Daja Kisubo
LJ Userinfofireforger
Fandom Circle of Magic
Away Team
Department(s) Engineering
Player Blue


Species Human
Height 6'0
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Age 18


Journal: Userinfofireforger
Residence: Daja's Forge
Profile: Personality | History | Abilities | Appearance
Notes: Trader Culture | Belongings

Game HistoryEdit

  • Woke up to find she knew no one else on board
  • Buried herself in the one thing she had left - work
  • Claimed a forge in the city as her own, restoring it so that it was useable
  • Spoke to Allen and Billy about working in Engineering
  • Opened up shop and began trading, although the lack of resources made this difficult at times.
  • Was taken by GLaDOS to run mazes for many, many months
  • returned back to her forge, crafting new items for her crewmates
  • discovered Winding Circle Temple in Religioin Row

The Forge / Daja's smithingEdit

In the city, Daja has claimed an old cottage as her forge. She's made this forge her home, and she does all of her business and work out of it. As Daja is actively working as a blacksmith, other characters can come to her to request work from her. If your character would like Daja to do some work for them, you can either contact me directly (Blue), or fill out the form at the commissions page below.

The Forge | Commissions | Creations

Notable CrewmatesEdit

[Last updated: 15 January 2011]
A more extensive list of who Daja's interacted with (and links to her threads) can be found here.


  • Sandrilene fa Toren: Daja's (foster) sister, Sandry is someone Daja was desperately glad to see. However, due to Stacy taking them from two different time periods, Daja has found their reunion strained as Daja must make up again for her past failings.


  • Allen Gentry: As one of the Engineering Department's co-heads, Allen was someone Daja worked with. [repodded]
  • Bart Allen / Impulse: His boundless energy reminds her of her fomer students, Nia and Jory. She can find the speed he operates at a little overwhelming, but she tries to be patient with him. [repodded]
  • Billy Cranston: As the now sole Engineering Department's head, Billy is also someone Daja works with on a regular basis. She also considers him a close friend, particularly as he was there for her when she found Winding Circle Temple.
  • Hiccup: While Daja was not happy to find Hiccup rifling through the Winding Circle forges and taking things, she managed to connect with the boy over their shared trade of blacksmithing. He does concern her a little, with the way that he appears to undervalue his own work and pay more than he owes.
  • James Tiberius Kirk: The man who explained what was going on when she first podpopped, and the man who gave her permission to start a forge. He's the first person she'll go to if she needs to talk to the Command Staff. [repodded]
  • Katara: A helpful girl who has amazing water magic.
  • Lyle Norg / Invisible Kid: She met him after her podpop, and from him she heard about curious things like genetic engineering. [repodded]
  • Rhiow: As a talking cat, Rhiow was both a great surprise and a curiousity to Daja. She's also someone Daja considers a good friend, and it is thanks to her that Daja has the bulk of her steel supply.
  • Sheik: Daja's first customer: she restored a brass harp to it's former glory for him, in exchange for a performance. She greatly enjoyed doing buisness with him. [repodded]
  • Zetta: The customer Daja did not want to have. As an Evil Overlord, Daja is highly suspicious of Zetta and would prefer to avoid him completely. However, at least she managed to get a very significant amount of resources out of him when she ridiculously overcharged him

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