Neuropathy connects to the main ship from both Engineering and various secret tunnels and repair-access shafts. It consists of a main atrium including most of the computer-access points. This is where the Neuropathy staff spends a good portion of their work-hours, when they aren't actively engaged in physical repairs. There is a 'inner sanctum,' with much better access to the "neuro" part of Neuropathy: Stacy's brain.

Neuropathy's ongoing mission is to hack into Stacy's brain, repair her nerve-systems and thereby regain crew control of the navigational and piloting systems. For this reason, several members consider themselves above the law in regards to basically everything. Largely thanks to sabotage incited by the previous crew to prevent the ship from falling into enemy hands, work in Neuropathy is tedious but very, very necessary.

Think of it like AP Engineering, only with more Hackers and everyone's constantly snarking at each other.


Regular Members: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Major Motoko Kusanagi, Lex Luthor

Tacit Members: Spock, Dustin Silver, Indigo, Grace Augustine

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