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The Ship
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Level Six (The Hangar)
Level Five (Living Area)
Level Four (The City)
Level Three (Weapons and Possessions)
Level Two (The Caverns)
Level One (The Hub and Medical Bay)
A basic map of Level Five.

A basic map of Level Five.

The Living Area is at the very top level of the ship, over the City.

Obs Deck Edit

The main chamber, at the very top of the ship, where the blast shields (which look like the inside of giant eyelids) can be lifted, opening the windows and revealing that the ship is rapidly tunneling through space. We're not telling you how, however.

This area is meant to be a casual gathering place and thus there are a tables, chairs, and puffy, bouncy couches made of living, fatty tissue about. When in normal space or areas of multidimensional space where Omniwave radio and internet are available, holographic interfaces allow podlings to access those networks.

Obs Deck sculpture

Pretty, isn't it?

On the main wall, fifty-foot-tall sculpture, nearly reaching the cathedral-like ceiling, greets all who come into the room. Most of the time, it never does anything, just has all its still eyes turned towards the room, watching.

Occasionally, when Stacy deems a mission "necessary," one of the mouths of the statues opens to reveal a screen to brief everyone of the mission. The entire Obs Deck has the capability to detach from the rest of the ship and land on a planet, still attached by a strange, thick, fleshy "umbilical cord" shielded to prevent burning up in the atmosphere.

Mess Hall Edit

A large hall with tables and chairs that was obviously made for Cafeteria purposes. Your character walks by what looks like a large eye set in the wall, is scanned, and then a papery tray is dropped out of a slot in the wall, covered in a nutritious slop, meant to bring out optimum performance by the standards of their species. Whatever your character is, their dietary needs are met--vampires get a nutritious blood plasma sludge, herbivores get slop made from greens and complex carbohydrates, carnivores get a protein-rich meaty-based slop.

They all taste pretty much the same.

Oh, and the tray is edible too, and kind of tastes like dry tortillas--which is better than the slop, at least.

Sleeping Halls Edit

Walls upon walls, going endlessly on, full of holes and strung with platforms and walkways--this is where everyone sleeps. In each hole is an area big enough for a human being to lay down and sleep, and if someone larger than a human wants to rest there, the chamber actually stretches out to fit them and give them space.

Vents, little holes in the roof of each cubbyhole (that look like nostrils) blow relatively fresh air down on your character's face--and it's a necessity. The cubbyholes are so small, they'd feel rather claustrophobic otherwise. Oh, and the walls do throb a little, like the rest of the ship.

Mercifully that's no longer the only place for your character to sleep, but it's an alternate option to the rooms. Yes, it is creepy.

But at least it's warm and soft.

Crew Quarters Edit

At various parts around the ship are the quarters of the crew, little organic rooms with twin beds (though larger beds can be negotiated). The beds are comfortable, albeit made of Stacy's flesh, and have real sheets. The rooms are a bit spartan, but personal items can be placed in them.

They each have a bathroom with two sonic shower stalls (yes, sonic, not water, but they'll clean you up), two toilets and two sanitation plants to use as sinks.

Another place to use the john is the...

Bathrooms Edit

There are little cuppy things your character can stand under that fit over their heads. These are for cleaning their hair and faces, usually with a schlup, a feeling as if a giant mouth is sucking on their heads for a moment, and a gust of hot air making them feel completely dry.

Other than this, there are no showers or anything like them as the bodysuits keep your characters' bodies clean.

As for toilets, they look rather like pitcher plants, and there are many protuberances around them with unidentifiable purposes.

There is a distinct feeling that ceiling cat someone is watching you poop. There are no sinks, only little round pod-things with a swirling disinfectant liquid for them to dip their hands in.

Near the doorways, there are also rehydration units. Little eyes set in the wall scan people passing by and if they're carbon-based organics and their water levels in their blood are too low, insectoid arms come out and jab a syringe in them, quickly injecting them with enough water to hydrate them, and a drug that makes the needle-mark heal almost instantly.

Bathrooms can be located outside of the Mess Hall, outside the doors of the Sleeping Chambers, and in other places throughout the ship.

Media Library Edit

It seems that despite your apparent captivity, there is on the same level as the Obs Deck (directly off it, actually) a large media center. Inside, there are a number of terminals for 'check out' items-- portable music players or pads that contain novels on 'screen' or a favorite movie on a mini player) and for group entertainment, a couple of small podrooms off of the main chamber.

In the center of this otherwise bare room there is a massive computer in the center that was once broken, but now has been repaired. This is the translation engine, and it is a strange device composed of many arcing tubes and a dense crystal array that has millions of microcopic trails carved through it. When the podlings are out on the field, little crystal transmitters in their jumpsuit collars transmit language to the translation engine on the ship, allowing them to understand each other--and others--wherever they go. For plainclothes missions, wristbands with the translation crystals are available. Occasionally there's lag, though.

The pod rooms (large enough to host four people comfortably, and blocked off completely once the 'door' is shut) have audio-visual that work one of two ways; you can either let the pod go with your mood (this place is, after all, telepathic and alive) and emit film, musical content or digitalized reading media -- books on screen, yay! -- according to your mood or taste, or you can try and figure out the computer terminals in each 'pod' and load up something in specific that you're looking for.

One of the rooms is broken and constantly plays B.B. King's "Three O'Clock" blues on repeat. Pictures flash on the screen. A photo of Iwo Jima, a painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware, a photo of a nuclear blast, and a painting of Alexander entering Babylon.

The librarian is currently tended to by Vivio Takamachi, with occasional aid by Ben Tennyson.

What's available in the Media Library Edit

Only classics are in the Media Library.

Casablanca. The Scarlet Letter. The Dry Boring Poems of Some Guy from Colu.

Star Wars and Trek do count as classics, but overall, you're not going to find many canons in there, let alone new ones. Maybe the first Highlander movie, not the whole series. Star Trek: TNG and TOS but probably not the new movie.

Even if something is a classic, Stacy periodically does "Media Wipes" where if someone pops up in the crew, she removes their canon from the library. This is to let people watch, say, Star Wars, but make it so if someone apps Luke Skywalker, someone can't go puncture themselves on his canon after they meet him just to get punctured.

[That being said, if you have some special idea you wanna run with your character or some other character stumbling on your character's canon, we can make some exceptions and have Stacy miss some media during the wipes, but that's a case-by-case, permission-based thing only. We need to be able to keep track of it so we can make sure no one abuses it].

[Also, as a specific note, the works of Geoffrey Chaucer are there, despite his being on the ship and not having written some of them yet, but the movie "A Knight's Tale," for instance, is not.]

Art Hall Edit

The art hall has many alarming murals and sculptures. Under a large sculpture of a head, illuminated by an unearthly light, there is an ever shifting set of statues, seemingly an inky liquid black subtance that has colors swirling in and out as needs. These statues depict various scenes from the lives of the podlings--whether they want it to or not. (Note: Players must ask other players if the statue can allow them to discover something about their character via the statue. Otherwise, it shows pictures on random).

The Sensoriums Edit

No ship would be complete without the requisite holodeck, although the Sensoriums are far more immersive than that. Forget photons, they construct and destroy solid matter using virtual particles--which have to be believed in to be real--and Stacy uses telepathic suggestion to make your character believe they're real. Therefore they are.

Suffice to say, it's very complicated and technological, and Stacy can construct simulations based on telepathic and verbal suggestions, filling in the gaps with her AI if you don't remember all the details about the place you want to simulate. She can create realistic simulated beings with temporary AIs as well. Of course, there are safety protocols to prevent serious injury, unless you ask for overrides, and none of the materials produced in the Sensoriums can be taken out--they just disappear over the threshold. Stacy, Rommie, and Cortana can become solid in the Sensorium, if they choose, and damage to these forms will not damage their AIs. There's no telling, however, if any of the temporary AIs can gain sentience and try to make trouble.

Hopefully, you won't be seeing Evil Lincoln or Moriarty anytime soon...

Engineering Core Edit

Not to be confused with Special Weapons. Engineering is near the center of the ship, and is a large room surrounded by organic computer consoles, the occasional working Stacy-organ, and strange buzzing equipment.

The hole in the center of the floor is massive, about a hundred feet in diameter, and surrounded by a railing so no one falls in, as it would be certain death. Ladders and thick conduits (containing anything from fuel and coolant to Stacy's bodily fluids) lead into it, and safety protocols recommend that you ask for a tentacle-tether if you intend to climb down inside, to the ship's energy core proper, and the surrounding framework and shielding, in the Core room below. The hole is filled with glowing yellow-green light, which it in abundance, with a decent, if survivable amount of heat, but thanks to invisible shielding, radiation levels aren't that bad.

Things crew members might IC-ly know: Stacy is powered by a massive biological reactor (which essentially contains the equivalent of a mini-star), and is fueled by an unknown fuel type. Her engines seem to work by shifting and magnifying the ship's gravitational forces in a particular direction. The organs spread throughout the room are mostly supportive, and include the scanning equipment used in monitoring the reactor. They also occasionally act as miniature independent power sources. Now that they're officially crew, members of Engineering and the Command Staff have access to basic diagnostic schematics, though they still lack in clearance that would allow them to actually directly access or change anything.

Wear goggles if you're going to toy around in there, and above all else, don't push any buttons unless you know what you're doing.

Neuropathy Edit

One of the only places on the ship with inorganic equipment, Neuropathy is a control center right next to and part of Engineering that monitors Stacy's neural network--basically where the ship's IT guys once resided. If there's a problem with Stacy's neurological structure, it shows on the readouts on the inorganic consoles (which would have been unaffected by it and have more accurate sensors) and little cars attached to the hanging framework around Stacy's massive nerves, would power repair crew along her neural pathways to find the damage and fix it. Incidentally, the room is high-risk for hacking, due to the direct connection with Stacy's neurological structure and a likely target for any invaders trying to take control of the ship. The only place that has consoles that can override Neuropathy is...

The Command Deck Edit

Sleekly designed, with the mechanical interfaces integrated into Stacy's biology in a way that makes it difficult to tell the disparate parts apart, the bridge is not the bridge from your grand-daddy's sci fi spaceship. Floating scans and holoscreens are all over, as well as backup manual interfaces for when the holoscreens are down. There is a pilot's chair in the center of the room, with two cups of strange gel the pilot must stick their hands in and a helmet that fits over their head, and nearly innumerable stations, where individuals can man weapons systems and the like, although mercifully, they don't have to all be used and their functions can be rerouted to other stations if the crew is limited.

There is a pedestal in the center the place where one stands when using the the long-distance, interdimensional communications link provided by the Talus array (which can only be activated in dimensional hubs and allows the crew contact with the Daligig and other beings in different dimensions). The view screen in the front stretches through most of the room, giving a panoramic view of the stars or the void Stacy flies through--the viewscreen closes whenever there are things the crew should not see in the nothingness nearby.

The captain's and commander's chairs are on a platform behind the pilot's recess, and chairs or other structures (depending on body type) rise when needed, with restraints, if the ship's gravity cuts out or everyone has to strap in for another reason.

Stacy can often control herself just fine, but this enclave of neural interfaces and glowing lights, this blinking den of activity allows the crew to have much more precise control over the ship's actions, during more dangerous maneuvers. It provides the crew a way of cooperating with Stacy to help guide her and lend their skill to her performing more difficult tasks.

The SpacewalkEdit

A lovely scenic hallway on the Living Area level that had translucent walls, ceilings, and floors, giving the person passing through it the impression they were walking in space. It once led to a room with gardens and a massive Hydroponics room attached, before it got exposed to space. Now it just has dead bodies floating around in antigrav and a vacuum. Someday, it could be repaired, though, and it's possible the hall was the only thing exposed to space--not Hydroponics. Through the hatch, you can see the walkway and the bodies floating eerily beyond, as well as the window of the opposite hatch, which has traces of lush green visible through the window.

EDIT: As of March 22nd, 2010, the Spacewalk has been repaired and is now fully functional. Characters now have access to...


First and foremost, there is a beer tree. Best part. Some might recognize it as the Sacred Beer Tree found in Brutal Legend.

There are also animals here, the majority of which are chipped to prevent both breeding and their attacking people. Crew are not allowed to hunt the chipped animals. There are some, however, that are not chipped. These can both breed and be hunted. Some of the plants here are also edible, and can be eaten by characters during those occasional days when slop just won't cut it.

In terms of size, hydroponics is big. It doesn't compare to the city, but its still at least the size of a small island - and big enough that getting from one end to the other is quite a hike.

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