An order of mostly women dedicated to creating a "mature humanity". Their training encompasses total bodily control, biofeedback, philosophy, politics and at the advanced levels, abilities such as The Voice of Command, Ancestral Memory and Hypnotic Imprinting as well as the Weirding Way of martial arts which allows advanced practicioners to move faster than the human eye can see. They see themselves as teachers, guardians of the Spice Melange, and social engineers par excellence.

More information on them is available at the Dune Wiki here and here.

Members Edit

Arha Masaari
Rank: Reverend Mother//Joined: Lifelong Member (also a Jedi Padawan)
Duncan Idaho (younger)
Rank: Associate//Joined: Lifelong Member
Rank: Acolyte//Joined: after coming to Stacy
Sheeana Brugh
Rank: Reverend Mother Superior//Joined: age eleven, six years before coming to Stacy
Tess Lee
Rank: Acolyte//Joined: after coming to Stacy

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