Comm Rings Edit

The Comm Rings were designed by Brainiac 5, Billy Cranston, and Allen Gentry. They are gold-color metal rings manufactured in an automated array in the Special Weapons Division, that are based heavily on the flight ring design of Brainiac 5's superteam, the Legion of Superheroes (WITHOUT having the Valorium to make them fly). Every crew member is given a comm ring when they first arrive, and they can operate over distances as large as parsecs, provided they're fully functional and nothing is distorting or blocking the signal (some energy fields and other phenomenon can). The comm system is jacked into the main translation system in the Media Library, and the translation crystals in their collars, wrist-cuffs, or implants when they're on-world. It operates in real time, and can be denoted however you like, such as in italics ("Guys, they're on my six!" he said over the comms).

The rings are very sturdy, but they are breakable. Characters with superstrength have their rings reinforced with stronger alloys (that they only have limited amounts of, or they'd do all of them) so that their punches don't break the rings.

For crew members that lack fingers, the rings come in other forms such as stylish collars or snazzy belts. Some rings are made of flexible substances that can expand and shrink back down to normal size for sizechanging, but as of yet, the engineers haven't figured out how to make the rings shrink really small if a character is, say, turning into a mouse or something.

As Billy described it: "The rings are attuned to their user's thoughts. To communicate with a single person or a group of people over a distance while wearing the ring, all you have to do is think that person's name, followed by the message you wish to send. The rings then activate their neuro-amplifying waves and instantaneously locate the person or group indicated by your thought."

For crew members that communicate in thoughtspeak or some form of telepathy, the main comm system won't work quite the same way; their rings are instead outfitted with a telepathic augmentation device that gives their telepathy or thoughtspeak the same range as the comms.

Omnicoms Edit

The Omnicom Channel Community — Comminfotrans_channel

Omnicoms are small, simple, personal handheld computers about the size of a large calculator, that store data, allow for the wireless transfer of documents (such as maps and schematics), and allow crew members to communicate textually and post bulletins to each other.

Basically, they let the characters have livejournals, pfft. They're a sort of digital message/bulletin board.

Specifications and IC Rules Edit

  • NO voiceposts, NO video. Text only.
  • However, the omnicoms have voice-recognition software that allows for dictation, and software that can read messages aloud if a character can't read.
  • The keyboard is a touch-based keyboard that shows up on the screen in the letters of the alphabet of the character's native language.
  • Bulletins can be locked to private or locked to a certain group of people.
  • Locked messages cannot be hacked. (Unless it's pre-agreed on and done as a plotpoint by a hacker of considerable skill).
  • They have 100 terabyte storage capacity. That's a helluva lot of data storage.
  • Omnicoms never need to be charged.
  • They're made of pretty tough material, but they can break.

OOC Rules Edit

  • NO voicepost, NO video. Text only.
  • Players are NOT required to use the journal system or join the Channel community. This is entirely optional. Not all characters would use the journals, and not all players want to. Treat it like a digital bulletin board—some would use it, some would completely ignore it.
  • Do not actually f-lock any entries to members-only. Just mark them as locked to the characters they're locked to and leave them public.
  • Major actions are NOT to be depicted via journal posts. If some event, like, say, a fight, happens "IRL" so to speak, it has to happen in a game log on Comminfotrans_9. It can be written about, certainly, but cannot be depicted in the journal post itself. The journals are a place to titter about goings on, not meant to depict the actual goings-on. This means NO actions in brackets. You may use brackets to perhaps describe a picture or map that you don't have an actual picture of, but not to describe a character's thoughts or actions of some kind.
  • In essence, don't stop logging face-to-face RPs. All these people are on the same ship and can say things face to face with a character with a minute of walking. The bulletin system is meant to be used minimally, as a tool for the characters and a place to provide some floofy RP to augment logs, not to be the primary source of RP. This is still primarily a log-based game, and if the omnicom system is over-used, we'll contrive an IC way to remove the omnicoms.
  • Journal-based RP does NOT count as activity when we check activity levels.

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