Ghanima Atreides
LJ Userinfoprincessghanima
Fandom Dune
Away Team Quebec
Player Holly


Growing up Ghanima lacked the assertive streak and degree of prescience of her twin brother. Over time she has become strong willed, having definate thoughts of her own. She doesn't allow her thinking to be swayed without pretty good reasoning. She was preborn which means that she awoke to full, adult consciousness before birth, receiving the genetic memories of both her male and female ancestors. This happened because her mother had consumed so much melange while she was pregnant with Ghanima and Leto. She was also born with the full skills of a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother, she's wise beyond her years. Though because of her age she tends at times to be highly sarcastic and can come across as a real smartass.

She shares a deep and very close relationship with her twin brother, Leto. She loves her brother dearly and the two have such a deep connection that they are able to finish eachother's thoughts. While Leto is the stronger and more assertive of the two, Ghani has an inner strength that is most surprising at times. She can also be sweet and loving, though on the other hand is able to be conniving and cunning if and when she feels it's called for.

Because she's able to access the genetic memories of her her ancestors, she normally doesn't make juvenile mistakes that people her age normally do. This isn't saying that she doesn't make mistakes, because she does - her headstrong nature sometimes leads her into trouble.

Being so far from everything she's ever know has forced her to grow up even more. Most don't even realize she's merely eighteen and normally think of her much older. She's shown an uncanny ablity to remain calm and collected, even when faced with her Aunt Alia whose moods seem to shift like sand blown by the wind.

Game History and Notable Crewmates Edit

Upon her podpop, Ghanima almost immediately met Sheeana Brugh. The first words from Sheeana's mouth were to call Ghanima the 'Tyrant's sister'. Obviously Ghanima took an immediate dislike for the woman. She also met Arha Masaari who she really holds no feelings for in either direction. Ghanima has tried her best to steer clear of the Bene Gesserit women, remembering the way they had treated her family in whole. Perhaps it's an unreasonable thing to do, but she has found it best that way. Though on occassion, Ghanima will run into Sheeana when she is visiting the worm which holds a bit of her twin brother, Leto II's essence.

Unable to sleep in anything that Stacy provided for sleeping quarters, Ghanima began searching for some place in the City. Amazingly she found a place in the Vatican City - the 'Casina' of Pius VII. It's large, and comfortable - plus it doesn't have squishy meaty beds - which is all that she requires at this point in time.

Most recently Ghamina's Aunt Alia Atreides has appeared on the ship. Ghani's not exactly what to think of this, since her aunt does end up an abomination in her world. It seems that the Other Memories that are within Alia are slowly taking over her mind in this, and ghani only hopes that there is some way to reach her before it's too late. For the most part Ghanima hasn't interacted much with the crew, though she has met some rather interesting individuals to say the least.

Dean Winchester, the man seems to be pursuing Ghanima, and while Ghanima is enjoying the game they seem to play, she cannot help but wonder what it is exactly he wants. He is very charming, sauve and seems to know exactly what to say to make a woman swoon - thankfully Ghanima doesn't swoon.

David Lister, Ghanima finds him truly amusing. She mistakenly told him that she was to become an Empress in her world, and now he has resorted to calling her, Your Highness. Though it would become annoying very fast, he does amuse her with his stories.

Luke Skywalker is Jedi that she met quite on accident. She finds herself liking the man for he seems to be rather intelligent about the world around him and seems to understand and not judge others. She'd like to talk to him more and learn more about his world.