The LensmenEdit

Mission: Spy on the Lensmen, particularly Commander Rahk

Assigned To: Marco, Tobias

Information Available To: Kang, Leon S. Kennedy


  • Rahk mostly just observes the comings and goings of the crew along with working on the simulations.
  • No suspicious activity reported

Relevant Logs:

Celena VantariEdit

Mission: Spy on Celena and determine if she can be recruited into Intelligence

Assigned To: Marco

Information Available To: Kang


  • she spends a lot of time in her lair, tinkering with devices for Billy or the construction of knowledge crystals. Also reading up on various topics
  • will leave her lair to get food from the mess hall, go exploring, or just various places
  • will fly around over the city and surreptitiously keep an eye on things of interest at the same time
  • occasionally she lands in secluded parts of the city and practices her illusions, other uses of her energies. She will also clear rubble with her telekinesis and look for interesting things

Relevant Logs:

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