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Background Edit

James Robert McCrimmon was born in Scotland. His father, Donald, was the piper to clan McLaren (as was Donald's father before him), and the young lad was brought up to be a piper as well. Like many young children, he was curious, eager to learn about the world around him. Unlike many young children of the time, he was also lucky. Surviving through early childhood was no small feat in the 18th century, and the uncertainty of the time he grew up with did not help. But things were mostly unremarkable, until he found himself caught up in the second Jacobite uprising, referred to sometimes as the "The Forty-Five".

Just after the battle of Culloden, the Doctor, Ben and Polly arrive in the Highlands and are taken prisoner by a small band of Scottish rebels that includes one James Robert McCrimmon, commonly known as Jamie. Jamie, the piper to clan McLaren, is helping protect his Laird, Colin, who has been injured during the fighting. He and the Laird's son Alexander reluctantly agree to let the Doctor tend to Colin's wounds. Ben, however, alerts the Redcoats to their hiding place when he drops a loaded pistol. Alexander is killed trying to draw off the Redcoats. Jamie finds himself captured, along with Ben and the Doctor and given into the hands of a crooked solicitor who means to sell them into slavery. The Doctor uses an unwitting Jamie in order escape, infuriating the young Scot at first. Ben manages to explain what it is the Doctor is doing, and once Jamie knows what's going on, he accepts the situation - although not without some reservations. Eventually, the Doctor manages to smuggle arms to the Highlanders who in turn defeat the solicitor and his men. Afterwards, Polly - fearing for Jamie’s safety on the Highlands - asks the Doctor to let Jamie accompany them on their travels. The Doctor agrees, asking only that Jamie teach him how to play the bagpipes.

The TARDIS itself is strange and alien, and Jamie finds it hard to believe that he's left Scotland, but he soon finds that he has indeed traveled through space and time. He travels to the lost city of Atlantis, finds himself on the moon, in the far future and Earth - but over 200 years past his time. He meets the fearsome Cybermen, the crab-like beings known as the Macra and the Chameleons, and does things no 18th century Scotsman would dream to be possible - like fly on an airplane or walk on the moon.

After their encounter with the Chameleons, Ben and Polly choose to leave the Doctor and remain on Earth. Jamie chooses to stay with the Doctor instead, assuring Ben and Polly he will take good care of him.

Shortly thereafter, he meets Victoria Waterfield. The TARDIS has been taken, and in their search to find the time machine, Jamie and the Doctor wind up back in Victorian England and face to face with an old enemy - the Daleks. As part of their plan, they captured Victoria, using her to ensure her father's cooperation, but what they really want is the Time Lord and his companion to be used in an effort try and isolate the "Human Factor". While Jamie is forced to undergo a test to rescue Miss Waterfield, the Doctor has to record his reactions. with the Doctor and Victoria's father, they travel to Skaro, the Dalek's home planet and find that the Doctor not only has found the "Human Factor", he has unwittingly provided them the "Dalek Factor" as well. They must find a way to stop the Daleks from taking the "Dalek Factor" and using it on the unsuspecting people of Earth. They do so, but not without losses. The greedy Maxtible, the noble Kemel, and Victoria's father all lose their lives.

Just before he dies, Victoria's father asks the Doctor to look out for his daughter, as she has no family left. The Doctor agrees, and Victoria joins them on their travels. Once again, they meet the Cybermen, this time facing off against the fearsome Cyber-Controller on their home planet of Telos. Afterwards, the crew of the TARDIS travel to Tibet and run into what is later revealed to be the robotic Yeti, under control of the Great Intelligence.

In their next encounter, with the reptilian Ice Warriors, Jamie is temporarily paralyzed by a blow from one of their weapons. However, the technology of Britainnicus Ice Base means they have advanced medical capabilities and they are able to heal Jamie.

He then meets the evil Salamander, who is a near-exact duplicate of the Doctor, and nearly winds up getting sucked out of the TARDIS when Salamander tries to impersonate the Doctor in order to effect an escape. The Yeti and the Great Intelligence are faced again, this time with the help of U.N.I.T. and Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, and then they encounter a parasitic form of seaweed that is capable of mind control.

It seems part and parcel of traveling with the Doctor is a constant sense of excitement. No sooner is one enemy defeated than another is revealed. Jamie finds that he thrives on the adventure. Victoria, unfortunately, does not. After the seaweed incident, she chooses to stay behind with the Harrises.

During their time together, Jamie had become exceptionally fond - more than fond - of Victoria, although he never actually tells her how he feels. He is quite unhappy when she no longer wishes to travel with them and is quite angry with the Doctor for letting her go. For a time afterwards, he loses interest in just about everything, including traveling in the TARDIS.

After Victoria departs, he and the Doctor meet up with the Cybermen again, and a young girl by the name of Zoe Heriot. While at first the young Scot is a bit irritated by Zoe's personality (having her giggle at his kilt probably didn't help), once he gets to know her better they develop more of a friendship. Together, they face the small but deadly robotic Quarks, then find themselves outside of reality in the Land of Fiction. Jamie is turned into a cardboard cutout of himself and his face wiped away. Due to an error by the Doctor in restoring Jamie's features, he is temporarily turned into a different looking young man, and it is Zoe who helps to return Jamie to himself when he is transformed a second time.

Once they break free of the Land of Fiction and return to normal space-time, Jamie, Zoe and the Doctor work with UNIT to prevent the Cyberman invasion of Earth. The trio then find themselves caught up in a struggle between the merciless Krotons and the race of people known as the Gonds. Once they have helped defeat the Krotons, they travel to Earth in the 21st Century, where the T-Mat is the primary means of transportation and the Ice Warriors are using it - to attempt to take the Earth for themselves. Managing to defeat the Ice Warriors and their deadly fungus, Jamie and the others find themselves pitted against space pirates who are after the valuable mineral Argonite. Through luck and ingenuity, the pirates are defeated and brought to justice.

Jamie would likely stay with the Doctor for the rest of his life, but unfortunately, the choice is taken out of his hands. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find themselves in the midst of a battlefield, and the Doctor finds a helmet that at first leads him to believe the TARDIS has landed in the middle of World War I. However, appearances can be deceiving. While the soldiers fighting the battle are from that era, the battleground is one of a series of zones controlled by an alien race as part of their plan to create a super army from the survivors and use that to take over the universe. With the help of Jamie, Zoe and rebel soldiers, the Doctor is able to stop the fighting. However, the Doctor runs into problems with getting everyone home, and is forced to contact the Time Lords for assistance. While the young Scot does his best to help the Doctor escape, they are captured and the Doctor is put on trial to face his crimes. The Time Lords inform the Doctor’s companions that they will have to be placed back in their own times, which neither want to do. Jamie, especially, is still utterly convinced that the Doctor needs him and tries to talk the Time Lords into letting him stay, to no avail.

Game History Edit

One minute, Jamie is about to be sent home, back to Scotland. The next, he finds himself waking up naked and covered in slime, which was not at all what he was expecting. Since then he's found a death pen, nearly gotten shot while out exploring, decapitated a zombie, found out his universe is gone, helped save a cute girl from a deadly fuzzball with teeth, learned that the some of the AIs are crazy, helped revive the Spirit of Christmas and survived the deadly influence of the Nightmare King. He's also found that the Doctor was saved (from at least one universe, and he's really not going to think about that too much), and that there are more than one of him. He tried to help save planet Zokez II from an invasion by the Ohm, waited to see if the bombs planted by Shiva were going to explode and kill them all, and came down with a case of the Rage virus - all while doing weapons training and beginning to be taught simple mechancial repair.

More recently, his best friend came to him and asked him to take a piviotal role in a group of young fighters with special abilities gifted to them with the help of something called a 'morpher'. Since then, he's been training as one of the ship's Power Rangers. Both the Doctors that were awake were repodded, but then another Doctor woke up. And while he's not Jamie's Doctor, this one has the good sense to at least wear a bow tie. Things got complicated when the Darksoul getting loose, with Jamie winding up having to fight both an old friend, Kaylee, and the Doctor. While working through the effects of that, the crew of Stacy were sent on a new mission to retrieve an artifact to help them defeat the Ohm. Part of this, though, involves them getting married...

Notable Crew-mates (currently active players) Edit

The Doctor (Eleven): Alas, it's still not Jamie's Doctor, but this one has the good sense to wear a bowtie, so that's something, at least. This Doctor reminds Jamie more of his own Doctor in quite a few ways, and the Scot finds it a bit comforting. They've had a few rocky interactions, thanks to the Darksoul taking over the Doctor and the subquent fight, but have worked through them. And when it came time to find someone to fake-marry to get the artifact, the Doctor was...okay, not at the top of Jamie's list, but since he's still the person Jamie trusts the most, the one he wound up with. Go figure.

Rose Tyler: Another companion of the Doctors, Jamie likes Rose - it's been some time since he's had someone to talk too who actually understands what it's like to travel in the TARDIS. And it seems they may have some similar views about the Doctor as well.

Billy Cranston: After the zombies were defeated, Jamie met Billy while recreating the TARDIS in the Sensoriums. They bonded while Jamie was sharing glimpses of a universe that no longer exists. Surprisingly, given their very different backgrounds and abilities, they have become friends. Jamie does have some problems with some of the unfamiliar terms Billy likes to use, but Billy is kind enough to explain what Jamie doesn't understand. The Nightmare King threw a bit of a wrench into their friendship when he caused Jamie to lose some of his memories and took over Billy, temporarily turning the Blue Ranger evil. They've since mended their friendship, and Billy (along with Kaylee) are teaching him some simple repair techniques so he can help feel useful in some way.

Katara: Jamie and the young Waterbender have become friends, with a playful, teasing relationship. They have some differing opinions - Jamie, after all, is still trying to work past an 18th century mindset when it comes to women, and Katara is fiercely independent. He's determined not to let it get in the way of their friendship.

Luis Sera: During the zombie attack, a rather frustrated Jamie threatened to punch Luis in the face. He's since apologized, and is happy to leave things nice and neutral, although he's tempted from time to time to go see what experiments Luis is working on.

Jono Starsmore: They met on a mission to revive the Holiday Spirit and accompanied him to London on an alternate Earth. Since then, Jono has saved his life during a another mission, and the two of them are slowly becoming friends.

Lex Luthor: He seems like a genial businessman, but Jamie has had bad experiences with that type before. He's not sure he can trust Lex. Fortunately, he hasn't seen much of Lex lately, so doesn't think about it all that much.

Kaylee Frye: A chance meeting in a hallway became a solid friendship. Jamie finds Kaylee to be irrepressibly cheerful, friendly and very likable - and he's sorry he can't properly show her the TARDIS. He's also become very protective of her, and more than a bit attracted to her as well. It might be part of the reason why he's so eager to learn some basic mechanical skills. Unfortunately, friends is all they will ever be, as Kaylee is with someone else. While Jamie isn't precisely happy about this, he's grown to accept it. She is still his friend, after all, and that means a lot to him.

Goliath: While wandering the city, Jamie came across a very cranky, eight-foot (or so) tall gargoyle. Before Stacy, who knows what might have happened? But Jamie is slowly getting used to the idea that there are a lot of different creatures as part of the crew. He's found that they have Scotland in common, even if it's not quite the same place. And while there were a few uncomfortable moments during their initial conversation, it all ended well. Jamie is looking forward to getting to know Goliath a bit better.

(more to come...)

Repodded: (*taken from old information, will be updated here and there*)

The Fifth Doctor: Well, it's not his Doctor, but it's still the Doctor, which means that he's finally, finally awake. It's about time, if you ask Jamie. This one is currently rooming with him, which Jamie thought would only be temporary until they found the TARDIS. But now that they can't access it...well, Jamie's wondering if he might not regret this impulsive offer just a little. (At least until Billy can get those earplugs made.)

Arha Massari: He met Arha during one of GLaDoS's experiments, and finds her at times both cheerful and serene. He tried to learn meditiation from her but only wound up falling asleep.

The Tenth Doctor: And it's...another Doctor. Jamie really has no idea how this works, despite the explanations. He actually met this Doctor before running into Five, and once he realized who is was, was understandably thrilled, and relieved, and a wee bit confused as well. There's something about this one, though, that seems...sadder. Jamie's not sure what it is. He needs to spend more time with him and try and figure out what's going on.

Lois Lane - Jamie is fond of this intrepid reporter, having survived the incident of the Death Pen with her. She's also taught him about the wonders of Rock'n Republic jeans and has a mean arm-punch. He's certainly willing to trust her on the matter of Lex Luthor, and also seems willing to be her Jimmy Olsen. Just don't try and get Jamie to work a camera.

Dave Lister - Fellow member of Team Mike, Lister's laid-back attitude has grown on Jamie. Although there are times where Lister can drive Jamie absolutely nuts (Like the time he got Jamie to admit who he had kissed to get out of GLaDoS's experiment), he genuinely likes the man. For a brief time, Lister had re-awakened, but has since gone back to the pods. At least, this time, Jamie remembers he was here, unlike other members of the crew.

'Roxie 'Schreiber - His first experience with Roxie was actually during a dream, where she was able to interact with him as a dream guardian, something Jamie did not realize was possible. He now thinks of her as being very powerful, and sees her as something far different than the young girl's guise she wears. If she's occasionally a little strange and off-putting, that's just part of how she needs to be to do the job she does.

Claudia Donovan - Jamie first met Claudia when he defended her from a small furball with teeth, then got stuck with her during the mistletoe incident (This was entirely Claudia's fault, as Jamie did warn her not to get too close. Of course, she didn't listen, but he enjoyed the kiss anyway). As they spend more time together, he's finding he likes her as perhaps more than just friends.

Yuri Otani - Meeting someone during the midst of a zombie invasion isn't generally the best time to make a new friend, but Jamie got to see Yuri's rarely-glimpsed brave side and felt bound to help her when she went after her friend Sherry. Later, he helped her try out imaginary ice-cream flavors and has been convinced to dance by her. He sees her as perhaps a bit like a little sister and thinks she's adorable. He's not at all sure what to make of Borg, though. Wyn Callahan: It started with a conversation about plaid, went through an explosion or two and now Jamie considers Wyn to be a good friend. (Although he's pretty convinced that things will blow up when she's around.)

Inara Serra - The first time Jamie saw Inara, he promptly walked into a wall. She has the effect of making him feel rather tongue-tied - to put it mildly.

Fletcher Tringham: Jamie met this young lad during some zero-g training, and later rescued him from a waking dream. Fletcher seems a bit shy, but also likeable. Recently, he showed Fletcher how to play the pennywhistle - just some simple basics. He was impressed that the lad was able to coax some notes out of it, and would be willing to teach him more.

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