Created by Kang, Intelligence is a highly secret department focused on spying, surveillance, and information gathering. While reporting to Kang, Intelligence is also co-ordinated with Captain Leon S. Kennedy.

Detailed information on the findings of intelligence may be found on the Mission Reports.

Guidelines for SpyingEdit

  • spying is only for missions, potential recruits, and potentially suspect crewmembers
  • targets will only be assigned by Kang. When the target is a crewmember, mun permission must be gained first
  • if a member of Intelligence decides to spy on someone without Kang ordering them to, this is outside of Intelligence activity. Mun permission must still be obtained.
  • in the case of information that Intelligence members come across during their normal activities/threading that they feel could be reported to Kang, permission from all other muns must be obtained first before passing the information on
  • spies do not need to be following their target constantly. If one of the people that a target is threading with does not want that thread spied on, assume that that thread occured when surveilance wasn't being run. If a target's thread is particularly revealing about a character other than the target, don't wait for the other mun to tell you whether or not they're happy for it to be spied on - ask them directly
  • so we know who has what information, put links to what threads characters have been spying on (and who has access to to that information) up on the Intelligence Mission Reports page. If anyone who's has a character in a thread listed on this page doesn't want it included, they should let the spy's mun know. It must then be removed from the page.


Members of Intelligence are not known to all other members of Intelligence - some may be known together and work together from time to time, but apart from Kang no one knows every member of Intelligence.


  • Abilities: morphing, advanced computer skills & hacking
  • Known to: Kang, Marco, Rachel

Celena Vantari

  • Abilities: illusions, telepathy, near unfaltering memory
  • Known to: Kang, Marco
  • can create memory-storing boxes

Dean Winchester

  • Abilities: infiltration, lockpicking, tracking
  • Known to: Kang
  • Also on Strike Team

Jono Starsmore

  • Abilities: telepath, can read minds
  • Known to: Kang, Celena

Rachel Berenson

  • Abilities: morphing
  • Known to: Kang, Ax, Marco
  • not as suited for spywork, but may be a potential assassin


  • Abilities: sidling/invisibility, locator/tracking spells, mental communication able to be shared with non-magical persons, short and long-jump transit
  • Known to: Kang, Marco

Sam Winchester

  • Abilities: infiltration, tracking
  • Known to: Kang, Dean

Potential Recruits:Edit

Before being approached by Kang, the following individuals will first be under surveillance by current Intelligence members to determine their suitability. They must also have someone recommend them to Kang before being considered.

Potentials who can be approached:Edit

Aibghalien Marsai

  • Abilities: magic, disguise self spell, invisibility spell, detect thoughts spell, scrying
  • approach to be played out

Potentials who need surveilance:Edit


  • Abilities: illusions, sense hacking, super strength
  • also a member of Security
  • surveilance & approach to be played out

Peter Parker (older)

  • Abilities: wall climbing, spidey sense, web-slinging, Iron Spider costume...thing
  • surveilance & approach to be played out
  • Assigned spy: Rhiow (?)

Potentials who need recommendations:Edit

Cassandra "Sandy" Marko

  • Abilities: small, swift, good at dodging and hiding, can turn body to stone
  • 11 years old, high sense of self preservation - may be issue


  • Abilities: shapeshifting

Iniss 335

  • Abilities: infiltration
  • only to be approached after being separated form Tom
  • must be kept away from the Animorphs


  • Abilities: flight, warping, telekinesis, transformation, able to hide in shadows
  • surveilance to be played out

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