Celena Vantari
LJ UserinfoCuriousredsoul
Fandom OC
Away Team
Department(s) -Engineering


Player Sylvar

Species Linaran Dragon
Height 6ft(shoulder)



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At first glance one would find that Celena seemed a friendly enough sort, if you got past the fact of her scales, occasionally glowing markings and that fact that she was to all intents and purposes a dragon. Indeed, that first impression would in most cases turn out to be one that would hold, this self-confident dragon had no hesitations about meeting, talking and generally getting to know new people.

Even past that, Celena is a generally caring person, if someone seems in difficulty she will do what she can to help. Even if sometimes hiding these efforts of aid. In this side of things Celena has a particular soft spot for children, of any species. Always happy to entertain or tell a tale or two.

Those good friends she makes will find that they have something of a protector in Celena, looking out for them whenever she can, and doing her best to prevent harm befalling them should such a situation occur. Curious and inquisitive are two words that easily describe Celena. Be it histories, stories, item’s mundane, technological or magical, all share this Linar’s interest, especially if she has never encountered them before. When investigating such items or knowledge she can often lose herself in the work.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Another term that can easily fit Celena’s attitude, whether it be exploring rarely travelled tunnels or discovering the workings of ancient or dangerous devices she is not hesitant about going that extra step required.

However despite all this, while she may at times put her own safety at risk for the sake of possible discoveries, she does take such things seriously, especially when the safety of others is concerned.

When faced with a hostile creature or situation that poses only her any threat she will evade and escape. If said situation gives her little option of escape, or threatens the safety of others, she will not hesitate to fight.


Celena started life as part of the Vantari clan, hatched in the underground Linari city of Irthir. Due to her birth parents often being away for long periods of time, she was left to the care of the clan.

Her mother and father were both Shadow-walkers, Linar that walk among the people and cultures of the surface world and when their skills are demanded, journey to other worlds on which the Linar hold such hidden cities. Only rarely did they interfere directly with the ways of the world but they were always watching. Ever searching for greater knowledge.

Celena took to a love of flying early on, nearly as soon as she could take wing. Ever pushing herself as far as she could and beyond, oft to the worry of the elder of the clan.

Once her markings began to show, she, as many others of similar age, was m taught to utilize and shape her developing energies. Her inquisitive nature and love of flight leading her to focus on learning how to apply these new found abilities to her flight style, and to the study of how things worked.

As time went by Celena ventured further and further out of the confines and among the tunnels, searching always for things of interest, be they a curious plant that grew in the depths, an abandoned mine or even on a rare occasion, lost travellers who had mistakenly made their way too deep.

When not exploring the extent of the tunnels, she would often be nurturing plants, studying to further her abilities or even exploring the workings of some device brought back from the surface of the world or from off-world by one of the many Shadow-walkers that disguised themselves and mingled among those populace’s.

Her inquisitiveness drew her to the Shadow-walkers, joining their ranks for a time, leaving the underground city and the tunnels for the world above. Though she lacked the skill in shape shifting unlike many of the Walkers, fortunately, dragons themselves were a common and accepted sight on the world on which she found herself.

During the many years she spent above, she learned all she could about the humans, dragons and other species of the world. Travelling as often as a wandering healer or at times a mage or storyteller, weaving stories from those she had learned of the worlds past to those who would listen. Oft trading her services for items that drew her interest, or for new tales and knowledge one might give.

After many years among the service of the Walker’s she returned to the city of her birth, adding the knowledge she had gathered to the vast collection of the Linar. Taking back her residence in the city to dedicate more of her time to studying the many items and curios she had picked up in her travels.

Though she was more settled back in the city, she never lost her longing to explore or hone her skills. Often leaving the city to seek out unexplored tunnels, aiding the City guard at times when the denizens of the depths were drawn threateningly close to the city, even aiding as she had in past.

On occasion she would even travel back to the surface world, taking advantage of her Shadow-walker status, active or not to seek out friends she had made during her time.

It is during one such return trip to the city beneath the earth that she is brought aboard.


Like the majority of her species, Celena has a large amount of energy created and stored within her body which she can control and shape to her will, to various spell-like/magical effects.

Energy Manipulation-

The following uses are those of which Celena is most competent with.


Through use of her energies, she can form illusions in the area around her. From ones as minor as small hologram like figure to recreating the look of another place and time in the area, complete with sight, sound and with aid of other abilities, touch. Such major illusions a good deal of energy on Celena’s part however. Her most common use of this ability is to disguise her markings or appear as another more ordinary dragon.


Another of the uses of her energy that has stemmed from her curiosity, and has further developed through the years. Through focused use of her energies she can encourage living organisms to grow at a far greater rate than they normally would. With enough time and focus, she can seemingly control or guide this growth.

From this ability she has found that when applied to a living creature, she can utilize a similar method of acceleration and control to heal one’s wounds.

Telekinetics- This first use is simple enough in the way it looks, Celena can utilize her energies to lift objects in her vicinity into the air and manipulate them if so desired. The more focus and energy she puts into a certain task, the greater the weight she can lift or the finer the manipulation she can achieve. She achieves this by countering the weight of the object with the energy she focuses. With focus she can similarly alter the momentum of an object. The range of this ability is in most cases limited to a fairly short range around her, further distances require her to apply greater focus to maintain the hold.

Energy Fields-

Celena can form fields of energy within a short distance of herself. These fields can deflect incoming projectiles as if solid and absorb some degree of energy. While primarily a defensive use, these fields can also be used for many different purposes. The more energy she dedicates to the fields dictates how strong they are.

Miscellaneous Abilities

True sight- Focusing her energies Celena can alter her vision, enabling her to view the flow of energies both mundane and magical, and sources of life in the area around her. She most often utilizes this ability in conjunction with her healing ability so that she may better understand the extent of one’s injuries and the best course to rectify.

Telepathy- Not as such a use of her energies, but a natural ability of most Linari. She may communicate telepathically a great distance if she is familiar with a person, much shorter distances if not.

As with all Linar, her energy is linked to her markings, the more she draws on, the brighter her markings glow. If she overdraws on her energy she endangers herself by the possibility of utilizing her own life force being drained, and/or falling into a deep sleep/coma that may last from a day to weeks depending on how much energy she must recover.