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Born on Merion IV, an Imperial mining colony filled with a simple, faithful populace, young Cargn was just an average Imperial citizen. This changed, however, in his fourteenth year, when it became apparent he possessed psychic powers. As all good Imperial citizens are taught to abhor the psyker for the threat they pose to those around them, he was banished from the colony into the surrounding wasteland for a fortnight, and if he should survive and return from the ordeal, he would be sent for Imperial sanctioning as per the world's ancient laws. Cargn faithfully accepted his punishment, and set out on his own. Despite the hardships he faced during this trial, he still survived, thanking the Emperor for his luck.

When he returned, however, it was not to the peaceful scene he'd hoped. Upon his return he saw that the entire populace had been slaughtered by daemons of Khorne, Chaos god of blood and murder, brought to this reality by an ancient, blasphemous artifact unearthed by one of the mining teams. He found no humans left alive save for ten massive, silver-armored Space Marines--The Grey Knights, the only chapter of the Marines dedicated wholly to the destruction of Daemon-kind--in the middle of an ancient, powerful exorcism ritual in an attempt to prevent the manifestation of a Greater Daemon of Khorne. The young Cargn, startled at the sight of the Daemon's immaterial form swirling before him, fell to his knees, muttering every prayer to the Emperor he could remember. It was here the true extent of his powers was revealed, for even the stoic Grey Knights were astonished to see that the simple prayers of this young boy caused the Daemon great pain, its power starting to wane. The Marines took this opportunity to finish the exorcism, banishing the beast to the Warp for one thousand years and a day.

Having finished their operation, the leader of the Grey Knights squad, Justicar Wiln, offered Cargn a choice: Either be granted the Emperor's Mercy of death for what he had witnessed, or to put his great power to good use and join the ranks of the Grey Knights. Realizing he had nothing left on his barren homeworld, Cargn took the Justicar up on his offer, and left with the Marines to the fortress-monastary on Jupiter's moon of Titan to begin his training and genetic modification.

Cargn took to his new life with passion, his skills in exorcism and divination proving an invaluable asset to his chapter. In his early years of service, he was filled with the same fire and fury as all the other young recruits, believing that the will of the Imperium was absolute and righteous in all ways. However, as the centuries grinded on, he fought all manner of horrific daemons, each born from the darkness within the hearts of every living thing, and in turn saw the absolute worst of humanity in the process. While most would fall to despair at such a revelation, Cargn instead steeled his faith, resolving to create a world that no longer had such a darkness, a world where men like him would no longer be necessary.

It was this, in the later part of Cargn's 5th century of service, that drew the eye of the immortal Emperor of Mankind to him. The man who became a god over ten millenia ago, His soul bound to His now-rotting mortal body by the power of the Golden Throne, sent one of His guardians, the Adeptus Custodae, to bring Cargn before Him. It was there, on holy Terra, that the Emperor offered Cargn the key to his vision of a better reality. The Emperor granted Cargn His blessing, undergoing the ancient ritual of Soul-Binding, in which a portion of the Emperor's immense power was granted to Cargn. During this ritual, Cargn received a powerful vision of a massive conflict which engulfed all planes of reality, and he saw that only a small band of heroes could bring an end to it. This vision was so powerful that it had destroyed his eyes, but it mattered little to him, as his newfound power granted him an even greater sight, and he had become a seer without equal.

Even as he left the Imperial Palace on Terra, Cargn understood what his vision meant, and what the Emperor wished of him. He knew that it was his destiny to be among those who would stand at the forefront of that massive conflict, and it was his duty to guide them along the proper path. He knew this was only a stepping stone along his path to reach his goal, but even so, he began preparing for the day that his vision came true.

It was near the end of his 8th century of service that the day finally came, and he was among the few who came aboard the Dalgig ship willingly. He waited patiently even as the aliens tested him in an attempt to create more human-weapons as powerful as him, but to no avail. He waited patiently as the ship was attacked, and the section he was contained in was sealed off. Even now, he waits patiently in a self-induced stasis within his cell, waiting for the day he will be revived and he can finally set down the path of his own destiny.

Game HistoryEdit

Cargn, under the guise of the Seer, began to make preparations for the crew to face the Nightmare King when he sensed the beast beginning to stir from its slumber. He made contact with Aang, the one currently holding the creature at bay, within the astral realm. He began to aid the young Avatar in keeping the creature sealed, and slowly they began to develop an odd friendship.

Cargn is currently attempting to prepare the crew for the Nightmare King's eventual awakening, and has set plans in motion for when the moment finally arrives.

Notable CrewmatesEdit

Cargn has taken an odd liking to the young Avatar, believing them both to be similar, though in rather subtle ways. He is currently helping Aang to hold the Nightmare King at bay.
Roxie Schreiber
One among the numerous crewmates Cargn contacted as the Seer, he sees within her the potential to become a powerful daemon-hunter... or a powerful threat, should her will be found wanting. He intends to keep an eye on her for the time being, to see where her potential leads her.

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