There are a number of training courses offered on the ship, to help the crew prepare for the war against the Ohm.

Basic TrainingEdit

Under the direction of Command, Basic Training is handled by the various departments on the ship. Each department holds a short course to introduce crew members to what their department does, and helps to build skills that can be valuable both on the ship and in the field. The courses consist of:

Mystical DefenseEdit

Covers: How to recognize when you've encountered magic and how to deal. Rudimentary psychic defense.

Taught by: Mystical Department

Tactics and Bridge OperationsEdit

Covers: Learning how to use the bridge consoles, including (but not limited to) sensors, weapons, navigation, helm, and communications. Logistics and strategy of mission planning. Directing and coordinating field teams, tactical planning.

Taught by: Tactical/Operations Department

Flight TrainingEdit

Covers: Basic flight controls for flying shuttles and not-combat transports in both zero-G and in an atmosphere. How to properly respond to in-flight emergencies.

Taught by: Starfighter Command


Covers: Safe handling, maintaining, and operation of non-lethal energy weapons, small arms, shotguns, and lower caliber assault rifles. Archery and Crossbow training.

Taught by: Security

Equipment Maintenance and Emergency RepairsEdit

Covers: Omnicomm and comm ring repair and maintenance. Emergency shuttle repairs. Maintaining field equipment.

Taught by: Engineering

Field MedicineEdit

Covers: Applying tourniquets and stopping severe bleeding. How to treat severe allergic reactions. Setting and splinting broken bones. Other emergency medical procedures.

Taught by: Medical


Covers: Surviving without any aid or shelter in environments ranging from deserts to arctic wastelands and everything in between. Building shelters out of natural and available material. Scavenging for food and hunting small game. Identifying clean water supply. Covering your tracks and evading hostile forces.

Taught by: Command/Away Team Leaders

Data Capture and AnalysisEdit

Covers: Understanding environmental scans and identifying danger. Collecting samples. Properly surveying and scouting an area.

Taught by: Science

Additional TrainingEdit

In addition to Basic Training, there are a number of other courses available to take. These are not under the direction of Command, however, and are normally independently run.

Warfare TrainingEdit

Covers: Hand-to-hand combat. Short range weapons combat. Squad based combat.

Taught by: Kang and Ronon

Ohm Combat TrainingEdit

Covers: Detailed information on each type of Ohm, and best tactical response.

Taught by: Brother Cargn

Disaster ResponseEdit

Covers: Disaster relief. Emergency evacuation procedures. Search and rescue.

Taught by: Subaru


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