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Kanoe Zouichi


Name: Kanoe Zouichi
Age: 1
Gender: Male
Species: Synthetic Human
Affiliations: Toha Heavy Industries

Canon: Biomega, by Nihei Tsutomu
Played by: Tetradecimal


Zouichi is a Synthetic Human created and trained as an all-purpose counteractive measure against the mutant creatures created by the N5S virus, the military weaponry posed by rival organizations, and anything else that might get in the way of completing his mission objectives.

Despite his appearance, Zouichi is only about a year old. Most of that year was spent in a simulated environment, where he was educated and socialized with the other Synthetic Humans and a human tutor.

The length of time he spent there before being released was actually seen as too long, as the process required to construct and grow his body was much shorter.
However, Toha's scientists determined that for their purposes, they couldn't simply do a data dump of the knowledge they wanted their new products to have; rather, they needed to provide the time and environment required to develop the personality of each separate Synthetic Human.

Zouichi often tends to the stoic side, although his emotions (anger, apprehension, concern) are more visible in the stress of battle. At some level, he's still in the process of developing his personality, since he's had little time in the outside world to encounter people outside of Toha Heavy Industries. He has been known to harbor a bit of a sarcastic streak. He is Neutral or Chaotic Good.

Canon SummaryEdit

In Biomega, the Earth is under assault by a mysterious virus known as N5S, which infects living human beings and quickly transforms them into mindless, heavily-mutated zombielike drones. While organizations like the DRF attempt to harness N5S's regenerative properties to grasp the secrets of immortality, Zouichi is attempting to locate the rare humans who have adapted to the virus in an attempt to find a cure. He finds one such human, Eon Green, who is quickly targeted and kidnapped by members of the Public Health Department instead.

In his pursuit of Eon Green, Zouichi is quickly faced with mounting obstacles. His home company and creator, Toha Heavy Industries, is demolished, rival organizations begin targeting the few intact, virus-free human shelters, attempting to infect the whole of humanity with N5S, and it becomes increasingly clear that the powerful DRF is plotting to use the N5S and a mysterious relic from the past to force the world into a catastrophic transformation.

Major Players in BiomegaEdit

Toha Heavy Industries: A company that produces the most substantial resistance against the DRF, Toha Heavy Industries is responsible for developing not only the Synthetic Humans, but also various lines of advanced weaponry, including Zouichi's favorite rapid-fire gravity gun. Toha's headquarters is quickly assaulted and destroyed, even as it attempts to track down human Accommodators of the N5S virus, who remain unaffected by its mutagenic effects.

Data Recovery Foundation (DRF): An organization attempting to grasp the secrets of immortality by researching the Accommodators and the N5S virus, the DRF is responsible for purposely "baptizing" countless human beings with N5S. Most are exposed to the original form of the virus, which transforms them into mindless, mutant drones, but those within the DRF and Public Health Department's ranks are infected with alternate strains that allow them to maintain their own personalities, while gaining heightened states of being.

Public Health Department: An organization that originally joins forces with the DRF and launches the assault against Toha Heavy Industries. Although the Health Department appears to share the DRF's goal of unlocking the secrets of the N5S virus, the Public Health Department eventually breaks off its support after the DRF's leader, Nyaldee, reveals her plan to remake the Earth in her own image.

Synthetic HumansEdit

Synthetic Humans like Zouichi are a product of Toha Heavy Industries. There have been earlier release versions, but Zouichi is part of the latest generation and is designed specifically to deal with the stresses presented by the N5S drones and rival corporations.

Zouichi is not a robot, though he has mechanical systems integrated into his body, including two different operating modes and HUD built into his visual system. He is mostly organic, and would not survive if his biological components were destroyed, unlike, say, a Terminator. He can be wounded and poisoned; he can eat, although he doesn't eat often.

Zouichi is also not a human, though he is designed to resemble one extremely closely from the outside. Were someone to open him up, they'd find a skeletal structure and working innards drastically different from what you'd expect in a human being. Similarly, the molecular structure of the organic components that make up his body don't have much in common with us carbon-based organisms.

The closest thing I've seen to a Synthetic Human in other fiction is the Realians of Xenosaga.


  • Zouichi's metabolic processes do not require him to eat, sleep, or respire as often as a human being. He can apparently go decades without eating, or survive up to five years on minimal amounts of water.
  • Zouichi's ability to withstand pressure and extremely lax oxygen requirements allow him to survive in space or underwater for extended periods of time.
  • Increased strength/durability/speed: Zouichi is faster, stronger, and more durable than a human, able to lift large boulders or rubble without much trouble. He has been stabbed multiple times with PK projectiles/swords/etc and still continuing on with his mission, though his capabilities were drastically reduced until he had time to heal.
  • Zouichi's visual systems provide him with a form of augmented reality, superimposing targeting cursors, estimated enemy speed, composition of incoming projectiles, etc. over his normal vision, allowing him to react, aim, and shoot with excellent accuracy and speed.
  • Zouichi also has some limited regeneration abilities. He’d recover from a serious wound (requiring hospitalization) within a few days. Certain poisons can interfere with his healing factor.
  • Zouichi can download information from compatible file formats to, say, instantly learn a foreign language. In general, Fuyu feeds him the information by interfacing with both Zouichi and the information source, since on his own, Zouichi's ability to interface with machinery is rather limited.
  • If Zouichi's limbs are ever lopped off, they're automatically replaced in short order by a functional prosthesis, but he cannot regenerate the actual limb.
  • Zouichi is capable at hand to hand combat and using improvised weapons, but usually prefers his gun. He’s also apparently great at stunt motorcycle driving.


Linear Accelerator Handgun: A seemingly tiny handheld firearm, this weapon draws on Zouichi's brainwaves to accelerate small bullet-shaped pellets at extreme velocities, with the firing mode adjustable from levels that would cause him to skid back in recoil from a single shot to streams of near silent bullets being placed onto the exact same point. [1] [2] [3]

HDC Huyu Custom: His AI partner, Fuyu, is usually interfacing with the motorcycle, providing generic support. Like many manga motorcycles, it can jump improbably high and is fast. Zouichi has been shown driving it at 724km/h on massive highways. It can also provide additional energy for the 4000XL. It can run underwater and is equipped with a powerful front-mounted energy cannon. [4] [5]

4000XL Linear Accelerator Gun: A large, unwieldy-looking blockish gun that has a ridiculous range and can blow up missiles. When hooked up to the cycle, it takes several seconds between shots; when not in use, it's folded up and is a somewhat longer and narrower than a briefcase. The range of the rifle is dependent on how the modular barrel is configured, and can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate the type of shells loaded into the gun. [6] [7] [8]

Axe: It's stored in his bike, and it's awesome. It's just an axe, though.[9]

Bio-Armor: Zouichi's body armor provides excellent protection against impact damage (less against stabbing damage). It can also extend a protective membrane to protect his head and face if he loses his helmet, or extend a cosmetic membrane over itself to form basic camouflage.

Kanoe Fuyu: In general, Synthetic Humans are paired with an AI partner who resides in their company-issued motorcycle. Zouichi’s is named Fuyu. The AIs can interface with many kinds of computer using a data transfer cable. In emergencies, Fuyu can eject herself from Zouichi's motorcycle as a fist-sized computer core with three little crab-walking legs and a cable for jacking into computer systems. It can project holograms, usually a small version of herself or a larger version of herself for talking to people. She can self-destruct in this form to act as a mobile bomb, although doing this will render her impossible to restore without some seriously advanced data restoration equipment. Fuyu can interface with cyborg life forms, as long as they're compatible with her own systems. She uses this to quickly learn the language of a resident cyborg villager. [10]

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