Jean Grey
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The picture Jean presents to the world is calm and cool with great self-esteem. She is emotionally strong, practical, and a steady presence to her team-mates and friends. She also has a passionate side that can appear in battle, which makes her a dangerous opponent. Jean has a warm heart and will, without doubt, help those in need, treating humans and mutants alike. There is no doubt that she would selflessly give her life for her comrades or to save mankind/mutantkind. To her friends, Jean is a steady anchor that can be trusted at all times and without question.

She does have a darker side, but has never dared to explore into it, nor does she want to. She's afraid of the darker side of herself and is secretly afraid of what she might do if that side is ever unleashed. She sometimes feels like she might lose control of her abilities, and at these times she prefers to be alone and try to regain her focus. She doesn't like to show that side of herself, as she's always been looked up to by the younger members of the team.

Just as Jean hid her love for Scott as a teen, she denies any sort of feelings or possible attraction she might have for another X-Man: Wolverine. While she remains faithful to her boyfriend, part of her seeks something more than Scott's sometimes seeming detached devotion. Because Wolverine is Cyclops' complete opposite, Jean feels herself being drawn to Logan's more animalistic passion and killed instincts. But, as always, Scott holds Jean's heart and she is hardly the type to stray and so Jean and Wolverine remain nothing more than friends, and that's the way Jean would like for it to stay.

Pre Game History Edit

Jean Grey was born in Annandale-on-Hudson - which is located in upstate New York. She lived there with her parents and her older sister until she was thirteen. Up until she was thirteen, she had a normal life, and did normal every day things kids her age did. Around her thirteenth birthday, things with her began to change. She began to develope powers - powers she was unable to control and powers that deeply frightened her family. Luckily for the Grey family they were contacted by Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr and offered to help and train Jean. She moved to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngesters and became one of the first students. In order to protect Jean from her strong, and seemingly limitless powers. Charles erected psychic shields in Jean's mind so that she would not be able to use her telepathic abilities until she had achieved the maturity necessary for dealing with them..

Jean studied at Xavier's for a while, then was joined by Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe and others as Xavier extended his school. She continued her education at Columbia University for her undergraduate degree and it was while she was a student at Columbia that Scott Summers was brought to Xavier's. The two became fast friends while she when she returned to the school on breaks and on weekends so she could work on controlling her powers . They remained close when she moved to Washington, DC to study medicine. It was while she was studying in DC that her interest in politics was formed.

Jean and Scott's relationship developed quickly, to the point that when she finished her degree and returned they moved in together, developing a pychic link and soon getting engaged. Approximately two years later Logan entered the picture, despite Jean's involvement with Scott, a love triangle of sorts developed between her, Scott and Logan.. Although not particularly attracted to him on an emotional or mental level, the physical attraction to Logan was definitely hard to deny, particularly with her strengthening telepathic and telekinetic powers upsetting her control of her mind. She fought against the attraction but it did place a strain on her and Scott's relationship.

Fighting with the X-Men at Liberty Island against Magneto so they could save Rogue along with UN leaders, Jean was forced to use more of her powers than she was use to, and felt a strange shifting within her.

She became concerned over the next couple of months due to increasing strange experiences, frequent bad dreams and headaches. It seemed as though her powers were beginning to expand. She began to show just how strong her pwoers were when she was able to use her telekinesis to deflect missles which had been fired at the X-Men while trying to escape the US Air Force. Her eyes flowed a fiery red as she successfully destroyed one of the missles. Sadly she wasn't able to deflect the other and the jet they were all flying in began to crash to the ground. Lucky for them Magento kept the jet from crashing by using his own powers. Magneto informed them that he had learned Stryker orchestrated the attack on the president and has been experimenting on mutants, using a drug injected directly into the back of the neck to control them. Jean read Nightcrawler's mind and determined that Stryker's base wass located at Alkali Lake, inside the dam where he planed to kill the world's mutants by building a second Cerebro.

Camping for the night so they were able to repair the jet, she was approached by Logan, who once again showed his interest in her. The two shared a kiss, though Jean informed him that she was with a good guy and walked away. The next day Mystique was able to infiltrate Stryker's base by impersonating Logan; the X-Men enter and Storm and Nightcrawler searched for the kidnapped students. Jean, Magneto and Mystique ended up getting attacked by a brainwashed Scott while trying to rescue the Professor. Jean ended up battling Scott. She was able to telekinetically shield her herself from Scott's optic blast before dispersing it and shattering the energy about, causing it to destroy the dam's structural integrity. The force of Jean's telekinetic blast awakens Scott from his brainwashing and the two hurry to find the others. Crisis diverted, the team hurries to the X-Jet.

After the destruction in Alkali Lake, Jean sacrificed herself to save her teammates from the ruptured dam. Her power reached to the maximum level as she sent the inoperative X-Jet away, telepathically canceled Nightcrawler's teleportation to prevent him from rescuing her, as she momentarily telekinetically held back the resulting tidal wave that eventually claimed her mortal body. At that point, Jean was engulfed by fire, as she closed her eyes and let the water crash onto her.

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