LJ Userinfogovernorkang
Fandom Dragonlance
Away Team
Department(s) Engineering, Magical/Mystical
Player Shaela

Sons-of-bitches command face

Species Draconian (Bozak)
Height 7 ft.
Weight 370 lbs.
Age 45-46


Kang is large for his particular type of draconian, with a height of seven feet. He is humanoid, with a tail, large wings (18 ft span), fangs, claws, yellow eyes with slit pupils, curling horns much like a ram's, and scales that have a bronze sheen to them. Even though he really doesn't see the point in wearing clothing (it's just something draconians picked up from humans, and pockets are useful!), he does wear either a leather kilt and breastplate that is specially designed to accommodate his wings, or a simple cloth tunic and kilt, but forgoes shoes, as his legs and feet are digitigrade, instead of plantigrade like a human's. He also wears the gold chain that signifies his status as Lord Governor around his neck, and has a battle-axe in a harness between his wings, as well as a boot knife in his belt and a flamberge. His right hand is covered in scars, centered mostly on the palm, and the damage heavily suggests that he almost lost two of his fingers; there is also a large scar on his back, along his spine, one on the back of his left thigh, and acid scarring on the end of his tail.


Kang is a natural-born leader, and having been a commander of a regimental unit for over twenty years, he expects that if he gives an order to a subordinate, it is to be followed, no questions asked; he will, however, explain his reasoning if it seems strange and/or if there is time to do so. He is very proud of his engineering skills, bridge building in particular, and of those that were once under his command.

When Kang is not occupied with battle or politics (he much prefers the former over the latter), he tends to be very social, and while Bozaks are known for being more likely to forge friendships outside of their race than other draconians, he has made a name for himself due to his befriending of several different humans over the years.

Many draconians, having no females of their own for over forty years, pursued human and elven women; Kang is baffled by this, thinking them to be unattractive, and does not condone sexual harassment or rape. He is polite towards females, referring to them as ma'am.

Kang will not kill a person if it will further his own cause, but that doesn't mean that he looks for fights. However, he will defend himself and those that he considers friends, and once he attacks, he does not show mercy.


Badass Kang
Kang was created in 342 AC from the egg of a bronze dragon that was warped by dark magic. Draconians were forced to fight and kill each other for their food in the belief that it would make them stronger, and Kang, like many others in the first few batches created, was revered by many of his younger peers for surviving. He served under Lord Ariakas until 346 AC, when a drunken bet was made that draconians were more intelligent than humans, and he was sent to learn engineering skills.

He proved to be very good at it, and was given command of a small squadron of draconians, the First Dragonarmy Bridging Company. The squadron served under the Red Dragonarmy during the War of the Lance, and proved their skills by building a bridge in one day with elves attacking from the forest and silver dragons flying overhead. The bridge was never used, being a diversionary tactic, but it was still considered a great achievement.

By the end of the war (which Takhisis lost), the squadron had become the First Dragonarmy Engineering Regiment, and draconians were being hunted down by the Whitestone Council; most turned to banditry and mercenary work, but Kang knew they would be killed. He didn't want to see his men dead, so the regiment traveled to a valley between Mount Celebund and Mount Dashinak, near Thorbardin.

They shared the valley with a village of hill dwarves for over twenty years, performing non-lethal raids to survive; draconians are not the best of farmers. The dwarves would raid back, and it almost became a game for them, many items exchanging hands more often than gifts at a kender wedding.

In 383 AC, Takhisis started forming a new army, and the draconians were recruited. They left the camp not even a day later, when they found out that their engineering skills weren't even going to be used. Instead, they were to dig latrines. Kang did make a friend in the human woman named Huzzad, who understood his frustration.

Shortly after, Kang learned of a map that led to treasure in the depths of Thorbardin, the dwarven kingdom, that included female draconian eggs. The hill dwarves found out about it as well, and a race ensued to reach the treasure first; the dwarves wanted to smash the eggs. Kang barely survived destroying an entire nest of fire dragons, crucial to the Chaos War being won by the mortal races, and a deal was struck with the dwarves. The draconians would be allowed to keep the eggs, provided they moved out of the valley, and the dwarves would be shown the only exit out of the mountain.

Kang and his regiment left the valley with the newly hatched females, heading for the abandoned dwarven stronghold of Teyr. During their travels, in which Kang made a friend in a Sister of Paladine named Marsel after she saved the baby females from being killed, they were constantly harassed by goblins and hobgoblins, and were saved from certain death by a large force of draconians under the command of General Maranta, an aurak draconian. They were brought to a fort where most of the draconian population left on Krynn had gathered.

The goblin and hobgoblin army continued to mass to numbers of near 40,000, laying siege to the fort, and Kang discovered from his friend Huzzad that the knights of Neraka, former allies, had learned of the female draconians and wanted to eradicate the race now that they couldn't be controlled. She was found out, and after sustaining a blow to the head, brought to the fort.

At the same time, Kang learned that General Maranta was using a magical artifact called the Heart of Dracart to create more draconians, which Slith, his second-in-command and best friend termed 'dunderheads'; the process took the soul of an existing draconian and split it into pieces. The aurak wanted complete control of the race and meant to kill the females.

The female draconians were a year old and fully grown, and were tired of being treated like children. They began military training on their own, not letting the males know, and when Kang found out from Huzzad, he was upset, until she gave him a stern lecture that made him realize he had to stop coddling them.

Kang and the females defeated General Maranta early into the battle, killing him and taking the Heart of Dracart. Huzzad was killed by a crossbow bolt, and after avenging her death, the group went to help with the goblin threat. The regiment had built a device that was called the Drunken Dragon, and Kang used the Heart to detonate it, causing massive damage to their besiegers and allowing the draconians to win the battle. However, it left his hand covered in scars, and the resulting nerve damage made it so that he could never again wield his battle-axe.

The battle won and Maranta dead, Kang turned command of the regiment over to Slith, having grown tired of military life, and they continued on to Teyr. The other draconians followed, and the nation of Teyr was established, with Kang becoming the Lord-Governor and becoming the mate of the female bozak Fonrar.

When he was brought aboard Stacy, he and Fonrar had four hatchlings, barely a month old.


While unable to truly fly, Kang can glide short distances and survive falls far greater than a human can. He can also survive on 1/10 the food and water a human needs, due to low metabolism. His dragon blood allows him to see up to 120 feet in the dark, and up to three times that in low-light.

Kang is an excellent engineer, knowing how to build everything from ballistae and trebuchets to fortifications and housing. His specialty, though, is bridge-building, and he can make one from materials as simple as rope.

He is also an excellent tactician, military and political (though he hates politics), able to analyze a situation and find the best solution to achieve his goal. Bozaks are known for their leadership skills, and Kang is no exception, having had no deserters in his regiment for well over 25 years, even when things got difficult, and earning the respect and support of thousands more draconians during the Battle of Maranta's Fort.

There are some nice battle buffs that come along with his leadership skills, due to his being a 4th-level Legendary Tactician: Inspire Courage, Direct Troops, and Rally Troops.

Kang is a spellcaster (9th level sorceror [D&D]) who, for a time, abstained from using his magic; he'd tied his ability in so much with his faith in Takhisis, that after the gods had left, he believed the magic to be gone. After finding out a little over a year later that it wasn't, he vowed to never use it again as a sign of his broken faith. A talk with Mei-Xing on the ship made him realize that refusing to use his magic while they are in a war against the Ohm was kind of dumb, so he has since resumed his spellcasting.

He also has the ability to emit a bolt of lightning from his mouth once per day, with a 60-ft range.

Role on StacyEdit

Kang is the proprieter of the Drunken Dragon Tavern, one of nine members of the Civilian Council, a member of the Engineering and Magic/Mystical departments, a team leader on away missions, and runs a Warfare Training class with Ronon Dex.

He is also the head of Intelligence, a highly secret department.

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