane. The aircraft has been modified since Sonic's second adventure. Initially a normal biplane, the Tornado is now capable of fighting Eggman's battlecrafts head on and is outfitted with a transformed state for increased speed and firepower.

Mobile Suits & MechaEdit

After Colony Mobile SuitsEdit

Anno Domini Mobile SuitsEdit

GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II
One of the third generation Gundams developed by Celestial Being, the Exia is a specially designed close-quarters-combat mobile suit. To aid it in this function, Exia is one of the lighter Mobile suits of its era. Several parts of its armor were stripped during development, allowing the suit to move like a human being. While such a move lowered its defenses, the advantages gained in speed, quickness, and agility when operating against larger, heavier, and slower mobile suits allowed Exia to have the lowest hit rate of the 3rd generation Gundams. It has little in the way of long range weaponry, with only one beam rifle on the right arm, and a pair of sub machine guns on its left arm. However, it does have a number of both physical blades and beam sabers for melee combat.
GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser
The first fourth generation Gundam, the GN-0000 00 Gundam was the first to use the experimental Twin-Drive system, which utilizied a pair of GN Drives working in conjunction to square the power output, rather than double it. However, the twin-drive proved to be highly unstable on its own, as minor defects in each of the original five GN drives produced made syncing two of them difficult. Even the two drives that had the best compatibility, the drive from the GN-001 Gundam Exia and GN-000 0 Gundam, could only reach a sync rate of 87%. To remedy that, external stabilizing equipment was developed and mounted into the GNR-010 0 Raiser fighter craft. When the 0 Raiser docks onto the back of the 00 Gundam, the stabilizing equipment allows the drives of the suit (known as the 00 Raiser) to operate with a sync rate of 100%, allowing the suit full use of its capabilities. With a power output that is squared that of single GN drive suits, the 00 Raiser is capable of unparalleled destructive power.

Cosmic Era Mobile SuitsEdit

MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai
In Cosmic Era 71, ORB designed five Mobile Suits based off of the five suits being designed for the Earth Alliance, codenamed "Astray". Lowe Guele would come into posession of one of those Astrays - the Red Frame - and claim it as his own suit. Though Lowe hails from the end of the first Bloody Valentine War, the Red Frame Kai hails from the end of the second war. Its main armaments include the katanas "Gerbera Straight" and "Tiger Pierce" and the Tactical Arms IIL, a multi-form tool developed from its predecessor, the Tactical Arms II of the Blue Frame 2nd Revise.

Future Century Mobile SuitsEdit

GF13-050NSW Nobel Gundam
Nobel Gundam, named for Alfred Nobel, was engineered by Neo-Sweden in its military program to develop an unbeatable Gundam Fighter. Like all Gundams of this era it has a distinctive aesthetic that frankly defies logic, and unlike most other nations, its design doesn't seem to reflect anything especially Swedish. The long, yellow "hair" functions to radiate the massive heat generated when the Gundam enters Berserker Mode. The bow and the skirt... they're just a bow and a skirt. Let's not ask too many questions about the design team's thought process.
Nobel Gundam is lightly armed, with a focus on speed and agility. Its arsenal includes vulcan guns, a beam ribbon, and a beam hoop. The beam ribbon functions in the same way as a beam sword, although its cutting power is adjustable. The beam hoop is used in one of Nobel Gundam's specialty techniques, "Nobel Megacoil," and can be hurled from the pilot's hand to cut through targets and return like a boomerang. All weapons are activated by the pilot's brainwaves.
There is, or was, one more special feature: the Berserker System. Using a ground-based transmitter, radio waves of a certain frequency are sent to a receiver in the cockpit, sending the pilot into a berserk state and basically turning her into a red-eyed rage monster of doom. While it increases the fighting output by 120%, the pilot loses control and becomes a mindless savage until the system is deactivated. With the absence of a control system on the ground and Allenby's decision to yank out the stuff in the cockpit, the Berserker System has effectively been uninstalled.

Universal Century Mobile SuitsEdit

FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam
Originally developed by Anaheim Electronics, this version of the ZZ Gundam comes equipped with more armor to resist attacks, as well as new weapons as well. The first are extra missile launchers, allowing the ZZ to overwhelm and bombard many foes at once with missiles. Normal ZZ has this as well, but fewer in number. The next weapon is the strongest: the Hyper Mega Cannon. Unlike the Hi Mega Cannon, which is built in the Gundam's head, this one is an actual large rifle the size of the ZZ itself, and while it does drain a lot of energy, the energy source is enormous, able to take down any foe or foes standing in its way. But there is a drawback as well, for the Full Armor ZZ cannot transform into the G-Fortress mode thanks to the added armor. In order to transform, the armor must be unequipped.
Aside from the new weapons, the ZZ retains its own weaponry as well, such as two hyper beam sabers kept in its backpack, which can recharge their energy when needed, and cut through many mobile suits and weaponry with but a single slash. They can also serve as high-powered beam weapons for both the ZZ and the G-Fortress mode as well. And as with standard Gundams, it also has a pair of head vulcans, which merely serve more to take down missiles without using valuable energy/ammo. Then there is the Double Beam Rifle, which is very powerful and serves as the primary long-range weapon for the ZZ, able to put out high energy outputs with a double shot (combined damage total is 21.2 MW). Shields are also on the ZZ, to block incoming attacks that are unavoidable. More importantly, they serve as wing/control surfaces for the G-Fortress Mode to increase mobility in atmosphere. The final weapon in its arsenal is the Hi Mega Cannon. While not quite as powerful as the Hyper Mega Cannon, this one is inside of the Gundam's head, and can produce a wide and very large blast of energy than can bypass shields and tear multiple enemies apart in one shot. But it has a drawback and cannot be used repeatedly, and also drains quite a lot of energy from the ZZ's fusion reactor.
As for the rest, there is a system feature inside of the ZZ Gundam called the Biosensor, which is a psycommu system. Though mysterious, its purpose lies within Newtype pilots, and with it, allows pilots to grasp a better control of their mobile suits. But during times of extreme stress or heightened emotions, it can also give the Gundams more power, speed, and even shield them from attacks that could kill them, even the Hi Mega Cannon, for a short amount of time. The shielding however is not perfect, and can of course still damage the opposing suit.
The final function is the G-Fortress mode, which turns the ZZ into a mobile armor capable of faster skills, kind of like a star-fighter, but with limited weaponry. It can also separate into three other flyers as well, and then combine with the aid of either three pilots, or Judau's own abilities.


Thunder Zords
The Thunder Zords are a set of seven animal-based machines developed by the intergalactic sage Zordon for exclusive use by the Power Rangers. The Thunder Zords were once the DinoZords, machines based on ancient creatures. However, when Lord Zedd arrived, the DinoZords, with the exception of Dragonzord and Titanus, were heavily damaged when the tyrant cast the machines into a lava pit. They were rescued and transformed into their new forms. When Tommy became the White Ranger, he was given control of the White Tigerzord and to complete the set, they were given the heavy Shuttlezord, Tor.
The Thunder Zords are comprised of the Red Dragon, Yellow Griffin, Blue Unicorn, Pink Firebird, Black Lion and the aforementioned White Tigerzord and Tor the Shuttlezord. The Red Dragon Thunder Zord can take up a second form, Red Dragon Warrior Mode. Combined with the Griffin, Unicorn, Firebird and Lion Thunder Zords, they become the Thunder Megazord. Those same four can combine with the Tigerzord to become the Mega Tigerzord and when those six join up with Tor, they become the Thunder Ultrazord.


Macross QuarterEdit

The smallest Macross class vessel and assault carrier the Starfighter command calls home. The largest ship by far in the hanger at 475m in length and easily capable of storing and carrying a vast assortment of craft onboard including the squardrons within Starfighter Command.

Normandy SR-2Edit

A frigate based heavily on the design of the Alliance's destroyed SSV Normandy SR-1, the SR-2 has a few upgrades in size, comfort, and firepower, though she currently has a large hole in her hull and is only spaceworthy while the kinetic barrier shielding is active. She's outfitted with her own very personable AI, EDI. Currently Commander Zoë Shepard and Miranda Lawson are the only crew taking up their old residence onboard.


The '03 Firefly was the last version of the Firefly design to make it to production. It featured a number of improvements over the earlier models, notably the extenders on the 'wings' of the ship to seperate the rotating VTOL-style ion jets further from the main body of the craft (which both keep the ship from shaking as much and allowed for two shuttle baysto be built into the design). Also, the '03 version of the Firefly is notably longer, with an extended 'neck', longer body, and generally roomier interior. It still uses the reliable Trace Compression Block engine.
Onboard Stacy, Serenity serves as living quarters for those of her crew who are awake. Currently, only one-third of her normal crew has popped--Pilot Hoban Washburne, Mercenary Jayne Cobb, and Mechanic Kaylee Frye.


It's bigger on the inside...

Two Dozen (24) Incom T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority StarfightersEdit

The little ship that blew up the death star!


In it's normal state, Ryo-Ohki is an adorable, brown-furred cabbit (rabbit/cat fusion) alien with a thing for carrots, usually hanging around her best friend, Sasami. However, when needed, Ryo-Ohki can transform into a space-worthy craft capable of fighting via gathering and firing energy bursts at its opponents. Should it be killed, it easily respawns as another cabbit. Let's just hope this doesn't happen with someone inside...

Street VehiclesEdit

1967 Chevy ImpalaEdit

The Metallicar, Dean's 'Baby', the going on 40 something years car that has been home away from home for the Winchesters, and in the words of the prophet Chuck possibly 'The Most Important Object in The Universe.' Or in the brothers, and Castiel's lost universe at any rate.

4000XLA Toha Heavy Industries MotrorcycleEdit

Zouichi's motorcycle, big, black, and capable of going places at Ludicrous Speed. It's usually inhabited by his AI partner, Fuyu, and contains several hidden weapons, including a powerful coil rifle and a combat axe. It has a handle on it for easy carrying purposes. Look, but don't touch!

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