Comminfotrans_9 is a pan-fandom sci-fi RPG. Every character's entrance is the same, as they wake up and break free from their pods in the Pod Chamber, and every character will have the same questions guiding their actions: Where are they? Who brought them to this place? Why were they taken?

They won't realize they're on a ship at first, as it will appear that they're in some huge city with a closed off cavernous ceiling, but it will be revealed shortly in game after some exploring, as will each new bit of information as your characters find new places and get more and more curious. Eventually, they will discover from the crew that's already awake, and from the ship herself, that their home universes are gone, destroyed by a horrible extradimensional threat that has felled whole worlds.

But hope is not lost. Their loved ones are likely among the saved, and even beyond that, there is a chance their worlds can be restored if their enemy is defeated.

There are also whole worlds out there, waiting to be explored, bad guys to be fought, innocents to be protected, and quests to go...well, questing on. Your characters have been thrust into a world-spanning adventure of epic proportions, and are caught in the tides of goings on they never dreamed possible. Despite the dangers, the universe is wide open and not even the sky's the limit. The adventure is only beginning.

Welcome to Transmigration 9.

A Pan-Fandom Campaign? Edit

Trans9 is not so much an RP as a panfandom RP campaign. While we'll milk the game for missions and Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica/Firefly/Star Wars style plots for all it's worth, there will be an over-arching plot--and a war--for the characters to fight in, one with tremendously high stakes. It will eventually hit a climax and resolve and while there will be a status quo after that allows players to continue playing, we'll consider the campaign--and the story Trans9 is meant to tell--over. The mystery of why the crew was abducted has already been resolved, with their discovery of what happened to their worlds, and their introduction to the aliens that saved them all. Said mystery will be replaced by political intrigue, other mysteries, and combat until the game's conclusion.

All of that, in summary: Get ready for a rip-roarin' good time! We've got places to see and stuff to do! Yeeeee-haw!

The Plot Edit

The ship's name is Stacy. A species known as the Daligig set her and her original crew to the task of rescuing as many people as they could from the destruction of their home universes by the nefarious horde of beings known only as the Ohm. Your characters might not remember being taken, they may have even been snatched from the jaws of death, but here they are, stuck on a spaceship traveling blisteringly fast through the Multiverse, watching whole worlds go careening by. If they request it, Stacy will return their memories of their rescue, and they'll see how their world fell to chaos, as people were killed in the past and faded from existence around them, while reality nightmarishly folded and shredded apart. They'll remember being grabbed by an elite team of suited and masked Daligig figures, that pulled them away from the nightmare, that tore them from causality, that sedated them and told them that they were safe, until they faded into unconsciousness--only to awaken on the ship confused and covered in slime.

The crew's situation is perilous: there are dangers on the ship and off, on the strange worlds, at times alien and at times eerily familiar, that Stacy forces them to go on "missions" to. The stakes are high: there are millions in stasis--could one wrong move lead to their harm? And they are not alone.

Other than Stacy, the AIs on the ship have been rescued as well, but can all of them, like the enigmatic ??, be trusted? Who is the mysterious Mr. Uncle and where does he hide on the ship--why does he speak of a past the crew doesn't remember?

There are now answers. The crew knows of their lost homeworlds, of the slim chance of restoring them that lies in defeating the universe-destroying, time-meddling insectoid menace of the Ohm. But now that the mysteries are unraveled, now that the secrets are revealed, the crew's situation is still far from over. Now that the secrets of Transmigration9 have been unlocked, now that the crew has discovered their purpose, they've been pulled into a world-spanning quest. As they race against time and fight to fix damaged timelines and save worlds from destruction, it will shape the final outcome of a horrible war, a fight against the inevitable.

"There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it's easy."

When the time comes to fight for Creation, there will be a choice between survival and justice. Might over right. One might think the question is what the crew will choose, but the real question is when the fires light in the sky and chasms open in the fabric of time and space, when whole worlds are on the line, when the crew faces enemies that cause the stars to tremble, will they band together and resist, will they stop a force slowly consuming all that is? Or will they give in? Will they go quietly into that good night?

Well... will you?


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