Leon S. Kennedy
Nathan Petrelli
Lt. Commander
Richard Grayson (Nightwing), Fate T. Harlaown, Kelly-087
Lieutenants 2nd Class
Julian Keller (Hellion)


Council Chairperson
[currently vacant]
Clark Kent/Superman
Overlord Zetta
Prince of All Cosmos
Vindicator Nehaalista


Located at: Hiccup's Forge and Daja's Forge. (They may be consolidating their efforts at Daja's Forge soon, with Hiccup turning his into a personal workshop).

Duties: More an informal group of blacksmiths than a formal department, the blacksmiths help make/repair metal weapons for those individuals that don't go in for the guns and futuristic stuff. Daja has expertise integrating magic into her blacksmithing, and Hiccup is good at functional things, like metalwork needed for construction. Others who can do similar things would be appreciated. Despite essentially being a private business, they do free work for the Engineering department to create metal parts they might need, and train others to do the same.

Where duties crossover with other departments: We could have them cooperating with Engineering, Magic, and the Science Department to augment the swords and more primitive weaponry with technological means and magical augmentation. Laser axes, anyone?

Requirements to Join, if any: Blacksmithing skills, ability to learn blacksmithing skills, smith magic.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Daja (Userinfofireforger) or Hiccup (Userinfoi-saw-myself) OOCly: Blue or Saphie, respectively


Daja (Userinfofireforger)


Located at: Engineering, Special Weapons Division

Duties: Fixing breakdowns in Stacy's systems (often with cooperation of the Science Department), building machines, building necessary infrastructure on the ship, weapons design for the fight against the Ohm, maintenance of mechanical things (good people to go to if your phase blaster cannon is busted).

Where duties crossover with other departments: Often work in tandem with the Science Department and have a lot of members in both. Science Department often sees a shipwide problem and comes up with theory and designs for things. Engineering will then build the things, and also works more on construction, maintenance, and repair.

Requirements to Join, if any: Mechanical know-how, willingness to learn mechanical know-how or aptitude for it, knowledge of engineering/construction/architecture for the actual construction of infrastructure, knowledge of weapons design

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: IC: Billy Cranston (Userinfobluedorkranger) and the Engineer / Angie Spica (Userinfore-engineer). OOC: Zoki or Manda/Shard, respectively.

General EngineeringEdit

Engineering Co-Heads
Billy Cranston (Userinfobluedorkranger) and the Engineer / Angie Spica (Userinfore-engineer).
General Engineering Staff
Celena Ventari
The Doctor (Eleven)
Duo Maxwell
Hikari Hoshi
Jamie McCrimmon
Lowe Guele
Peter Parker / Spider-Man (older)
Tim Drake / Red Robin

Subdivision: InfrastructureEdit

Located at: Special Weapons Division

Duties: These guys build stuff, as needed, around the ship, often working with ship architects and other individuals. Your onsens, your trains, your new buildings, and so on, these guys are the ones that draft up the plans, gather the necessary personnel, and get to it. That said, their work isn't always needed, if there isn't anything that needs to be built, so keep that in mind.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Celena Vantari (Userinfocuriousredsoul), OOCly: Sylvar

Infrastructure Head
Celena Vantari (Userinfocuriousredsoul)
Infrastructure Staff
Kaylee Frye
Lowe Guele

Subdivision: Mechanics/RepairsEdit

Located at: Engineering, Special Weapons Division

Duties: Mechanics is general mechanical tinkering, like working with Science Department designs and building useful devices for the ship that aren't weapons, as well as repairing the mechanical parts of Stacy herself. These guys also are loaned out to repair the ships and stuff, so if you have a mechanic hangar rat, they'd go here. They also likely produce things like the comm-rings and omnicoms or adapt them to people's powers and abilities if something precludes them from using the usual comms and comm-rings.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Kaylee Frye (Userinfovoiceofserenity), OOCly: Cheryle

Mechanics/Repairs Head
Kaylee Frye (Userinfovoiceofserenity)
Mechanics/Repairs Staff
Celena Vantari
Jamie Hemeros
Lowe Guele

Subdivision: NeuropathyEdit

Located at: Neuropathy

Duties: Neuropathy's ongoing mission is to hack into Stacy's brain, repair her nerve-systems and thereby regain crew control of the navigational and piloting systems. For this reason, several members consider themselves above the law in regards to basically everything. Largely thanks to sabotage incited by the previous crew to prevent the ship from falling into enemy hands when the space pirates took control of the ship, work in Neuropathy is tedious but very, very necessary.Think of it like AP Engineering, only with more Hackers and everyone's constantly snarking at each other.

Where duties crossover with other departments: Neuropathy involves mechanical systems, and biological systems, and the mechanical and biological expertise of people in other subdivisions and departments may be sometimes needed.

Requirements to Join, if any: Knowledge of biology, mechanics, programming, math, hacking, neurobiology and related scientific disciplines, and/or linguistics (given Stacy doesn't exactly think in any known language).

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Lex Luthor (Userinfoimperious-lex), OOCly: Will

Neuropathy Head
Lex Luthor (Userinfoimperious-lex)
Neuropathy Staff
Angie Spica / The Engineer
Querl Dox / Brainiac 5
Tim Drake / Red Robin

Subdivision: ProgrammingEdit

Located at: Special Weapons Division

Duties: These guys handle any hacking, cracking, and programming that isn't involved in Neuropathy. They work with other engineers to program all the tech that needs programming, help with software problems for ship repairs, and make sure the programming on the various ships and fighters is functioning properly. During battles, they're gathered to hack into enemy systems and engage in cyberwarfare, and also must protect Stacy's systems from counter-hacking.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Jonas / Vision II, OOCly: Kaylin

Programming Head
Jonas / Vision II
Programming Staff
Anwei Ayles
Lowe Guele
Querl Dox / Brainiac 5
Tim Drake / Red Robin

Subdivision: Weapons/DefenseEdit

Located at: Special Weapons Division

Duties: These guys handle weapons design and also design counters to enemy weapons, like new forms of shielding and armor and so on. In any case, all technology worked on here is technology that was designed for combat or defense in combat. Someone can work on purely defensive technology here if they want, and not weapons, however. The reason weapons and defense are in the same department is so that those designing defensive technology have weapons designers on hand to offer their expertise to help them find ways to counter offensive capabilities, and vice versa.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Ax (Userinfomynameisax) and Allenby (Userinfonobel-berserker), OOCly: Kaylin and Eileen

Weapons/Defense Heads
Ax (Userinfomynameisax) and Allenby (Userinfonobel-berserker)
Weapons/Defense Staff
Lex Luthor
Querl Dox / Brainiac 5


Located at: N/A

Duties: Spying/gathering intel during missions, and on occasion, doing the same to fellow crew-members that are suspicious.

Where duties crossover with other departments: There is some talk of possibly working with the Strike Team on some missions.

Requirements to Join, if any: Ability to keep secrets, acting skills, and some level of ability to find out information. If you think your character has any useful talents, let Shae or Blue know, and they'll work with you to see if it can be fit in.

Also, before a potential is approached, they won't know about Intelligence at all, and they will not be told that they were spied on themselves, though they may figure it out later if they're ordered to spy on a future potential themselves.

Is this department/team publicly known? Highly secret.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: OOC only, since it's highly secret - contact Shae (Kang) or Blue (Marco).


Go to the following page:



Located at: The Jedi Temple, in the City

Duties: They help deal with magical/mystical threats on board, and to act as consultants in magical/mystical matters and come up with tactics to fight long-term magical/mystical threats. If there's creepy supernatural hoo-ha going on, these guys are the ones tapped to help figure out how to handle it.

Where duties crossover with other departments: Other departments might be tapped for aid if they can provide any in a given situation.

Requirements to Join, if any: Magical/mystical/supernatural ability, occult knowledge, and/or knowledge of magical/mystical affairs

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: (Userinfostarlight-ace), OOCly: Funk


Magical / Mystical Head
Magical / Mystical Staff
Celena Vantari
Daimon Hellstrom
Fate T. Harlaown
Miku Hinasaki
Precia Testarossa
Remus Lupin
Sam Winchester
Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch


Located at: Medbay

Duties: Administering to the long-term health of the crew; performing necessary medical procedures and surgeries; aiding in shipwide medical emergencies/quarantine; engaging in missions where medical aid is needed; training medics, healers and medical offers to offer aid during missions; organizing triage

Where duties crossover with other departments: May work with the Science and Engineering apartments if medical remedies must be developed (like cures for diseases) or medical equipment must be designed. May work with Magical / Mystic Department, if diseases are magical or mystical in nature.

Requirements to Join, if any: Medical knowledge and training, degrees in medicine, healing abilities, and/or the aptitude/capacity to learn medical knowledge if someone wants to be trained as a medic.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Dr. Samuel Henderson (Userinfoneeds-release). OOCly: Lance.


Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Samuel Henderson (Userinfoneeds-release)
Senior Medical Administrator
Anwei Ayles

Dr. Faiza Hussain Dr. Scarlet J. Levy

Ship's Counselors
Dr. Peter Venkmen
Doc Samson
Medics/First Aid
Miranda Lotto
Howard Bassem
Kate Bishop
Rory Williams


Located at: Contagion Containment Laboratory (down the hall from Medical Bay)

Duties: Scientific research and development in cooperation with other departments and under commission from crew members. If the crew at large or a specific crew member needs a particular something researched, replicated or created for them, Science is the team to do it.

Where duties crossover with other departments: Science collaborates quite a bit with Medical when it comes to research (with Science doing the research and Medical doing the actual treatments and applications). Science also does a lot of work with Engineering, planning and developing new technologies for Engineering to use. Many characters on Science are actually half-timers with either of these departments. Luis would highly appreciate some more full-time staff members: often it's just him and Scarlet.

Requirements to Join, if any: Science needs a diverse group in terms of disciplines (physicists, biologists and chemists) so if your character has any practical experience in these fields, Luis will let them onto the staff in a heartbeat. Being on staff means you get free reign of the contagion lab (which, despite its name, is actually a full scale biology/chemistry lab.)

The two rules of the department are 1) Luis must approve all staff projects and 2) No killing everyone with explosions or toxic gas or whatever. Biological weapon research is also strictly forbidden (unless it's to find cures for it.)

This sounds strict, but as a department head Luis fairly laid-back and usually too involved in his own work to worry about anyone else's. He takes one glance at your stuff before approving it. However, he is EXTREMELY strict about ethics and any mad-scientist-type projects will be shut down very quickly. If your Science character sways towards the more neutral/evil side, they had better either try to hide what they're doing or else be prepared to get into a fierce argument with Luis over it.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: Talk to Luis Sera (played by GG, FullArmoredGG on AIM) or his second-in-command, Scarlet Levy (played by Varis, hardertokill on AIM.)


Department Head
Luis Sera
Senior Staff
Scarlet Levy
Angie Spica / The Engineer
Doctor (Eleven)
Jonas / Vision II
Peter Parker / Spider-man (younger)
Precia Testarossa
Querl Dox / Brainiac 5


Located at: The Precinct in the City. (The brig is there)

Duties: Maintaining the law on the ship, enforcing the rights granted ship crew in the Constitution, defusing conflicts, dealing with on-board intrusions and threats, patrolling the ship, guarding prisoners in the brig, a lot of the usual stuff cops do

Where duties crossover with other departments: Not a lot of crossover, though they work closely with Command and the Council

Requirements to Join, if any: Able-bodied, physically capable of restraining someone non-fatally, follows direction/orders well. Ages 16-18 (or a world's equivalent) can join if deemed responsible enough but must receive training/be partnered with an older partner. 18+ has no restrictions. Powers are useful, but non-powered individuals are also part of security, as responses are decided by threat levels.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Nightwing or Dean Winchester. OOCly: Shard or Di


Security Co-Chiefs
Nightwing and Dean Winchester
Senior Officers
Dean Winchester
Chris Redfield
Dick Grayson / Nightwing
Jeka Wynzorr/Sensor
Kanoe Zouichi
Peter Parker / Spider-Man (older)
Sam Winchester
Tim Drake / Red Robin
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Zoë Shepard


Located at: The Hangar. Mobile base of operations: The Macross Quarter.

Duties: Starfighter Command is Stacy's aerial defense force, her first line of defense against attacking Ohm. They are the ship's primary military force. Their rank structure is much more simplistic than most modern militaries owing to the relatively short chain of command.

Where duties crossover with other departments: Medical lends out some medics, Engineering lends out some mechanics, and Science Division helps develop new technologies for them.

Requirements to Join, if any: Able to fly some sort of space vehicle (with accommodations, if not a humanoid or accommodations are necessary). Capacity to be trained to fly some sort of space vehicle. Vehicles will be provided. (This is where you go if you want your guy to learn to be a pilot).

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Trudy Chacon. OOCly: Farasha


General Chacon commissioned Communications Officer Reinforce Zwei to make duty and dress uniforms for the
Dress uniform

Dress Uniform

pilots of Starfighter Command. She felt it was a sorely needed move toward cohesive unity that was lacking in Command, and worked closely with Rein to select and modify a suitable uniform. Unknown to Trudy, who was attempting to choose a uniform not from Earth in order to be inclusive, Starfighter Command's uniforms are based on the uniforms used by Starfleet from the late 2270s-2350s. Rank is indicated by silver stripes at the cuff, and the various squadrons wear different colored undershirts and shoulder patches to indicate squadron affiliation. Additionally, the turtleneck undershirt has been modified into a loose cotton shirt with a high collar, to make the uniform more comfortable. Duty uniforms utilize the bomber jacket variant of the Starfleet uniform instead of the more formal belted tunic.

Rank StructureEdit

Ensign: All entering pilots are given the rank of Ensign. This rank is indicated by one thin stripe on the cuff of the uniform sleeve.
Lieutenant: Indicated by two thin stripes on the cuff.
Captain: Indicated by three thin stripes.
Commander: Indicated by four thin stripes.
General: Commanding Officer of Starfighter Command. Indicated by one thick and two thin stripes.

Chief OfficerEdit

General Trudy Chacon (Rogue Two)

Rogue SquadronEdit

The original fighter squadron to compliment the Transmigration 9, Rogue Squadron utilizes the T-65B X-wing starfighter as their craft. They are primarily used as a strike force meant for engaging enemy craft in dogfighting maneuvers, since their shielding allows them to go toe-to-toe with the Ohm shrikes. They also pack a small payload and can be used for bombing runs. Their uniform undershirts are red.

Commander Wedge Antilles (Rogue One)
Lieutenant Samuel Winchester (Rogue Five)
Ensign Jaime Hemeros (Rogue Six)
Ensign Asuka Langely Soryu (Rogue Seven)

Blade SquadronEdit

Second to be established as a full fighter squadron aboard the Transmigration 9, Blade Squadron is unique in that the majority of its pilots have their own mobile suits. However, there are spare suits in the hangar in the form of ZAKU Warriors and GAT-04 Windams. Due to their higher firepower, Blade Squadron is usually employed to provide cover fire or close-quarters combat for other pilots in trouble. Their uniform undershirts are blue.

Commander Kira Yamato (Blade One, Strike Freedom)
Lieutenant Yzak Jule (Blade Two, GOUF Ignited)
Ensign Cowabunga (Blade Three, Gunner ZAKU Warrior)
Ensign Duo Maxwell (Blade Four, Deathscythe Hell)

Skull SquadronEdit

The last squadron to be established and currently the squadron with the fewest members. Skull Squadron utilizes the VF-1 Valkyrie, a Variable Fighter craft with the ability to transform between fighter and battdroid mode. They also have the dubious honor of containing Starfighter Command's youngest member. Their uniform shirts are white.

Commander Michael Blanc (Skull One)
Lieutenant Alto Saotome (Skull Two)
Ensign Nunally vi Britannia (Skull Three)

Macross QuarterEdit

Transmigration 9's combat flagship and starcraft carrier, the Quarter is built along similar lines as the Valkyries used by Skull Squadron, but on a much larger scale. It has the ability to transform between carrier and battdroid mode, carries immense firepower and has shielding able to stand up to Ohm fighters. Their uniform shirts are gold.

====Bridge Crew:====
Captain Rtas
Ensign Hoban "Wash" Washburne (Helmsman)
Ensign Eva Salazar (Tactical)


Located at: Vault 19, in the City.

Duties: Black ops. Covert activities. Espionage. Sabotage. Assassinations. Every dirty little thing the crew might need to do to win the war that the rest of the crew would frown on.

Where duties crossover with other departments: May crossover with intelligence and use of spies.

Requirements to Join, if any: Must be able to follow orders to the letter, must be able to keep secrets, capacity to fight, capacity to possibly murder, weapons training, all the stuff you see spies do. This is not a group that can really train people to do stuff, you have to be the best at what you do, and what you do isn't pretty.

Is this department/team publicly known? No. This team is so private that Leon can disavow all knowledge of it if it becomes public. The only people besides Leon who will ever know anything about this team even existing are members themselves, and the head of Intelligence. The people on it must be willing to act as if they're working entirely of their own accord. This group is one of the most unknown and exclusive on the ship and very hard to get on since so much is dependent on IC stuff.

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: This team is so secret, people won't know who to ask to join. Because this team does not exist. OOCly: Di, player of Dean Winchester or Will, player of Captain Leon.


Strike Team Leader
Dean Winchester (Userinfonotadamnangel)
Jayne Cobb
Sam Winchester


Located at: East High School (yes, from High School Musical), in the City

Duties: Educating the teens and children on board, keeping them protected during ship crises, providing emotional support and guidance.

Where duties crossover with other departments: Field trips to the Science and Engineering departments?

Requirements to Join, if any: Babysitting and child-rearing skills, capacity to be a "big brother" or "big sister" or guardian for a child or teen, bodyguarding skills, knowledge of one of the subjects being taught (enough to teach), educational background.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Claire Redfield (Userinforedfield) . OOCly: Varis.

School Curriculum: Curriculum will be adapted to young child, teen, and even some college-level education.

Basic Combat (self-defense, basically)
Comparative Government
Cultural Relativism (can also be called Comparative Cultures)
Demonology / Occult
Engineering (from Simple Machines to Biotech)
Mathematics (Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics)
Philosophy (Ethics, Logic)
Practical Combat (Tactics, Strategy)
Sciences (Basic Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)


Youth Services Head
Claire Redfield
Aang (Cultural Relativism)
Allenby (Basic Combat)
Claire Redfield (Basic Combat)
Daimon Hellstrom (Demonology / Occult)
Fate (Basic Combat, Mathematics)
Hoshi (Practical Combat)
Luis Sera (Sciences)
Peter Parker / Spider-man (older) (Sciences)
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Beast Boy
Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield


Committee Heads: Starfire and Kaylee Frye.

Located at: N/A

Duties: Welcoming new crew members of the ship and helping explain the situation formally.

Where duties crossover with other departments: Welcoming duties are also done by Council, Command, and other individuals.

Requirements to Join, if any: Ability to talk to people, ask questions, stay calm, refer individuals to who they need to talk to for certain problems.

Is this department/team publicly known? Yes

Who to contact OOCly or ICly to join: ICly: Kaylee Frye Userinfovoiceofserenity. OOCly: Cheryle.


Beast Boy


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