Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi
"The Kohaku River"
LJ Userinfothekohakuriver
Fandom Spirited Away
Away Team Union
Player Mica
Cquote1 Poor Haku, he's had it hard, ever since he got here. ...Once Yubaba got control over him, his face turned pale, and his eyes turned steely.

He's never been the same.

Kamajii, the Boilerman

While Haku has great capability for cruelty, he is not a naturally cruel person. Most of his cruelty comes from his hatred of being controlled, and the lingering effects of Yubaba. Because of his serious personality, he tends to come off as dismissive and hateful, and he sometimes has a difficult time showing his kinder side, especially when he thinks he's being watched. He's undemonstrative in love or friendship, and is unlikely to initiate casual physical contact, preferring more practical displays of loyalty or protection. For this reason, he often comes across as cold.

Backed into a corner, viciously respectful to the master he despises, Haku holds his true self secret and tucked away under cold mask of indifference and snarling teeth that might've soon been his true face, if not for the efforts of Chihiro to open his heart and restore him from a life of dismissive hate to the hope of courageous love.

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