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  • Cybil encounters Mr. Uncle while in Pod Sleep. He provided her with a strange vision and a cryptic warning.
  • First Pod-Pop occurs. - Podpops are ongoing each RL month
  • Pest Control Plot - 10th August 2008 to 15th November 2008
  • Mr. Wednesday started taking a Census.
  • Jaime Reyes made the decision to keep Superboy and Impulse's impending deaths secret from them.
  • Cybil Bennett, Lyta Alexander, and Nathan Petrelli met up at one of the Gates in the City. Cybil recieved another vision from Mr. Uncle, before Lyta cast him out.
  • Lucca Ashtear was released from GLADoS' study.
  • Feeling Sluggish Plot - 2nd July 2008 to 5th April 2009
  • Mission 1: Recovery - 10th May 2009 to 9th June 2009

Some Inconvenient Truths Edit

After questioning Stacy, the crew discovers that something has compromised the ship, something that is neither Stacy nor her creators. They can also monitor her outgoing replies, so she can only answer questions by phrasing them as answers of entirely different questions. The crew learn they must find their way to the bridge--and will be allowed to attack without retribution when the time comes.

Captain Picard also gets a perhaps likely visitor—a certain extradimensional being whose name starts (and ends) with Q. Q warns Picard that "That everything you've seen, everything you've done up to this point is nothing compared to what you face ahead," and the crew should bring their A-game and prepare for a great loss.

This time also heralds the return of Tony Stark and Nightcrawler, from GLaDOS's care, and the crew realizes that individuals are being taken to run simulations supervised by the deranged AI, and the memories and records of the rest of the crew are wiped when this happens.

Tony's return also heralds the last of the Yeerk threat--as he was taken and put back in stasis while still in possession of his Yeerk. Meaning that Schmuz-44356's fate is being left up to the crew, now that the Yeerk had surrendered and is in stasis in the MedBay.

Before they can carry on and find out what lurks on the bridge of Transmigration9, they need to find the best way to ensure their own safety. Some want the Yeerk dead, some want it imprisoned, and others just want the whole damn thing to be over and done with.

Trials and Tribulations Edit

Master Chief gave Sam Winchester permission to gather all of the former-Controllers together to decide whether or not the remaining Yeerk should have a trial. The overall consensus was that it should, but Sam was caught making plans to sneak into the MedBay and kill the Yeerk. He was incarcerated in the Precinct down in the City, where he went on a hunger strike in protest.

During a Pod Pop, Captain Picard punched a raptor in the face. This was recorded and immediately spread throughout the comm system. Because it was just that awesome.

The trial began. Part way through, Sam was sprung from the Precinct. There were two Pod Pops during the trial; and those who felt that the Yeerk should be killed no matter what began to ally with each other. The jury ultimately decided that the Yeerk should be imprisoned. When the Security Team moved to transport it to the MedBay where the Yeerk was to be imprisoned, the conspirators attacked -- revealing that two members of the Security Team were actually part of the conspiracy. In the ensuing fight, several bystanders were injured by stray bullets, and the Yeerk was apparently killed. Bruce Wayne Batman also made his first public appearance.

Once everyone was safely in the MedBay though, it was revealed that the Yeerk container that had been destroyed was a decoy to draw out the conspirators. The conspirators were imprisoned in the now-reinforced Precinct cells.

Jaime Reyes revealed that he was very close to finding a way to reach the Bridge.

Nathan Petrelli and Jean Grey began working on a set of rules or laws for the crew. The Command Staff began to discuss it, but hoped that it would not be a problem after they successfully reached the Bridge.

Another Pod Pop occurred, and Master Chief began training sessions for the crew members who didn't know how to use weapons.


The crew split up into two teams -- Team GTFO and Team Left Behind. The former would try to take over the Bridge from whatever it was that was currently controlling it, and the latter would stay behind and hold down the fort, as it were. Jaime Reyes also warned them about the entity in Escherville, and that it was likely to start breaking free soon. Everyone sorted themselves into the proper teams and wished each other luck before going their separate ways.

Team GTFO made it quite a way before they encountered HAL9000, who had been repurposed by whoever was on the Bridge as a defensive measure. HAL9000 unleashed zombies from Quarantine One, down in the Med Bay, upon Team Left Behind and on the helplessly sleeping people in the Pod Caverns. Team GTFO also battled for their lives against HAL9000 -- while he couldn't kill them directly, he could set up situations where they would die if they weren't very careful. Jaime Reyes was shot in the face and apparently killed, but actually survived due to timely intervention by the scarab. Paco Guzman's right arm was caught and mangled in one of HAL9000's traps, and it had to be amputated.

The illusionists confounded HAL9000's sensors while the rest of GTFO destroyed his weapons, and then they were all able to attack him at once. One of Mai's throwing knives eventually did the AI in. After a brief recovery time, Team GTFO continued on toward the Bridge. They made it to the Lounge, where they encountered Lex Luthor, who had made it there through the Hub without setting off HAL9000 and had been monitoring their progress. He attempted to demand leadership in exchange for information, which Team GTFO considered faking capitulation to, but that resulted in infighting, causing the organic Brainiac 5 to knock Luthor unconscious, resulting in more infighting. The team eventually gained information about the pirates on the Bridge and staged an attack.

Meanwhile, Team Left Behind had holed up in the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, made into a temporary fortress. They desperately worked together to hold out against the zombie hordes, and had to deal with such things as one magical zombie Deadite discreetly getting into the Medbay, pretending to be an old woman who'd escaped death in the Pod Caverns.

Down in the Pod Caverns, several people awoke during podpop amidst the zombie hordes and teamed up together for protection. They were found by members of Team Left Behind who had gone down to the Pod Caverns to destroy the zombies there before they infected anyone else.

Another group, led by Mei Ling, tried to restore communications between the different groups.

Team GTFO's attack seemed to be going well, until the pirates retreated into their ship and pulled away, leaving a gaping hole into the vacuum of space. Both Brainiac 5s attempted to seal it, but only the cybernetic one was successful -- and he locked himself outside. The Pirates attempted to fire on Stacy; and had they hit, the entire ship would have exploded. The cybernetic Brainiac 5 used his shielding abilities to protect the rest of the ship at the cost of his own life. He gave his memory files to his organic counterpart, but they were ultimately too damaged for him to be restored.

Shaken, Team GTFO turns to cracking the last holdovers left by the pirates. As soon as they do, Stacy begins restoring herself -- completely. The image she projects to the crew is altered and she destroys the last of the zombies, all throughout the ship; and then she puts the crew in contact with the Daligig, the ones who told her to collect people. The revelation is shocking: They weren't kidnapped, they were rescued. Stacy isn't a prison ship (anymore) or some kind of spooky jam jar, she's an ark.

Their worlds, their universes have been destroyed.

The Daligig ask for their help in fighting the Ohm, telling them that they were rescued because their stories were strong enough to penetrate the walls of reality. If the Ohm are defeated, it's possible that the Daligig might be able to restore their timelines and worlds.

The crew was left reeling in shock. A few 'days' later, they held a funeral for the cybernetic Brainiac 5, and the 5,436 people who died in the Pod Caverns.

Slobo and some others began to form a team called the Outsiders. Goliath the gargoyle was awakened in the Statuary. People began to see hooded figures throughout the City, and a mysterious figure calling himself "Seer" began to appear as well, warning of some terrible thing to come.

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